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 18 Fort Benning protesters leave prison; Bourgeois vows return until SOA closes
 As war changed, few realized the muscle flexed in our name
 Building a just economy means connecting people with dollars
 Cover story: Beating bombers into plowshares
 Editorial: Dilemma of the morally aroused
 Exploring Heaven, Hell and Satan
 Inside NCR: We have designs on the future
 Joan Chittister Column: For this frequent flier, the skies aren’t so friendly
 Perspectives: Thomas C. FOX: World awaits insights of renewed Catholicism
 Religion battles high finance
 Rifts, questions emerge at meeting on gays
 Sic Column: Sic embarks on new but risky adventure
 The bottom line in human terms:‘No words to tell how we feel’
 Truth is, we’re terrorized because we’re hated
 Young feminist gathering suggests hope for reform
 A fair mix of spirituality, music
 As economy booms, volunteers drop
 Curia’s defeat at Vatican II was short-lived
 Editorial: Dancing around Kosovo’s deadly dilemma
 In death penalty debate,what’s best done in remembrance of Jesus?
 Independent canon law group founded
 Jeannette Batz Column: The Borg were right: Resistance is futile
 Joan CHITTISTER Column: Clinton/Starr turmoil needs ethics of care
 Lilith has special depth for young Catholics
 Making profit the world’s highest law
 Peace talks in Rochester
 Perspective: Tom Roberts: Applaud doctors, but be aware of U.S. connections
 Tales of the anti-Clinton Catholic media ‘mafia’
 Though a hard guy to like, Junior teaches us all about God’s inclusivity
 Why I won’t take off my (half) stole
 Why we are writing about money
 A bigger, broader communion of saints
 A slugfest over strip-mining
 All opinions are not created equal
 Amnesty targets U.S. abuses
 Aware of racism but not inhibited by it
 Bishop: Ordain married men
 Catholic studies is serious business
 Editorial: Heed Amnesty’s sobering alarm
 Feminist voices by turns positive, pugnacious
 For these students, Catholic means morality, service and tolerance
 For these students, Catholic means morality, service and tolerance
 From the edges to the academic center
 Inside NCR: Something indomitable at work
 Loras gets $10 million
 Meet today’s Catholic college undergrads
 Mining official abandons diocese
 Not dead just yet
 Perspectives: John L. ALLEN Jr.: Don’t teach journalism by censoring students
 Pope John Paul II: The First 20 Years
 Pro-Oslo groups need backing of U.S. Jews
 Regional advocacy group enjoys Catholic backing for justice agenda
 Unassuming ‘roofers’ and extraordinary acts
 When grief drove him to the desert, Lane heard the sound of silence
 X marks the spot
 ‘I cannot die without an apology’
 An ecumenical quest for justice
 Ancien régime meets high finance in Opus Dei
 Editorial: Pious veneer can’t hide hate
 Inside NCR: Becoming saint trickier than going to heaven
 Japanese apology inadequate, women say
 Jeannette Batz Column: An absurd hope survives the censures of Teilhard, de Mello
 Kris BERGGREN Column: Counting heads isn’t key to lasting evangelization
 Levada, in his own words
 Man honors tortured comrades 52 years later
 Never too young for the gift of guilt
 Old-fashioned farce a fun romp; Streep shines in tear-jerker
 Open letter to John Paul: Speak the whole truth about Christians and the Holocaust
 Parishioners still hopeful they can save St. Brigid’s
 Perspectives: Pamela Schaeffer: Religion trivialized in Philadelphia coverage
 Sic Column: New decree on pastoral care of lefties
 Some labels don’t stick
 The desire of ‘grandmothers’
 Books: A remarkable bishop, a fateful resignation
 Cover story: 1995 petition led to international effort
 Cover story: A worldwide model for church reform groups
 Cover story: Austria’s Catholic revolution
 Cover story: Pope’s right-wing appointments fueled discontent
 Croat cardinal seeks help to rebuild church in Bosnia
 Editorial: Justice at last nips at Pinochet’s heels
 EDITORIAL: Nobel prize crowns N. Ireland peace process
 Encyclical wins cautious praise
 Immigration Service raids inhumane, rights group says
 Inside NCR: Reactions to the reactions to the grand new design
 Lines drawn, issues clear, hearts ache in N.Y. parish
 Notre Dame delays vote on protection for gays
 Starting Point: Peewee: the poor man with a million-dollar laugh
 Tara DIX Column: Living the faith at Notre Dame
 Theater: ‘Corpus Christi’: Why it irks us
 Viewpoint: Shopping for justice in Los Angeles
 Cover story: A dramatic step toward reform
 Editorial: Can dialogue like that happen here?
 Feminists rethinking church and military
 Guest Perpective: Fr. Tissa BALASURIYA: Message of love gets sidetracked in dogma
 In continuing pursuit of the real, historical, unknown Jesus
 In Salzburg, music wafts through a very Catholic city
 Inside NCR: NCR’s annual readers’ roundup gives worthy books a break
 It’s time to ban the bomb
 Joan CHITTISTER Column: They asked for it, they got it. Now what?
