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 Books: Sex and holiness: two ‘throughly compatible realities’
 Cover story: Lost childhood found
 Distraught immigrant holds bishop for 9 hours
 EDITORIAL: Three decisions provoke more than they solve
 Genetic breakthrough elicits ethical alarm
 Inside NCR
 Jeannette Batz column: A metaphor can save us
 Loretto Peace Express: First stop, White House
 Lutheran bishop endorses intercommunion
 NCR cover page
 Off camera, the serious side to Gay Pride events
 Pope nixes speech, so Gaillot gives interviews
 Scholars hail Elizondo’s vision
 Starting Point: What we give wears well across miles, through years
 Stoking the fires of activism
 Television: Empty, dull, phony and popular
 Tim Unsworth column: Church labors under heavy hierarchy
 Viewpoint: Tracing justice issues in a cup of coffee
 ‘Ban mines,’ activists urge Clinton, Congress
 A familiar note about divorce
 Catholics show their diversity
 Cover story: ‘Our words of love must be incarnate’
 Cover story: In jail’s rotunda, John Paul calls for liberation
 Cover story: Jubilee in jail - A CALL FOR CLEMENCY
 EDITORIAL: No to ‘Star Wars’; yes to investing in humans
 EDITORIAL: Western economic policies behind Indonesian violence
 Inside NCR: John goes to Rome; Teresa moves up
 Kris Berggren column: Daily donation feeds the hungry with click of a mouse
 Legions march in Rome
 NCR cover page
 Robert F. Drinan column: U.S. still itches for nukes
 Speakers, sights show AIDS costs
 Starting Point: In the sunny sands of long ago
 Theater: ‘Life Is a Dream’
 Viewpoint: Benefits, protections, responsibilities
 Books: Same words, different ideas
 Catholic vote
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 Cover story: Analysis: Research challenges bold GOP boast
 Cover story: Catholics able to ‘think for themselves,’ bishop says
 EDITORIAL: A tragic anniversary of Iraq’s children
 EDITORIAL: Bishops and the politicians: a bad mix
 How long, O Lord? How long?
 Inside NCR
 Italian cardinal advocates ‘planetary’ government
 Joan Chittister column: Of force, fear
 NCR cover page
 Pop Music: Tracy Chapman
 Rome targets another Jesuit
 Special Report: ‘Violent system’ pushes parish into housing
 Special Report: Texas-size ministry
 Starting Point: The honest solitary voice behind the truth in ‘we’
 Viewpoint: ‘I tell my story to seek forgiveness’
 Viewpoint: Church stands with people in troubled Vieques
 Ambitious PBS series looks at improving the way we die
 At the Movies: Three to see - a break from sensationalism
 Chinese youth call for religious freedom
 Cover story: Pierre Toussaint
 EDITORIAL: Democrats reclaim religious ground
 Inside NCR
 Jeannette Batz column: A father’s heart returns to a daughter
 Moments in Time: The real inquisitor
 NCR cover page
 New rules focus on role of priests
 Pax Christi takes on new enemy: racism
 Perspective: Mother never told me washing dishes was a sin
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Renewed in zone of truth
 Sr. Ortiz, tortured in Guatemala, finds healing, receives Pax Christi honor
 Starting Point: Distortion and weakness viewed up close
 Television: Visit to a ‘Corner’ of hell in Baltimore
 Viewpoint: Indian theologian celebrated Jesus as liberator
 World’s youth drawn to Rome
 ‘Work without Justice’
 A vote for change in Chiapas
 Activist fasts for Clinton meeting with Vieques leaders
 Cover story: ‘The Exorcist’ fairly close to the mark
 Cover story: A bit of exorcist history
 Cover story: Exorcism - Ancient ministry attracts new practitioners
 Cover story: Exorcism - Revised rite
 Cover story: Exorcism and mental illness
 Cover story: Priest arrested in alleged exorcism
 EDITORIAL: Bishops miss opportunity in Euart episode
 Essay: Why I Am (Still) a Catholic
 Inside NCR
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Keeping up with Mrs O’Brien in the Speed Rosary event
 Pope of infallibility set for beatification
 Relatives of kidnapped boy ask for rule change
 Rome said no, so Sr. Euart is out, Fr. Fay is in
 Starting Point: Which of God’s favors will I refuse today?
 The Exorcists
 Theater: ‘Avow’ Sitcom-level humor mars shallow play about gays and church
 Tim Unsworth column: Aerial sports and Harry’s magic around every corner
 Viewpoint: Has either candidate ever used bailing wire to hold up car’s muffler?
