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 ‘It’s getting harder to die’
 Acitivists decry slave redemption in Africa’s Sudan
 Analysis: A case of missed opportunities at life’s end
 Bible, tradition concur: Da Vinci got it wrong
 Cover story: A picture to redraw the world’s canvas
 Cover story: New books abound on Jesus at 2000
 Editorial: A significant step in fight against sweatshops
 Inside NCR: It would be just like Jesus to include women
 Nun mums signal changing times for religious
 Perspective: Still life through eyes of a poet
 Pontius Pilate of history less intriguing than the myth
 Provincials decry Vatican suspicion of Asian theology
 Ratzinger rips König’s criticism
 Sic: Rudy in search of a book deal, while Sic seeks ultimate laptop
 Starting Point: Learning to humbly play our part in the symphony of God’s voice
 Tale of two bishops
 Tara Dix column: It’s funny how different the future looked at 13
 Analysis: In Austria, hope for reform collides with church intransigence
 Cover story: Los Angeles Cathedral
 Editorial: Breaking the papal monopoly on tradition
 Editorial: There’s no such thing as war on the cheap
 Inside NCR: Beware of ‘Simpsons’ fans, bets with bishops
 Jeannett Batz column: Computers are fine, but handwriting says more
 Movies: Why I make movies
 Outside cathedral Chigago group prays for women’s ordination
 Prison sentence for theft, fraud a tragic end for antiapartheid activist
 Ratzinger’s reply to the Dialogue for Austria
 Religious leaders divided on NATO air strikes
 Robert F. Drinan column: U.S. gropes toward relevant foreign policy
 Starting Point: Think of redemption as seeds nurtured in struggle and love
 Viewpoint: Russians, Greeks hold key to resolving Kosovo crisis
 ‘We have to name what has happened’
 At the movies: The mob, a reporter and working women
 Bank guard enters ranks of ‘righteous gentiles’
 By the pond: An argument that’s for the birds
 Chair defends Catholic studies institute
 Corpus Christi breakaways thrive in new community
 Cover story: The Vatican’s enforcer
 Editorial: Holding out hope for reconciliation
 Group threatens to report Philadelphia diocese to IRS
 Inside NCR: Of Ratzinger, Kosovo and the spanking of egos
 Jesuit rebuffs bishops, activists on ending lockout
 Kris Berggren column: Priest question simmers in the family soup
 Perspective: Benigni’s film, like life itself, is beautiful
 Starting Point: I hope Mom has met her heroes in heaven
 Viewpoint: Don’t let IMF, World Bank off the hook in Kosovo
 Viewpoint: I’ll keep the vision alive, but from inside the church
 Activists share strategies for ending death penalty
 Aid workers urge world to help North Korea
 Analysis: Critics say families, legal rights abused by immigration laws
 Appreciation: Chile honors memory of cardinal who opposed Pinochet
 Attacks in East Timor continue as violence billows out of control
 Books: Despite daily crucifixion, the poor see Easter dawning
 Cover story: Church mired in valley conflict
 Editorial: Vatican official misses moral mark in rape crisis
 Fears about nuclear weapons cloud U.S. policy on North Korea
 Inside NCR: Things to do, places to write
 Jeannette Batz column: We admire rebels, but our saints are grandmas
 Old Catholics seek identity at the margins
 Perspective: Kosovo peace elusive, but possible
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Clinton’s immorality not confined to sex life
 Starting Point: Role of flesh in universe
 Television: ‘Week In Review’ overhaul
 Tucker’s death affected Robertson views
 Video camera brings suffering to light
 Viewpoint: We’ve got ‘cafeteria Catholics’ on the right, too
 Books: Nonviolence is possible, and no longer just an option
 Cardinal bars Pax Christi meeting
 Cover story: America’s invisible poor
 Cover story: Harrington’s 1962 classic inspired ‘war on poverty’
 Cover story: Those with child care, health care are more likely to keep jobs
 Cover story: Welfare reform makes children prime victims
 Drinan column: Fellowship of Reconciliation teaches faith in the power of nonviolence
 Editorial: Welfare to work prelude to squalor
 Honduras: Corruption hinders hurricane recovery
 Illuminations: Hearing whispers of Mary Magadelene’s voice
 Innovative retreat makes the desert bloom
 Inside NCR: Searching for sense up above
 Moments in Time: A Dangerous Cult
 Newman Center gets past the mirage of a two-level desert world
 Perspective: One century of killing
 Sic: Sic ponders success, which, let’s face it, has everthing to do with money
 Starting Point: Jesus’ friends are his masterpiece
 Viewpoint: For this American in Bosnia, ‘big picture’ offers reason for staying
 Cover story: Victims no more
 Editorial: Imagine all bishops going to prison
 Inside NCR: New board members; a word on cover photo
 Keeping Faith
 Many Pakistanis believe bishop died a martyr, but persecution goes on
 Pastors need a lawyer at their side
 Perspective: Serbians have different view of NATO bombs
 Pop Music: Radical Child
 Robert F. Drinan column: Pizza bucks back hyper-Catholic law school
 Scouring the skyways for chances to minister
 Starting Point: Asking violence to justify myth that it takes care of things
 Summer Books
 Summer Books: An elegant thinker who prefers candor to cant
 Summer Books: Annie Dillard demands that we look life in the eye
 Summer Books: Annie Dillard demands that we look life in the eye
 Summer Books: Bookshelf
 Summer Books: Money, art and sex ... Gordon’s novel has it all
 Summer Books: Novel weaves mundane with macabre in Guatemala
 Viewpoint: Living wage legislation can give working poor a stake in the boom
 Community agriculture puts farmers’ face on food
 Cover story: Artist searches world for new ‘mega-symbols’
 Cover story: How will Bible be, and what to do with it?
