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This week you get whole story, with headlines

Readers who turned to page 11 of last week’s issue may have been surprised at the odd layout, not least the creative use of white space. The reality is that two headlines got dropped at the printer’s. This may be a suitable moment to say that our printers are dedicated, talented, courteous and professional people who have worked hard to make NCR the handsome publication it is.

One of the missing headlines hints at the loaded significance of the story: “Body and Sold.” We’re very sorry about any confusion the missing headlines may have caused. The slippage was all the more unfortunate considering the importance of the article, by Special Projects Editor Pamela Schaeffer, which dealt with some of the most personal and urgent problems facing us at this time. Last week’s stories were to be the first of two parts. In a mention on this page, I appealed to people not to be deterred by the length of the story. Anyone without time to read it at once, I wrote, should put it aside until time would be available.

That turned out to be a little ironic. There is no need to keep last week’s issue after all -- at least not for this purpose. To get the thing right, we are publishing both parts in full this week as a pull-out supplement. This is the one to keep!

The relationship between biotechnology and bioethics is at the same time so involved and so important, we believe many Catholics may wish for extra copies of the supplement. It seems especially suitable as a resource for high school and college courses in theology or ethics.

Additional copies of the supplement may be ordered by writing (no phone calls, please) to Human Destiny, NCR, 115 E. Armour Blvd., Kansas City MO 64111. Prices are as follows: 1-4 copies, $3 each; 5 copies and upwards, $1.50 each (this includes postage and handling). Payment must be by check (payable to National Catholic Reporter) or money order (that is, no credit cards). As they say in the commercials, hurry -- the supply won’t last!

-- Michael Farrell

National Catholic Reporter, October 22, 1999