 Viewpoint: Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian fishermen
 Books: Gebara challenges old concepts
 Books: Prominent theologian rethinks religious life
 Books: Women want change
 Cover story: Q & A with Occidental
 Cover story: U’wa vs. ‘Oxy’
 Demetria Martinez column: Brown paper and a candle
 EDITORIAL: U’wa part of a sad history
 Harrelson trial highlights benefits of industrial hemp
 Illuminations: Her 1979 plea unanswered
 Inside NCR
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Hopeful Youth Day connections
 Ratzinger’s latest: Don’t call us ‘sister church’
 Religious leaders sign peace declaration
 Robert F. Drinan column: U.N. conference will focus on rights, joys, plight of children
 Starting Point: Day not defined by a nickel
 Stem cell funding renews debate
 Stem cells hold medical promise
 Television: Where nonviolence worked
 Viewpoint: Jubilee Year of hope for Catholicism in China
 Cover story: Books: Documents portray Asian church coming alive
 Cover story: Excerpts from Dominus Iesus
 Cover story: Exclusive claim
 Cover story: Five Catholic experts in world religions
 Cover story: Perils of Pluralism
 EDITORIAL: Latest bump in contradictory papacy
 Fall Ministries: Chaplains - Campus doorways to faith
 Fall Ministries: Chaplains - Elder Corps invites older Catholics to share versatility, experience
 Fall Ministries: Chaplains - Healthcare’s spiritual healers
 Fall Ministries: Chaplains - Keeping seafarers’ faith afloat
 Fall Ministries: Chaplains - Learning what it is to be ‘Father’ in the Navy
 Fall Ministries: Chaplains - Research seeks to examine role of religion in health decisions
 Fall Ministries: Chaplains - Serving with Jesuit volunteers and beyond
 Fall Ministries: Chaplains - Sharing enormous capacity to work, ‘hear of a servant
 Fall Ministries: Chaplains - Shining God’s forgiveness, love through broken lives
 Fall Ministries: Chaplains - Workers always serving in ‘an area of pain’
 Inside NCR
 Kris Berggren column: Unexpected turns at block party
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: On the further invention of nonviolence
 Religious differences enrich, pope says
 Special Section: Fall Ministries - Chaplains
 Starting Point: Then I get the divine joke
 Study in contrasts
 Theater: Reinventing ‘Godspell’
 U.S. bishops official didn’t resign; she was forced out
 Urban occupations
 Viewpoint: A governor’s doubt of a man’s guilt isn’t enough in Virginia
 Viewpoint: Being poor and sick on the Texas border
 Appreciation: Leading canon lawyers had pastoral focus
 At the Movies: Hints of humor
 Books: Today’s divided church has roots in Vatican II
 By the pond: Asia and the politics of food
 Cover story: Delta Housing
 Cover story: Little county housing group creates a village
 Cover story: Stopping the unspent welfare buck
 EDITORIAL: Housing not just a problem for the poor
 EDITORIAL: Spinning Iraq: Sanctions still the central issue
 Friend of saint and dinosaur
 Gap between theory, reality
 Guatemalans search for vanished children
 Inside NCR
 Jeannette Batz column: Humble enough to keep dancing
 Moments in Time: The lady has rights, too
 NCR cover page
 Starting Point: Rain, skylines and life all right there
 Theater: New in Assisi, ‘Francesco,’ a play
 Viewpoint: Contradictions in mission unresolved
 Advocates for needy running out of time on welfare bill
 Budget axe falls in Los Angeles; chancery staff faces drastic cuts
 Church in Crisis: Exonerated priest charged again, placed on administrative leave
 Church in Crisis: Priest: beyond employee, to minister of the sacred
 Church in Crisis: Survivors’ advocacy groups press review board for action
 Church in Crisis: Vatican expected to deny approval of sex abuse norms
 Church in Crisis: Victim sues bishops’ conference, alleges conspiracy
 Church in Crisis: Voice of the Faithful is heard on Long Island
 Church in Crisis: Web site provides database of alleged abusive priests
 Cover story: Making peace a reality in Angola
 EDITORIAL: Now it’s Rome’s turn on sex abuse charter
 EDITORIAL: The gospel in retreat in Los Angeles
 Inside NCR
 Iraq singled out for defiance, but it’s not alone
 NCR cover page
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: ‘Good guys,’ ‘bad guys’ politics
 Starting Point: A prayer for the missing instruments
 Television: God and Evil
 Viewpoint: Clerk’s enthusiasm for boy’s adventure extends Christ’s hand
 Viewpoint: Touched by Mexico’s unrandom acts of kindness
 Books: Body of Christ has AIDS; church has some answers
 Catholic Colleges and Universities: $25 million funds new institute
 Catholic Colleges and Universities: Educating peacemakers
 Catholic Colleges and Universities: Models of Catholic studies
 Catholic Colleges and Universities: SistersOnline: Connnecting nuns, students for social justice
 Cover story: CLINIC reports relates stories, facts, figures
 Cover story: Immigrants draw harsh terms for simple mistakes
 Cover story: Slogging away at idealist’s pay
 EDITORIAL: A right to know what was done in our name
 EDITORIAL: Dominus Iesus hits the heartland
 Five nuns released after protest charges dropped
 Fr. Carl Kabat faces prison, ouster from order
 Inside NCR
 Italians try to save U.S. prisoner
 NCR cover page
 Pope picks new head for Congregation of Bishops
 Robert F. Drinan column: Need for amends won’t go away
 Special Section: Catholic Colleges and Universities
 Starting Point: Call to wake us up, open our doors
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 Tim Unsworth column: Still challenging readers and changing hearts
 Viewpoint: Capitalism leaves many struggling