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 Analysis: In Colombia, violence is a way of life
 At the Movies: Stages of Life -- Three satisfying autumn films
 Catholics were there at the start
 Chilean priest, a Pinochet supporter, draws fire
 Church pushes for border justice
 Cover story: After Cold War, Cold Peace
 Dispute between bishop, service agency results in split
 EDITORIAL: A billion in military aid ignores reality of Colombia
 EDITORIAL: United Nations caught in U.S. bind
 Gramick seeks to overturn ruling
 Inside NCR: An invitation NCR to launch Message in a Bottle
 Moments in Time: Aiding the Enemy
 Nuns at the U.N.
 Robert F. Drinan column: Awed by 900 years of Trappist prayer, silence
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Christians are few in the Holy Land as history, economics take toll
 Starting Point: Vietnam memorial to lost relationships
 Tim Unsworth column: Faith not found in fear-driven radio station
 To these sisters, United Nations is think-tank, place of hope
 Viewpoint: Gathering needed for gays, bishops
 Viewpoint: Military women do not benefit from mixed-gender duty
 Books: With his limitations, forgotten Benedict was a good pope
 Cover story: König at 94 still carrying torch for renewal
 EDITORIAL: Bishop evades truth about SOA grads
 Evolution of a creationist victory
 Inside NCR: Search for Jesus 2000 approaches deadline
 Jeannette Batz column: Reflections on fleshy vulnerability
 Keeping them grounded in reality of Incarnation
 Kris Berggren column: Delightful stranger transforms a journey
 Military bishop praises SOA
 More time sought as final vote on Ex Corde nears
 Perspective: A Wagnerian mix of sex, laws and the Vatican
 Robert F. Drinan column: Survey documents religious freedom abuses
 Starting Point: Caring for a plot of Earth in need of redemption
 Structure meant survival, study finds
 Television: Nothing Sacred - Resurrecting lost episodes
 The experiment and adventure of being a bishop's spouse
 Viewpoint: Antiabortion stance hurts Catholic candidates
 Viewpoint: Treatment of enemy corpses is vindictive
 Austrian priest talks bluntly on church, gays
 Body and Sold
 Competing visions: despair or hope?
 Destinations: Discovering Iceland
 Destinations: Journey to lands of beauty and harsh, man-made reality
 Destinations: Pilgrims seek lost selves
 EDITORIAL: Danger remains without Test Ban Treaty
 Glossary and Bibliography for Oct. 15, 1999 cover stories
 In vitro fertilization widely used
 Inside NCR: What to do with NCR’s Message in a Bottle
 Perspective: Seeking John XXIII’s vision at European Synod
 Revolution in biology drives revolution in theology, ethics and law
 Rich Heffern column: Transformed corner a sermon in mulch, compost, broccoli
 Ruiz prepares diocese of leadership change
 Special Section: Human Destiny
 Television: ‘Frontline’ finds greatness, tragedy in ‘Millennial Pope‘
 Thoughts of the papabili
 Vatican orders Arkansas hospital to stop sterilizations
 Art: Nun teaches that ‘we are all born artists’
 Cover story: Europe’s Muslims worry bishops
 Cover story: Shadow synod targets hierarchy
 Cover story: Talk of new council hits Italian papers
 Designer babies, anyone?
 EDITORIAL: Biotech advances raise fundamental human questions
 EDITORIAL: U.S. pressured to end death penalty
 George's answer: 'simply Catholicism'
 Gramick speaks; others silenced
 Inside NCR: This week you get whole story, with headlines
 Many oppose human cloning
 Moments in Time: Confused Consecration
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: The puzzle of pluralism
 Sic: Rolls Royce of T-shirts is won by an L.A. Bentley
 Special Section: Human Destiny
 Starting Point: Moving on again, hoping life will flow in the joy stream
 Stem cells hold promise of cures
 Television: The West Wing - A liberal Catholic White House/
 Viewpoint: What the world needs now
 America in focus as bishops, theologians confer at Notre Dame
 Catholic Worker: Can it work as a family activity?
