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 Asia Catholics linked by TV, news service
 Books: Japan's novelist Endo wrote of faith, endured
 Conversations led to Common Ground
 Cover story: Analysis: America synod, Rome agenda
 Cover story: Solidarity as cure for ills of the Americas
 Editorial: Irenaeus' doppelgänger takes aim at relativism
 Editorial: The curious inanities of America's synod document
 For Filipina domestics, hard lonely life
 Inside NCR
 Klan power wanes; hate, bigotry edge toward the militias
 Maida chilly to Call to Action meeting
 Maryknoller's Hong Kong in palm of his hand
 Peacekeepers busy as Klan meets
 Robert F. Drinan Column: Signs of U.S. addiction to military force abound
 Starting Point: And eventually, good things do happen
 Amid changes, immigrants are targets
 Analysis: Historic ruling awaited on religious freedom law
 Another split in Michael Fox's cosmos
 Cover story: The nation yearns for poetry in politics
 Editorial: Political 'soft money': Buy a politician by any other name
 Editorial: Right wing institute on new round of mudslinging
 Editorial: Weapons deals make human rights talk a sham
 Food: Lack of access, not supply, keeping 1 in 7 people hungry
 Group wants to nominate new archbishop
 Immigrant bashing long a part of U.S. history
 Inside NCR: Military funds -- 53 percent and growing
 NCC burned church aid draws fire from right
 Sic: Tips late for Halloween, such as witches' tattoos
 Tim Unsworth Column: Gay priests: another face of the church
 Viewpoint: Let church speak out on death, dying
 Abortion vote not a defeat for pope but for conservative Polish bishops
 At the Movies: A big Irish movie and a little Italian one
 Canadians protest harsh 'revolution'
 Catholic-evangelical ties not affected by papal statement
 Cover story: A decision she hated to make but has never since doubted
 Cover story: Catholic and antiabortion, he needs fetal tissue operation
 Cover story: Slogans rarely fit real life complexities
 Editorial: No easy, quick-fix solutions to abortion issues
 Inside NCR: Help bishops answer Vatican questions
 Pope gives blessing to evolution theory
 The path to common ground is a rocky road
 A bit of passion and hope in Jersey City
 Books: Poetry and story keep religion alive and well
 Cover story: Fr. Henri Nouwen of happy memory
 Dianna Ortiz abandons hunt for persecutors
 Editorial: Gulf War casualties include health and truth
 Editorial: Time to rework politics of Catholic leaders
 Nicaraguan elections fraught with tension, reports of fraud
 Running the York Street Project
 Sic: Sic declares early for the next election
 'Single-mindedly staying the community'
 Starting Point: Truth happens when we reach for friendship
 Torture trauma experts in sympathy with Ortiz decision
 Vatican Radio exemplifies church's nervous efforts to make peace with progress
 Analysis: Paperwork, votes weakening fraternal episcopal bonds
 Bishops struggle with disaffection issues
 Books: Another journal shows Merton still speaks to us
 Commentary: Poor children targets of sex exploitation
 Commentary: Rwanda echoes other avoidable tragedies
 Editorial: Catholic teaching has little to say to capitalism
 Editorial: It's a long, lean road from hunger to hope
 Hermetical life blooms and calls new followers
 Inside NCR
 Joseph Cardinal Bernardin
 Joseph Cardinal Bernardin: The last days and final hours...
 Mary collected, read and paid homage in this Ohio library
 Mary in cyberspace
 Proposition 209 creates new social turbulence
 Salvadoran peace shaky, says diocesan official
 Vatican revokes UNICEF gift in reproductive rights dispute
 Woman breaks new ground -- for a hermit
 Books: Religion more than race leads to Bosnia tragedy
 Call to Action returns to Detroit roots
 Church à la Mother Angelica
 Deposed bishop speaks of the marginalized
 Editorial: When pope meets Castro, much at stake for both
 Emotional farewell to 'Brother Joseph'
 Homily: Homily of farewell for Cardinal Bernardin
 How laity, too, can get a Rome education
 Inside NCR
 Many vacant dioceses wait, wonder when Rome will appoint new bishops
 Morality crusade stirs storm in Guatemala
 Sic: Sic, in fit of wrath, goes after porky polititian
 Demetria Martinez Column: I won't forget the night my grandma Lucy died
 Editorial: Inner cities cry out for politics of compassion
 Finding peace in wake of aunt's death
 Inside NCR
 Irish fighting: Faculty denounces ND president
 Robert F. Drinan Column: 78 Jesuits go out to the desert to pray
 Slain Maryknoll nuns inspire women's center
 Spirituality: Fashioning a new setting for an ancient treasure
 Spirituality: Spirituality more easily found in the world than in churches
 Starting Point: AIDS and a God who is mercy
 Christmas: Follower of Jesus, servant of Allah
 Christmas: The Christmas Phone Call
 Editorial: Christmas hope amid lingering weapons
 Fresh, vital happenings in parishes feed Murnion's hopes for the church
 Inside NCR: NCR on the Web: www.natcath.com/
 Kris Berggren Column: Good and evil debated on bath tub beat
 Sic: This Space, as often the case, resists all Christmas cheer here
 Television: Justice as focus groups, big royalties and Geraldo
 All about the conclave and the next pope
 As new cutbacks hit poor, church and state debate where the buck will stop
 Black farmers demand a level field
 Books: Reese knows what goes on Inside the Vatican
 Editorial: Excommunication is an inordinate threat
 Editorial: Right and righteous who run with Ralph Reed
 Mean cities, kind cities
 Publisher William L. McSweeny Jr. retires
 Rainforest logging disrupts deep cultural rhythms in tiny Belize
 Starting Point: Madeleine Delbrel and the ordinary people
 Theologian, under heavy fire, appeals to pope