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 Bishop defends gay Web site
 Books: Spong aims to launch a ‘new reformation’
 California diocese holds [healing service] for abuse victims
 Cover story: Catholic social teaching fuels dream of peace
 Cover story: Kosovo - Left with issues bombs could not resolve
 EDITORIAL: Questioning sanctions step in right direction
 EDITORIAL: Reform rabbis did what we ought to do
 For Israelis, papal visit struck a deep chord
 Four activists face prison time
 Groups promote Mary of Magdala, women’s roles
 Inside NCR: We must not turn away or stop speaking out
 Lent: We’re condemned to act in character
 NCR cover page
 Pop Music: Italian tenor is a Classic
 Reserve major denounces ‘DU mess’
 Robert F. Drinan column: Memo to Clinton: On Good Friday, declare death penalty moratorium
 Tim Unsworth column: Chicago priest off to minister to House
 Vatican wants inclusive translation pulled
 Viewpoint: For gays, now is the acceptable time
 Viewpoint: For oppressors, there must be no save haven
 Viewpoint: St. Bede’s is the kind of parish all Catholics deserve
 Advocates call for welcome for U.N. child rights document
 Analysis: Doubts multiply about U.S. aid to Colombia
 Bishops’ staffer defends process, rejects rumor on turning altars
 Books: ‘As my body grows older, my spirit becomes younger’
 Books: In struggle over language and liturgy, the world church dawns
 Call to end ‘sin of racism’
 Church design expert proposes liturgy pastoral
 Cover story: Analysis: 20 years later, Romero stirs love and fear
 Cover story: Commentary: Completing Romero’s unfinished Eucharist
 Cover story: ROMERO
 Cover story: Romero: Presente!
 Cover story: Suffering continues in El Salvador
 Dorothy Vidulich column: A radical option for feminist communities
 EDITORIAL: Colombia aid a dangerous mistake
 EDITORIAL: Fen-phen case illustrates potential abuses
 Inside NCR: To cover Romero, you need a healthy reporter
 Jeannette Batz column: What if religion cuts us in pieces?
 Keeping Faith
 Lent: Let yourself fall in love with God, and anything could happen
 Movies: A film at last does justice to Graham Greene’s vision
 NCR cover page
 New bishop named for Chiapas
 Rich Heffern column: In the Ozarks, the dark of night offers a lesson in mindfulness
 Special Report: Children with HIV/AIDS
 Books: Abbey insights linked to life
 Demetria Martinez column: Violence against women -- a cause for pro-life activists
 EDITORIAL: Guatemalan probe could use U.S. boost
 Essay: Ex-soldiers tell of 1982 massacre in Guatemala
 Essay: Notre Dame’s neo-classicists yearn to build grand old churches
 Holy Week: Two thousand years later, where have all the disciples gone?
 Illuminations: Sister hosts talk radio show
 Inside NCR: Artist looks at passion through the dark
 Lent: Whatever happens, we can be at peace
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Rise and fall of a perfectly good Passion play
 Quebec bishops praise autonomy, democracy
 Sic: Flirting with a continuum and other balderdash
 Viewpoint: Editor takes aim at Sipe, Star
 Waste not, want not
 Agreement ends week-long conflict in Bolivia
 Analysis: Past is prologue to liturgy debate
 At the Movies: Plus the movie event of the year ... Film Festival
 Books: Books to challenge skeptics on miracles
 Cover story: Vietnam after 25 years
 Cover story: War memories still haunt
 Dublin Jesuits create Internet prayer space
 EDITORIAL: Liberation from the Vietnam tragedy
 EDITORIAL: Wisdom needed to leave nuclear madness behind
 Following the money
 Inside NCR: Vietnam revisited, Ratzinger then and now
 Money, union woes plague Catholic Healthcare West
 NCR cover page
 Robert F. Drinan column: Reparations for slavery long overdue
 Students protest minister’s removal
 Viewpoint: Encuentro 2000 a time to address pressing issues
 Analysis: Castro. End of discussion
 Defending liturgical renewal
 EDITORIAL: Catholics of Lincoln deserve better than this
 EDITORIAL: Mahony offers welcome signs of hope
 Gramick on conscience in Lincoln
 Inside NCR: Jesus 2000 exhibition opens in New York
 Kris Berggren column: Author offers a way beyond anxious parents, entitled kids
 Kris Berggren column: Putting family life first
 Mahony affirms lay ministry, calls synod
 Media: Breaking News
 Moments in Time: Money raising problems
 NCR cover page
 Panama owns canal, related headaches
 Sic: The case of Elián and the inner tube miracle
 Special Report: Between the lines, glimpses of grace
 Summer Books
 Summer Books: A Balkan tragedy
 Summer Books: A page-turner about faith
 Summer Books: A remarkable story of a woman and the priest she loved
 Summer Books: Bernanos’ ‘great novel’ murky, majestic
 Summer Books: Bookshelf
 Summer Books: Hunt for missing artwork connects KGB, Vatican, Constantine and Sophia
 Summer Books: Joan of Arc, patron of the vivid life
 Summer Books: Poems explore powerful meditations on Catholic life
 Summer Books: Subversive poetry tells of martyrs, peasants
 The politics of the word Lord
 Tim Unsworth column: Rethinking the Catholic census
 Viewpoint: Clash of unity, academic freedom
 Viewpoint: Rape’s political import not restricted to Bosnia
 ‘Coloring outside the patriarchal lines’
 Bishops reject controls sought by Rome
 Books: Three generations of women shaped by the church
 Cover story: Ethiopia - A land of chronic disaster and endless determination
 EDITORIAL: A reasonable solution on liturgy
 EDITORIAL: Time to give Vieques back to its people
 Illuminations: Despite amputations and endless ailments, he keeps going deeper
 In search of Jesus as an impatient Jew
 Inside NCR: O’Connor legacy, women’s manifesto, art saga
 Movies: ‘La Ciudad’
 NCR cover page
 New Zealand bishops support civil unions
 Robert F. Drinan column: Still spending too much hope on weapons
 Special Report: How Jesus 2000 grew wings, keeps on flying
 The Madeleva manifesto: A Message of Hope and Courage
 Vatican officials challenge Trautman
 Viewpoint: Theologian finds gospel in life of the people
 Visions of mission for new millennium
 Art: ‘An American Leader -- Cesar E. Chavez’
 Art: The art of contemplation
 Bishop to continue Ruiz’s work
 Books: Was Shakespeare Catholic?