 Cover story: American Catholics
 Cover story: American Catholics still seek greater role
 'Day wasn't a good role model for parenting'
 EDITORIAL: A rich contribution to political conversation
 Inside NCR: Many faces of Jesus, changing face of church
 Pastoral ideas nixed as curia holds the line
 Perspective: Choices we might no want to make
 Reopening the divorce question
 Special Report: Accommodations to continuing priest shortage
 Special Report: Generations have different views of the church
 Special Report: Increasing indifference to church is concern
 Special Report: Latino Catholics: How different?
 Special Report: Marriage trends signal declining role of church
 Special Report: Parish Catholics: It makes a difference
 Special Report: The American Catholic laity in 1999
 Special Report: Trends in U.S. Roman Catholic attitudes, beliefs, behavior
 Special Report: What is most central to being a Catholic?
 Special Report: Women and men: declining commitment, increased autonony and interest in decision-making
 Starting Point: A schemer seeks the mystical
 Tim Unsworth column: Salt of earth was in the audience
 Viewpoint: Church must embrace world
 Analysis: AIDS spreads in South Africa
 Celibacy defended in synod's report to pope
 Clerical un-and-comers shine at European Synod
 'Cold War momentum'
 EDITORIAL: Chill factor trickles down to lay ministers
 Inside NCR: The Rouault cover, the 'bottle' deadline
 Jeannette Batz column: In physical, spiritual worlds, getting lost can be an advantage
 Latino, black scholars protest exclusion
 Letter ends parishioners' two decades of service
 Perspective: New old church with room for friends
 Pop Music: Backstreet Boys
 Robert F. Drinan column: Restitution needed for U.S.-Philippine history
 Tim Unsworth column: Wiggle room, common sense will save church from Ex Corde
 Viewpoint: Destroyed houses advance Israeli political aims
 Winter Books
 Winter Books: A welcome return for Bernanos' lost works
 Winter Books: Bookshelf
 Winter Books: In the territory of saints
 Winter Books: Mothers and daughters undergo 'transition into equality'
 Winter Books: Readers' favorite books
 Winter Books: Religion dying as spiritual hunger grows
 Winter Books: Time was invented by us but never stops playing with our minds
 Winter Books: Weigel puts favorable spin on John Paul's pontificate
 Winter Books: Worried author offers advice on future of social activism
 Wojtyla lectures reveal he saw communism as based in misunderstanding
 Academic leaders hope to head off bishops' vote on Ex Corde norms
 Books: Return to readers’ favorite books
 Commentary: Here, kid, try this machine gun
 Cover story: No turning back
 EDITORIAL: A moment of healing for the Christian family
 Inside NCR: There's still writing room in the bottle
 Jeannette Batz column: Attention is deep hunger in all of us
 Moments in Time: On the waterfront
 Perspective: Idea that synods are for consultation is only pretense
 Starting Point: Why do I want to join this church?
