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 Appreciation: British Catholic leader Hume knew how to stand his ground
 Board of trustees at Catholic University nixes tenure for Eastern religions scholar
 Catholic leaders laud debt plan, hope for more relief
 Change artists
 Cover story: Behind the walls, healing begins in Christian community
 Cover story: Prisons a new growth industry
 Editorial: When it comes to prisons, we've got it backwards
 Giants dissent, gently, over authority
 Inside NCR: Further thoughts this year of older persons
 Moon rises as Ralph’s scarred days end
 NATO was blind to religion's role in Balkans
 Pop music: Christian music that's real
 Robert F. Drinan column: Hurley continues to work for equality for black South Africans
 Starting Point: 'A Notre Dame man' who sought out problems to solve, people to help
 Students join janitor's struggle at Jesuit university
 U.S. should think twice beford maiking Kosovo a model for future wars
 Viewpoint: Hoyt's belated award honors NCR, too
 Viewpoint: Inner peace restored for victims' families when murderer is executed
 Appreciation: J.F. Powers' plain, elegant art
 Books: Plea for a consiliar church
 Collins told to revise his views
 'Covenant' provokes dispute in Fargo
 Cover story: Forgiveness as peace process
 Demetria Martinez column: Latinos need to know their rights
 Depleted uranium: the ongoing danger in Kosovo
 Editorial: Clinton's poverty tour misses the larger point
 Hume: Bishops’ role to lead, not suppress
 Inside NCR: In Northern Ireland a moment waits to be seized
 Jeannette Batz column: Resisting the pressure to fight back
 Jesuit educators offer no guarantees for future
 Nuclear disposal site opens, activists embrace Web
 Perspective: Passing on ideals thourgh the Andrews Scholars
 Sic: Write a jingle, stir up the church, win a T-shirt
 Television: Driving prayer from the classroom
 Tim Unsworth column: Elderly Catholics still optimistic for the church they love
 Viewpoint: Challenging the media to tell the truth about violence
 Viewpoint: She walks with her people no matter what the cost
 Analysis: Out of the pews and against the grain
 Appreciation: Cloud-Morgan, Catholic activist, buried with his peace pipe
 At the movies: Breaking the blockbuster mold
 Bishop drops covenant, rehires workers in Fargo
 Cover story: Eco-spirituality
 Cover story: For many, environmental action is returning to roots
 Cover story: For starters a reading list
 Cover story: Steps to tame hospital waste
 Cover story: Understanding the cosmos in a new way
 EDITORIAL: Cardinal’s welcome swipe at careerism
 EDITORIAL: Gramick, Nugent story is not over
 Inside NCR: NCR art adventure: Search for a contemporary Jesus
 Kris Berggren column: Independence only part of Fourth of July event
 Milestones in campaign to hold the doctrinal line
 Pair dealt a lifetime ban on ministry to homosexuals
 Ratzinger weighs in on careerism of bishops
 Rich Heffern column: Daily work: A mystic's training ground
 Robert F. Drinan column: Grieving, we find comfort and wisdom in awful grace of God
 Vatican ban ends years of investigation
 Analysis: Maquila neoslavery, underconditions from bad to inhuman
 Bishop admits relationship, but denies sexual abuse
 Books: Ruiz, Marcos changing history in Mexico
 EDITORIAL: The real evil that lurks in missile silos
 Inside NCR: Pope's letter to artists boosts search for Jesus at 2000
 Jeannette Batz column: Singing the praises of a neighborhood living out loud
 Moments in Time: Hospital origins
 New battles brew over defense spending, arms sales
 Perspective: Give debate -- not money -- back to the people
 Reformers vow to push agendda beyond married priests
 Robert F. Drinan column: Government’s unseemly promotion of gambling
 Schools of the Americas foes score with Congress, union
 Sic: This space will do whatever it takes to elect George W. Bush
 Starting Point: In the Old City as in life, we travel together
 Viewpoint: Church comes to defense of inner city
 Viewpoint: Despite silencing, Holy Spirit prevails
 Viewpoint: Examining validy of Anglican orders
 Viewpoint: Hope followed by familiar abandonment
 Wanted: different kind of lawyer
 What is a maquila?
 Where Catholicism and law intersect
 Australian bishops find Catholic women feel pain, alienation
 Bishop Murphy, 'total mensch,' fights cancer
 Books: A crazy book on a serious subject
 Cover story: Doubts about dialogue
 Dolls, teddy bears shipped to Kosovo
 EDITORIAL: International court deserves our support
 Faith of Hispanic Catholics rooted in family
 Illuminations: Ex-prostitute helps others battle for a new start
 Inside NCR: Sr. Wendy to judge the Jesus at 2000 contest
 Joan Chittister column: Pondering premise that some things cause confusion among the faithful
 New thrust for unity drives hope for cross-cultural encuentro in 2000
 Perspective: Irish church's dark night of the soul
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Racist extremists use Bible verses to justify killing
 Sharp jump in child deaths in Iraq
 Starting Point: Will I recognize Alix the next time?