 Monuments we have built to our search for meaning
 Readers’ choices
 Religion -- doing right and resisting wrong -- key to curing incivility
 Science, religion panel seeks breakthrough in ecological awareness
 Stormy history of the Villa von Trapp
 The moderates who sparked Austria’s revolution
 Themes of the Dialogue
 Toleration shields police abuse
 Two bishops, two different worldviews
 Winter Books
 Call to Action celebrates equality sought and earned
 Carving signs for the future to say we, too, were here
 Catholic colleges face new rules
 Controversy, confusion reign in investigation of bishop’s murder
 Cover story: Northern Ireland memoir
 Dorothy VIDULICH Column:Though Nobel went to men, women helped bring peace
 Editorial: All humanity in eye of hurricane
 Inside NCR: If you must give gifts, let them be NCR
 Intolerance creates climate of violence
 Jeannette Batz Column: Lesson from the Jesuits: balancing within paradox
 Jubilee campaign for debt relief gains momentum
 Peace offering stirs new debate
 Perspective: Call to actions that speak louder
 Readers’ choices
 She’s no radical, just an elementary Catholic
 Spirit guides God’s people, speaker says
 Still dreaming of a renewed eucharistic celebration
 A bishop who relies too much on Jesus
 Apartheid horror stories point up churches’ failings
 Catholic hospitals face myths, mergers
 Editorial: Bishops, do church a favor: Speak up
 Holocaust comedy an unlikely triumph; novel flops on screen
 Inside NCR: Rejoice, the beloved country
 Israel’s crumbling democracy blocks peace
 Peeking inside the mind of Jesus
 Perspective: Tom ROBERTS: Buts infused every moment with meaning
 Seeing Brazil through a family’s eyes
 Sic Column: Sic fails to find Satan, goes chasing other demons
 Stereotyping and double standards in ‘Hollywood Islam’
 Two European scholars under scrutiny for heresy
 We each have so many relatives, heaven will be one big blast
 A spirituality rooted in absurdity
 Buffeted by history, Vatican records scattered
 Catholicism’s black sister
 Church watches as Dallas diocese regroups
 Congo bishops reject war, call for new elections
 Croatian connection remains most debated aspect of Vatican’s World War II legacy
 Dallas bishop suspends media priest after new abuse charges
 Digging for gold in the archives
 Editorial: A few small steps toward saving the world
 Embodying praise
 First black voted conference v.p.
 Five intriguing spiritual titles
 Henri Nouwen
 If St. Malachy is right,the Olive could be Martini
 Inside NCR: How Texas celebrates human rights
 Perspectives: Thomas C. FOX: What kind of pope will they pick next?
 Scripture and imagination show a whimsical God
 Spirituality section
 St. Ann’s worth more than just money
 Swing evokes memories of elegant era, but it has a dark side
 U.S. beefs up response to Mitch as France, Spain, Sweden pitch in
 A journey for those left behind
 Austria’s ‘sacred experiment’ renews momentum for change
 Carry Catholic values into everyday life, U.S. bishops say
 Church’s human rights record a mixed bag
 Cover story: Annan: ‘Peace is never a perfect achievement’
 Delegates take on ‘formidable task’ of creating Labor Party
 Editorial: Time for an American examination of conscience
 Human responsibility the basis for human rights, Küng says
 Inside NCR: For Christmas gifts, still a few NCRs left
 Joan CHITTISTER Column: All Saints Day takes on new meaning after trip to Chiapas
 Mitch washes injustices to the surface
 Montreal Catholics vote for women, married men as priests
 Perspective: Dancing when nothing else will do
 Poetry as a sanctuary for lost spirits
 President takes oath as bishops debate it
 She bore a son on the run, another roadside baby
 Tactics shift as protest swells
 The next war: over the fate of the earth
 Vatican official criticizes Jews
 And soup, better than words
 Bishops’ committee report on racism
 Bishops’ politics: more of the same
 Black men ponder their place in the church
 Editorial: Krenn affair makes the case for reform
 Gathering observes Merton’s baptism and continual conversions
 Inside NCR: NCR has applied for poetic license
 Krenn at the center of Austrian strife
 Kris BERGGREN Column: Welcoming the Emmanuel we know well
 Of Blacks and Jews, film finds hurt and hope
 Perspective: Scholarship, what future?
 Pressure for reform grows in Indonesia
 Sic Column: Sic, in lieu of infallibility, decides to give prophecy a whirl
 Sins of tobacco require more than day’s indulgence
 St. Louis prepares for papal visit
 The ebb and flow of fallible church teaching
 Two tales from Ireland, and Brazil to boot
 Veteran journalist new leader of We Are Church
 Viewpoint: Spiritual pit stops for holiday drivers
 ‘Decent draperies of fiction’ conceal the essentials about West
 ‘Solidarity voucher’called a ploy to exclude the poor
 12 days for a green Christmas
 Activists lament absence of outrage on Iraq
 Australians urged to obey church teaching
 Bibi’s problems with the truth
 Book challenges Nobel Prize winner’s autobiography
 Ecumenical council gathers in shadow of bleeding Mother Africa
 Editorial: A Pinochet trial: first step toward naming the sin
 Editorial: Not even bombs dull impeachment frenzy
 From video to the street: ‘We bring love, concern and the Eucharist’
 Happiness found doing as Jesus did
 In this lush suburb, they ‘beat the bushes’ for people to serve
 Inside NCR: Madonna away beyond Bethlehem
 Mary message charged with mystery
 Pressing for Catholic decade for women
 Small Christian Communities lead ‘a kind of double life’
 Tim UNSWORTH Column: Westley is one Catholic scholar who isn’t gagging on prudence
 Vatican II inspired bishop to listen, then get out of the laity’s way
 Writer sees a ‘Vatican II’ for region