 Television: New York reflects America’s best and worst
 Vatican offers symbols of harmony
 Viewpoint: Time for academies to teach U.S. youth to wage peace
 Asian conversion focus of papal visit
 At Call to Action, stories show softer side to disputes
 Books: Two views of Pius XII
 Cover story: Navajo split on uranium plan
 Cover story: Sacred claims and blessings on both sides
 EDITORIAL: Nuclear agency overlooks public interest
 EWTN’s bishop says priests must face the people
 Financial crisis uncovered on heels of sex scandal
 Inside NCR: Spill the beans on someone you admire
 Jeannette Batz column: World-views clash as cancer assails good man
 Movies: The Messenger
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Here’s a plan for the next pope’s busy first day
 Remembering the martyrs of El Salvador
 Sobrino offers a bittersweet look back
 Starting Point: A little boy who lost his mother ... and grew up to become pope
 Viewpoint: More doubts than decisions at meeting
 Viewpoint: What visitors don’t see in Jerusalem is important
 At the Movies: Power and Faith: Films take on the big issues
 Benedictines welcome women to make temporary commitment
 Bishops approve Ex Corde norms
 Canon lawyer named education head
 Cover story: 12,000 call for closing of SOA
 Demetria Martinez column: Segregation in Catholic intellectual life
 EDITORIAL: A look at youth abuzz with activism
 EDITORIAL: Ex Corde gives every reason to fear
 Inside NCR: Not so much a newspaper, more a way of life
 Keeping Faith
 Martini repeats his call for reform
 Proclamation vs. dialogue
 Robert F. Drinan column: Church grapples with crowded planet
 Sic’s infallibility bug won’t go away
 Special Section: Spirituality
 Spirituality: A spiritual self-portrait
 Spirituality: An image of God beyond violence
 Spirituality: Buddhist-Catholic ethicist thinks God must change
 Spirituality: Five books that come as gifts
 Spirituality: On the march to a different model of maleness
 Spirituality: So ancient and so new
 Starting Point: Our wounds, visible and invisible
 Viewpoint: Pope John said it: Justice before charity
 Viewpoint: We are called to stand apart in defense of life
 Books: Radcliffe’s vision offers antidote to despair
 By the Pond: The endless rationalization of profit
 Catholic leaders warn of hunger in Serbia
 Cover story: Project H.O.M.E.
 EDITORIAL: World Trade Organization bad for our world
 EDTORIAL: Long journey from peace on paper to peace on earth
 Indigenous want share in Mexico’s future
 Inside NCR: Many millennial messages ready for bottling
 NCR cover page
 Religion Parliament may be sign of things to come
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Only Catholics can really be protestant
 Seeking Mayan means of expressing Christianity
 Starting Point: Shaking off sin’s dirty waters
 Television: Millennium TV: A thousand years of history
 Viewpoint: A North American College in Mexico
 Viewpoint: Furor over painting reveals conflicted attitudes towards the body, sexuality
 Worldview gap erupts in Seattle
 Youth urged to act for peace
 At the Movies: All that jazz
 Books: Grim title hides dynamic view of societies’ core problem
 Cardinal’s live shaped by Slovakia’s troubles
 Catholic U. moves to tighten control over religious studies faculty
 Coming Attractions: A look at Jesus’ inner circle
 Court OKs harassment suit
 Cover story: Essay: Sex in cahoots with the sacred
 EDITORIAL: Bishops need to transcend fear of the laity
 EDITORIAL: Does Catholic U. hold patent on Catholic education?
 Feminist theology ‘must lead to action’
 God Squad draws fire with stints on shock jock radio
 Inside NCR: SOA pics galore, space galore on earth
 Jeannette Batz column: Rituals of grief drained of power
 NCR cover page
 Special Report: Future religion: oppressor or liberator?
 Starting Point: Some things just don't become clearer, no matter how much we ponder them
 Three bishops say, ‘I’m sorry’
 Tim Unsworth column: Theological disease teaches about the love of God
 Viewpoint: Dictionaries change even slower than church
 Viewpoint: The Catholic imagination of ‘Dogma’
 Appreciation: He daily served a disguised God
 Bringing nuclear weapons ‘back from the brink’
 Christmas Poetry
 Christmas: A letter from Bangladesh
 Christmas: Pop Music: Music to remind us of mystery
 EDITORIAL: Take the time for real debate on translation
 Illuminations: Catholic freshman proves labels aren’t what they used to be
 Inside NCR: Merry Christmas to all
 Jesus 2000
 Kris Berggren column: Danger and beauty of Christmas
 Perspective: Once, when I needed an altar
 Special Report: Parliament brought religion to the bar of world conscience
 Television: Network pulls ‘too Catholic
 U.S. ‘fudges’ end to weapons buildup
 Vatican moves to take control of translation agency