 Tim Unsworth column: Deacons like Dan offer wisdom of experience
 Viewpoint: A family strives for more than an evil response to evil
 Viewpoint: Goal of public humiliation is protection of status quo
 Viewpoint: The quality of mercy confronts a killer
 At the Movies: Bored wide shut
 Books: McNeill's a bright guy, but his feet are still planted in midair
 Cover story: Organizing
 Cover story: 'The Labor Priest': Hope in the union movement
 Cover story: Unions take on role of training for new jobs
 Demetria Martinez column: Progressives need to break the silence that follows the hype
 EDITORIAL: Costs of clerical celibacy are rising
 EDITORIAL: Executive pay, worker wages out of balance
 Fall Ministries Section
 Fall Ministries: Aspiring to lead on lay ministry
 Fall Ministries: Bringing the divorced, separated back to the table
 Fall Ministries: Keeping the parish engine running
 Fall Ministries: Ministries strive to build a better world
 Fall Ministries: Network helps parents build peace and justice at home
 Fall Ministries: Parish ministries form building blocks for social change
 Fall Ministries: The church and its choices if the priest shortage continues
 Fall Ministries: Where peace is not an afterthought
 Inside NCR: NCR creates a little artistic flurry
 Jeannette Batz column: On Sunday, I'm there to be part of whatever happens
 Pope set for Iraq despite U.S. pleas
 Rich Heffern column: Vern was a grown-up with a wide-eyed kid inside
 Sic: Amazing new jingles fill churches to rafters
 Starting Point: Seeing through windows of the heart
 Viewpoint: Australian pastor wonders of resigned priests have a message
 Viewpoint: Women have received Holy Orders
 Analysis: Ratzinger credited with saving Lutheran pact
 Books: A bishop who weeps, scolds and keeps faith
 Cover story: In Appreciation: Câmara’s preference was for the poor
 Crime, punishment ... and hope?
 EDITORIAL: Demanding disclosure on a bloody past
 Essay: World moves on, but Rome resists
 Inside NCR: Readers invited to praise favorite books
 Joan Chittister column: No more Columbines, no more Kosovos
 Mountain fighters celebrate victory
 Perspective: Indonesian bishops take the lead
 Starting Point: He rode his bike through town, delivering a gift of happiness
 Television: Charismatic Cardinal
 Threats follow East Timor vote
 Viewpoint: Bishops must respect their newspapers
 Viewpoint: In Fargo, it's a sin if you can file a lawsuit over it
 Working paper aims for just workplace
 A new crossroad for the Latin Mass
 Books: Claiming one's sorrow, reaching for hope
 Church, state join struggle to save U.S. marriages
 Cover story: Independence vote the eye of the storm
 Cover story: Terror in East Timor
 Dorothy Vidulich column: A survey, a fast and Catholic tradition
 EDITORIAL: What U.S. really fears in papal visit to Iraq
 Essay: Act of conscience
 Faith leaders call for affordable housing
 Inside NCR: Three art pros will pice slides for Sr. Wendy
 Jeannette Batz column: Crazed by sunset, fog, glimpses of wildness
 Moments in Time: Abelard and Heloise
 Perspective: Martin Bormann's tale of redemption
 Robert F. Drinan column: Bill would relieve bewildering debt problem
 Starting Point: Like stars, words bring light
 Tim Unsworth column: As interdicts pile up, Catholics drift away
 Viewpoint: Georgetown joins Bambi-ization of law
 Viewpoint: Most believers already enjoy full communion
 Viewpoint: U.S. weakens agreement prohibiting child soldiers
 Analysis: European Synod
 By the Pond: Corporations - too big to be benign
 Colleges and Universities
 Colleges and Universities: Dreaming of Vineyard U.
 Colleges and Universities: Freshman orientation
 Colleges and Universities: Reconsidering Scholasticism
 Colleges and Universities: The last class of the millennium
 Colleges and Universities: Using Chicago at DePaul
 EDITORIAL: For the bishop, a fittingly lighthearted yet provocative sendoff
 EDTORIAL: PR blitz won't hide real issue in Iraq
 Imprisoned SOA protesters get early release
 Inside NCR: A call for books and a poignant postscript
 Jeannette Batz column: If church means a building, something's missing
 Pittsburgh priests split from federation
 Sic: Jingles for Jesus deadline draws near or maybe not
 Targeting of religious groups signals extent of breakdown
 U.S.-Indonesia military ties extensive
 Viewpoint: Peace and trade, not sanctions, will change Iraq