 Cover story: Library of biblical proportions
 Cover story: Scripture in multimedia
 Editorial: Fiddling with Heston while America burns
 Fifty-five arrested at SOA protest
 Inside NCR: Tough times for priests, and for an NCR icon
 Jeannette Batz column: The best place to evangelize culture isn’t from on high
 Massachusetts women’s group banned from church buildings in Boston
 Perspective: A looming clash between priests and lay ministers
 Starting Point: Like an artist working a canvas, God won’t rest until we’re perfect
 Television: The elusive Joan of Arc
 Theologian seeks presidency in Germany to protest bombing
 Tim Unsworth column: Cassidy’s open ears a sign of hope for dialogue
 Viewpoint: Anyone but Netanyahu in Israeli elecion
 At the movies: Trials, Masks and the Catskills
 Cover story: Iraq: for the children, sanctions are deadlier than the bombs
 Ecclesial watchdogs snapping in Australia
 Editorial: For East Timor, freedom finally an option
 Editorial: In violent world, has peace a chance?
 Human rights, peace activists split on Kosovo
 Inside NCR: Web site and stuff on leaving, praying
 Moments in Time: Church debates
 Pope in Romania: Hints of unity but no breakthroughs
 Sic: Sic has new moral section, plus senility serenity prayer
 the truth is out there ... : Doughnut Day
 Vatican nixes bishop’s talk at married priests’ conference
 Viewpoint: Growing up Catholic in South Africa
 Books: Book challenges the parameters of prayer
 Cardinal decries ‘amazing careerism’ of bishops on the hunt for advancement
 Congo bishop, religious forced into jungle
 Cover story: Teen Violence: Does violent media make violent kids?
 Demetria Martinez column: No matter what theorists say, art and politics must mix
 Editorial: Guatemala offers a bit of history we dare not forget
 European papers say Schönborn may be Vatican education chief
 Gun control measures pass
 Inside NCR: Funeral ripoffs, a diva and a great teacher
 Jeannette Batz column: Be leery of anyone who wields prayer as a spiritual weapon
 Logbook details secret workings of Guatemala military in early ’80s
 Media: Moral doubts and the nightly news
 Perspective: An excellent Vatican document for this Year of Older Persons
 Resigned priest creates www.womenpriests.org
 Robert F. Drinan column: Looking past visible church to find the real church
 Small communities bear big gifts, study shows
 Starting Point: Angels come in unlikely forms
 Two plans on Ex Corde gain support
 Viewpoint: Ordain women, change the abortion debate
 Viewpoint: Silence masks shameless hypocrisy over East Timor genocide
 Analysis: Anglican-Catholic commission reaches agreement on authority
 Analysis: Economy: peeking behind upbeat headlines
 Australian bishop stirs controversy
 Books: At 50, time to take stock of the Christian Family Movement
 Cardinal says Rome had ‘jaundiced view’
 Chittister visit irks neighboring chancellor
 Cover story: Dealing with past mistakes and today's misgivings
 Cover story: Pastoral builds on past documents
 Cover story: Restoring the sacred in nature
 Dean’s resignation stirs Catholic University debate
 Editorial: The final piece of public Catholicism falls into place
 Inside NCR: NCR takes a second look at poverty
 Moments in Time: Pick your vice
 Perspective: A habit of thinking in centuries can be dangerous to our health
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: The unrealized promise of dialogue with Buddhism
 Special Report: Las Vegas council mulls ways to use voice to speak for workers
 Special report: Religion, labor tap new energy as allies
 Starting Point: Sounds of neighborhood grump echo through the years
 Television: Deep Space Nine
 Viewpoint: A moment of hope in Israel, but Barak must commit to peace
 At the Movies: Stages of life
 Books: From legalism to love as the source of morality
 Breaking the high school stereotype
 Cover story: 23 arrested outside White House as they pray, protest NATO bombing
 Cover story: A tenuous, dramatic homecoming
 Cover story: Albanian Kosovar actions of ’80s go unreported
 Cover story: Analysis: Can sanctions be alternative to war?
 Cover story: Comparisons to Hitler evocative but logically unsound, critics say
 Cover story: Imagining intervention without violence
 Dili bishop says, ‘Pray for East Timor’
 East Timor vote threatened by terror
 Editorial: Good new in Indonesia, worries in East Timor
 Editorial: Thinking beyond an ambiguous victory
 In Poland, pope stresses history and hope
 Inside NCR: Thoughts on peace and on winning awards
 Jeannette Batz column: They may be snobs, but Parisians know how to live
 Kris Berggren column: When the inner demons clamor, get on board a raft of prayer
 Massacre in walled churchyard
 Mushroom plant, union settle 4-year dispute
 Puerto Rican island battles naval presence
 Resistance leader calls for outside aid
 Sic: Musings on duct tape, a scoop about Ratzinger memoirs, and a veggie Jesus
 Viewpoint: A visit to people who will be first in God’s Kingdom
 Viewpoint: Lifting sanctions won’t end pain, and it could fuel new aggression