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 Bernardin named 'religion newsmaker'
 Chicago area Catholics surveyed seek more dialogue and pluralism
 Editorial: McBrien suggestion: serious or passing fancy?
 Editorial: U.S. welfare reform establishes caste policies
 Fierce emotions as S. Africa seeks peace
 In Guatemala, peace amid cautious hope
 Inside NCR: A farewell of sorts and changes galore
 Lost children on trek back to Rwanda
 Protesters target White House, Pentagon
 Religion class studies problems, joins protests
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: We love our prisons more than prisoners
 U.S. teens face rash of get-tough actions as nation's fear grows
 A welcome for refugees of every sort
 At the Movies: Big, long 'Hamlet' plus 'Secrets and lies'
 Breaking language barriers, crossing cultural borders heals 'social schizophrenia'
 Diversity defines Catholics of the 90's
 EDITORIAL: As Guatemala starts healing, U.S. can't turn away
 EDITORIAL: Suicide debate shows need to learn meaning of life and dignity after death
 Inside NCR: We're still having the times of our lives
 Kris Berggren Column: Bernardin helps to answer: 'What's a priest?'
 N.Y. City home for a new immigrant church
 Starting Point: Lives converge at Church of the Street
 Survivors, victims return to Guatamalan villages
 Vatican document regarding Balasuriya
 Vatican excommunicates Balasuriya
 Books: Patterns of a journey to the Unknowable
 Cover story: Begging for peace amid so much death
 Editorial: Worldwatch, still gloomy, airs blame, hopes
 Inside NCR: When a bishop, an archbishop and a few journalists convene, it's more than virtual reality
 Ministries: Foundation links sponsors with children, elders in distant lands
 Ministries: Hers is ministry to community in pain
 Ministries: Nuns whose ministry is doing business
 Ministries: What's a minister to do? Serve and carry
 Television: The TV biography: Fill an hour with old photos
 Tim Unsworth Column: Chicago Bulls head pastor, Phil Jackson
 Cover story: Notre Dame disputes may signal a shift
 EDITORIAL: 'Get tough' policies are leading more to prison
 Essay: Papal doubts about unbridled capitalism
 Essay: Women's priesthood? Few women agree
 Inside NCR: Which football team did God bet on?
 Jeannette Batz Column: How do we know what they know?
 Peru crisis underscores poverty, uncertain future
 Archbishop Levada threatens suit against gay rights law
 At the Movies: Failed women's film, a tired Woody, late thoughts on "English Patient"
 Catholics, too, venerate El Nino Fidencio
 Curran welcomes Balasuriya to theological outcast status
 EDITORIAL: Money continues to walk corridors of power
 Inside NCR: On one hand, libraries; on the other hand, sermons
 Kris Berggren Column: Heirs to the force of the water's keen fire
 Spring Books: City on a hill became a shopping mall
 Spring Books: Evading punishment with immunity laws
 Spring Books: Feminist theology books offer new views
 Spring Books: Gospel according to Funk, pure and simple
 Spring Books: Invitation to plunge into theology, rather than be an observer
 Spring Books: Laying bare 'wealthfare': finding budget's real fat
 Spring Books: Our War: an act of 'reckoning' and healing
 Spring Books: Search for 'real' Jesus opens door to divine
 Spring Books: Sibling Society is poet Bly's critique and rescue effort for America
 Balasuriya, supporters appeal to tribunal
 Catholics have clout in vote-rich states
 Christian right repackages social agenda
 Editorial: Ecclesiastical McCarthyism fuels revisionism
 Fiore denies urging Bernardin's accuser
 Inside NCR: As Lent begins, last thing church needs is Sic
 McCormick disinvited in New Orleans
 Moises Sandoval Column: U.S. arms to Mexico repeats dark past
 Robert F. Drinan Column: U.S. says food is not a right, but silent on ending poverty
 Tom Fox Column: Briggs & Stratton suit consequence of moral debate
 Balasuriya’s ideas on Asia’s future jolt the single-path Vatican view
 Cover story: It’s inevitable: Women will be ordained
 Cover story: Out of the past, women deacons point the way
 Demetria Martinez Column: Talk with the animals and learn about life
 EDITORIAL: Mahony confronts controversy, sets model
 Goodness of God is heart of Asian context
 Inside NCR: Talk freely about death and keep rip-offs at bay
 Religious Life: Dominican tradition of radical witness
 Religious Life: Religious brothers stress service, change
 Religious Life: That was then ... What now?
 Seeking a loophole to keep the Eucharist
 Analysis: Rapid City's Chaput goes to Denver see
 Books: Books help young to be welcoming people
 Cover story: Amid urban misery, a life-changing haven
 Cover story: Parish lives an active Christianity geared to corporal works of mercy
 Cover story: Some major ministries at Corpus Christi
 Editorial: U.S. forsakes its values in wooing China
 Editorial: You can't be too cautious these days
 Harrisburg bishop bows out of anti-death penalty event featuring Sr. Helen Prejean
 Inside NCR: Sensus fidelium is a woman on the cover
 Kris Berggren Column: The saving grace is simple, common prayer
 Priest's action highlights rights abuses in China
 Cover story: House an oasis for the nearly hopeless
 Cover story: Nun's life honed her for Covenant House
 Editorial: Arms race in Latin America a real possibility
 Editorial: Brigadier general or archbishop: can't wear both hats
 Inside NCR: 'Inside NCR' goes interactive--only if you read it
 Legionaries founder accused of sex abuse
 Moises Sandoval Column: Full story in Guatemala is bishops' goal
 Salvador's new brigadier causes outrage
 Viewpoint: Hazing but the shiny side of the killing coin
 Books: Institutional churches are on the run in Latin America
 Cover story: Cloning raises ethical questions about life, human limits and love
 Cover story: Dolly greeted with excitement, reserve
 Editorial: Catholic Common Ground shuts out press
 Editorial: When sex is the topic, ignorance is hardly bliss
 Inside NCR: Cloning: the bleat heard around the world
 Jeannette Batz Column: Humility, hubris shape the clay of Genesis
 Sic: Sic fails to go gently into any good night
 At the Movies: 'Touch' and 'Shine' engage; 'Prisoner' haunts
 Bishop wants clergy, laity out of closet
 Cover story: Publishers afraid to risk infidelity to new catechism
 Cover story: Trials of publisher who ran afoul of Catechism
 Editorial: Senate should ratify chemical weapons pact
 Essay: Mass a parade of souls that touched ours
 Inside NCR: Is Statue of Liberty on too high a pedestal?
 Leslie Wirpsa Column: Soccer balls and teenagers: doing right
 Priest in killing fields of Liberia defies the odds
 Thomas C. Fox Column: Getting beyond the deterrent paradox
 Catholic Education: Church is at the center of voucher debate
 Catholic Education: Raising kids, raising parents
 Catholic Education: S.C. Catholics found new high school
 Catholic Education: Some think taking public funding will alter identity of Catholic schools
 Cover story: Struggling toward resurrection
 Editorial: Maryknoll retooling a good sign of the times
 Editorial: Tax breaks greased skids for wage bill
 Essay: Cloning inspires new talk about the soul
 Inside NCR: Seeing the resurrection as unfinished business
 Sr. Nirmala plans travel, invokes guidance, prayer