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 Cover story: Catholic Cubans nurture new freedoms
 Debate over language lingers; lectionary vote is inconclusive
 Dominican selection of DiNoia nullified
 Editorial: Healthy signs of wit, compassion and courage
 Jeannette Batz column: Joy abounds and puppies know where
 No lay votes allowed in restructuring
 Thomas C. Fox column: Globalization conference reveals gap among Catholics
 Union leader brings organizing campaign to cucumber pickers
 Vatican norms
 Viewpoint: Silencing the social critics: an untold story in Colombia
 Analysis: Budget agreement is costly and skewed
 Analysis: Ruling revives religious freedom effort
 Cardinals deny seeking papal sway
 Commentary: It's the old, everyday hate that still grips
 Cover story: Pope may declare Mary 'coredemptrix'
 Editorial: Aiding China's Christians requires restraint
 Editorial: Questioning is not unholy or disloyal act
 Fox designates Farrell as NCR editor
 Inside NCR: At no extra cost, your ad on the Web
 Sic: Sicperson ready to sell out for pointy hat
 Art work reveals Jay's suicidal anguish
 Cover story: To prevent a liturgical tug of war, bishop urges, 'teach, teach, teach'
 Critic hears well-developed homily in Virginia
 Editorial: Cautious hope follows PRD victory in Mexico
 Inside NCR: In the air: whispers of grace, media disgrace
 Sex victims win big against Dallas, priest
 The Furrow as window on Irish church
 They teach preaching, help priests discover meaning in liturgy
 Thomas C. Fox column: Cycle of violence engulfs gentle Cambodia
 Tissa ouster not canonically legal, lawyer says
 Viewpoint: Time for U.S. society to reknit its unraveling social compact
 Appreciation: Supreme Court's Brennan left rich legacy
 Bishop and young people preach this homily
 Cover story: Theatre Workshop aids the handicapped
 Dallas lawyer wants new judge, verdict
 Editorial: On child sex abuse, when will bishops get it?
 Editorial: Weapons dubious prize for Latin democracy
 Inside NCR: Service and humanity defined Freburger
 Ministry to persons with mental disability brings challenge, grace
 Reporter's trial notes
 Seasoned lawyers spoke for both sides
 Sic: They who climb too high a pedestal will end up wearing a Doric flat hat
 Catholic homeschooling: Parents teach their kids for a variety of reasons
 Cover story: Let's Start: a chance for women 'just to be normal' after prison
 Editorial: Beneath welfare reform: another layer of the exploited
 Editorial: UPS strike restored some old labor ideas
 Five California diocesan papers break with Catholic Press Assn.
 From Bosnia to the back yard quality of mercy gets strained
 Haiti measures progress one step at a time
 Inside NCR: New staff members, old church issues
 Preaching: A good preacher reaches out, fills a need
 Robert F. Drinan Column: Catholics must stop the silence on world overpopulation crisis
 Television: 'Sacred' offers commercial for Catholicism
 Cover story: Pooled efforts start new school
 Cuba sinks under weight of Fidel's dated phobias
 Editorial: May a rising wind lift Mir and our capacity for wonder
 Editorial: Papal bravura taps hunger for meaning
 Fall Books: America a unique catalyst for good or ill
 Fall Books: Crisis of wolf-criers is ever-worsening
 Fall Books: Survivor describes days in Opus Dei
 Fall Books: There's a new urge to community
 Intelligent and prepared, but no feeling
 Kris Berggren Column: Lombardi and Little League make a poor karmic match
 Notes to meeting reveal church plans in Kos case
 Notes to meeting reveal church plans in Kos case
 Sic Column: Intense debate over saint's sly posture
 Three alternatives to summer's pseudoepics
 A call to arms for America's bullied women
 Cover story: At ordination, talk of shared ministry
 Cover story: Louvain helps shape new priest's views
 Cover story: Some seminaries thrive, others struggle
 Cover story: 'Writing icons' part of journey to priesthood
 Editorial: Norms speak louder than words on status of women
 Editorial: Pentagon shows disregard for budget, treaties
 Homeschool group rejects guidelines
 Lay teachers in Philadelphia on strike at 22 high schools
 Major media ignore ties connecting Bush to Unification church
 Mundelein, St. Francis tread diverging paths
 Brazilian poor used as slaves, bishop charges
 Camden teachers' strike heats up; settlement in Philly
 Cover story: Black Catholics share pride, renew roots
 Editorial: Excesses mark new hysteria over youth crime
 Homosexuality a major pastoral challenge
 Joan Chittister Column: Craving for titillating bits erodes privacy, produces gossip-mongering society
 Thomas C. Fox Column: Catholic Charities deals with 'welfare repeal'
 What happens when child says, 'I'm gay'?
 Books: John Paul an important figure, but is he man of the century?
 Colleges and Universities: Exciting days to be on campus
 Colleges and Universities: Rebounds of all sorts renew Jesuit St. Louis U.
 Colleges and Universities: Strange days for colleges facing rising costs
 Cover story: She has great job for the right applicant
 Editorial: Debate about Clinton's test plan overlooks fallacy of local control
 Editorial: In Camden, what is church teaching about labor?
 Inside NCR: Write NCR about a book (and look for us on TV)
 Peace activist is in prison for child's sake