 Commentary: Cardinal committed to peacemaking
 Cover story: Ancient forces shaped our lives
 EDITORIAL: discoveries underline need for truth commission
 EDITORIAL: Imagining a nonviolent response in Sierra Leone
 Egan to New York, pledges ‘loyalty’
 Inside NCR: Old faith fading in a Christian twilight
 Janitors seek higher wages at Catholic University
 Moments in Time: Magna Carta: Heresy!
 NCR cover page
 Protesters ponder next step on Vieques
 Robert F. Drinan column: U.S. should grant permanent trade status to China
 Starting Point: Stars burn with a living hope
 Survey a ‘reality check’ for church leaders
 Tim Unsworth column: Hume among the extraordinary ones who bring change
 Viewpoint: In Lebanon, Israel sees itself as victim
 Viewpoint: Poverty, religiousness key to Sri Lankan’s theology
 Viewpoint: Who is our neighbor?
 At the Movies: No staid approach
 Books: Examining the structures of papal deceit
 Cover story: America’s aging nuclear reactors
 EDITORIAL: Bishops back symbols with muscle
 EDITORIAL: History, hope merge as moms march
 Inside NCR: The church suffers from cautious prayer
 Jeannette Batz column: To the Gypsies, suffering brings soul
 Long-awaited ‘third secret’ sparks new round of speculation
 Moments in Time: Recent papal claims
 NCR cover page
 Politics, religion clash in Nazareth
 Rich Heffern column: Homage to the trickster
 Starting Point: Reflections on movies, falling and starry Roman nights
 Survey reveals growth in orders’ associates
 The story of Fátima
 Viewpoint: A longing for architecture to stand the test of time
 Viewpoint: Saints both antidote and example to world
 Viewpoint: Thoughts for New York’s new archbishop
 Books: Inspiring models of lay sanctity
 Congar vindicated at Vatican II
 Cover story: These paths lead to Rome
 Ecuador’s defender of poor replaced
 EDITORIAL: SOA quick fix won’t cleanse U.S. policy
 EDITORIAL: Ties to power, not the people, pave way to Rome
 Gramick, Nugent summoned to Rome
 Illuminations: News director, NBC maverick, sets new tone
 Key principle of liberation theology
 Kris Berggren column: Writer finds a happy marriage is pretty good
 NCR cover page
 School of the Americas reforms merely cosmetic, critics say
 Starting Point: A kiss for unknown Kristin at her grave
 Viewpoint: Silenced for saying things Rome didn’t like to have said
 Books: Book explores ‘staggering panorama’ of celibacy
 Books: For Elizondo, Jesus is metizo, Our Lady is first American
 Cover story: ‘Can I do this with my heart?’ he asked
 Cover story: Novices pray together, watch Sunday game
 Cover story: Parish center goes to bat for immigrants
 Cover story: Serving a sea of commuters
 Debate swirls around how long is too long for a pope to reign
 EDITORIAL: Prophets’ troubles don’t mean they’re wrong
 Gramick says no to Vatican silencing, expects dismissal
 Inside NCR: NCR claims top spot in press association awards
 NCR cover page
 New Chiapas bishop steps in with caution
 Perspective: Poverty is death, Gutierrez tells graduates
 Priests on bishops’ agenda
 Robert F. Drinan column: Zeal to end death penalty growing
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Diverse forms of family life merit recognition
 Starting Point: Light piercing the darkness
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 Television: ‘Agent of Grace’ A theologian in Nazi Germany
 Vatican OKs Ex Corde norms
 Viewpoint: Some seek Indian way to be Christian
 Women’s ordination advocates post ‘sign from God’ in Chicago
 Analysis: Eyes on Egan in New York
 At the Movies: Dancing Fools
 Bishops ponder new study of priest shortage
 Books: American Catholics through new pair of glasses
 Chair will not have famed theologian’s name
 Cover story: Catholic church, decimated by war, tries to rebound
 Cover story: U.N. others push for Cambodia war crimes tribunal
 Cover story: Young and searching in Cambodia
 Demetria Martinez column: Tally of dead rises on Mexican border
 EDITORIAL: Damning evidence supports deep judicial reform
 EDITORIAL: Vatican’s veto is no laughing matter
 Inside NCR: New editors appointed for NCR
 Korean leader sees God’s work in his life
 NCR cover page
 Seeking a ‘quantum leap’ on homosexuality
 Starting Point: A final journey in search of beauty
 Theologians challenge bishops on the public role of Catholicism
 Vatican officials favor elements of older Mass
 Viewpoint: Rome’s not-so-veiled power play