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 April 3, 1998
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 Editorial: New signs of confidence are emerging in Africa
 Editorial:Time to aim our outrage at country’s gun lobby
 Inside NCR: Deacon did a lot without compulsory celibacy
 Jeannette Batz Column: Take care with words when imaging the Holy
 Latin church finds document timely as it fights to defend landless poor
 Officials hail Vatican paper on land use
 April 10, 1998
 Editorial: Eyebrows, questions raised by kinder, gentler Vatican
 Editorial: Time-out to win back government
 Funeral giants, church make two new deals
 Inside NCR: Internet bishop sets mouse on injustice
 Notre Dame priest resigns over policy on gays
 Adobe founder chides bishops on women - April 17, 1998
 Bishops peer into cyberspace - April 17, 1998
 Echoes of Mahony-Angelica rift in Denver - April 17, 1998
 Editorial: Synod for Asia puts our faith at crossroads - April 17, 1998
 Inside NCR: From Asia to cyberspace, it’s a two-way world - April 17, 1998
 Lustiger vetoes TV Masses, Foley demurs - April 17, 1998
 Monk targets Catholic slice of on-line market - April 17, 1998
 Synod working paper skips host of concerns Asian bishops voiced - April 17, 1998
 A precarious and threatening ministry
 Artist Viola’s world infused with divine
 Editorial: $30 million can make media shy of truth
 Editorial: N. Ireland accord offers chance to begin again
 Inside NCR: Ourselves and the big little engine company
 Judge throws out Briggs & Stratton suit
 Love's labor lost
 Seminary professor gets settlement, still hopes for theological debate
 A night spent waiting for death to come
 Activists warn of new perils emerging in the digital age
 Asia synod opens with call for change
 Editorial: A global economy crying out for balance
 Inside NCR
 Asian bishops remain politely persistent
 Editorial: Little good results when the thinkers stop thinking
 Handprints of Asian bishops’ group are everywhere
 Inside NCR: Sheed & Ward, Credence Cassettes sold
 Inside the synod hall -- for morning prayer only
 Killing draws notice to violent history
 Driscoll ships 25 percent of strawberries
 Editorial: A heartfelt confession in Portland
 Editorial: Silly arguments against ‘Choose Life’ plates
 Inside NCR: New style of papal PR meets old-style intrigue
 Report faulted for neglecting Asian ideas
 Suicide ignites debate on blasphemy laws
 UFW targets strawberry fields
 After one year in Windy City: He learns fast
 Commercial interests lust for cyberspace
 Editorial: Gerardi’s death brings moment of clarity
 Editorial: Nuke tests raise old questions anew
 Editorial: Suicide forces us to face Islamic blasphemy laws
 Inside NCR: ‘Moiph’ (once ‘Rynne’) gets a lifetime award
 NCR Books: Catholic writers make literature, become conference topics
 NCR Books: Farrell’s Hugo would be a papal Gorbachev
 Slain bishop gave voice back to Mayans
 Church’s clout may be waning, but N.Y. is still the bulliest pulpit
 Declarations, trips, some slips of the tongue and plain old political jousting
 EDITORIAL: Asia Synod ends, but its impact is far from over
 In tug of war at synod, curia gets the last word
 Inside NCR: Dioceses at crossroads; writer reaps reward
 New court could prosecute the world’s villains
 Bible, liturgy concur: women were there
 Commentary: More questions in Swiss Guard murders
 Editorial: Progressive agenda beckons beyond Microsoft
 Editorial: Time for Indonesian, Timorese rights
 Inside NCR: One case still open, another definitely closed
 Reaching kids through rock music, Scully’s a new kind of radio priest
 Talkin’ God in drive time
 Turin display respects both faith and reason
 Vatican Radio exemplifies church's nervous efforts to make peace with progress
 Bevilacqua, an active prelate, is no stranger to controversy
 Christianity in Philadelphia’s inner city
 Editorial: Questions persist despite blame for messenger
 Editorial: Time for leadership amid liturgical strife
 Editorial: Tip from pollution lobby: CO2 is good for you
 George tells ICEL Rome wants changes
 Inside NCR: New board members, but few new holy fools
 Lavish spending in archdiocese skips inner city
 Lectionary’s intro, psalter vetoed; little resistance from U.S. bishops
 Messenger encounters risky rewards of covering church in Philadelphia