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Winter Books

Books that grow wings

The response to NCR’s invitation to readers to submit their suggestions for favorite book of the year was, once again, enormous.

We asked for the aesthetic or edifying, the solemn or silly, the book that lingered most fondly in your memory after a year of reading, and we got all of the above. The volume was such that the editors were forced to allow only one submission on behalf of each book. Similarly, some entries that wandered beyond the stipulated 300 words had to be shortened. The response was a further reminder that NCR subscribers are book readers on a heroic scale and diverse as your local library. The editors regret if any worthy book was accidentally omitted, and are grateful to everyone who performed this work of love of the book.

We include as many choices as space allows in this special books supplement, and will publish the remainder in next week’s issue.

National Catholic Reporter, November 5, 1999