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 Books: The edgy, adult Jesus you’ve never seen
 Cover story: ‘De facto’ couples struggle with church’s norms
 Cover story: Real disregards ideal
 Cover story: The bond between two men or two women
 Demetria Martinez column: Overcoming a Ratzinger moment at Mass
 EDITORIAL: A telling record of fearful authority
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 Living with silence
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 Perspective: Cardinal’s acquittal met with cynicism
 Riot breaks out as pope greets Haider
 Robert F. Drinan column: If Catholics took on Pax Christi’s mission, we could transform the entire nation
 Starting Point: No guarantees, but there are reasons for hope
 Two bishops join Food for the Poor board
 Viewpoint: Prophetic, unsettling times
 Viewpoint: Standing with those left behind
 Bookshelf: Christian Life
 Cover story: Burma
 Cover story: Burma’s military vigilant in power
 Down and out in Hollywood
 EDITORIAL: Banner of bipartisanship begins to fray
 Gays note barriers in Rome
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 Kris Berggren column: Image of the Holocaust a statement about faith
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 Perspective: She’s a Benedictine, Bible-based feminist
 Prayer, Protest
 Starting Point: A moment, long ago, of purest love
 Television: ‘Enemies of War’
 The Jubilee’s Lighter Side
 Tim Unsworth column: Death row inspiration
 Viewpoint: Far removed from ideal of shared citizenship
 Viewpoint: Nothing left to lose
 At the Movies: Corrupt, absent or drugged -- Films’s Society
 Books: Book explores the great, flawed builder of Chicago
 Cover story: A bishop’s plea
 Cover story: Death for death? A family asks mercy for a son
 Cover story: Due for execution
 Cover story: Moratorium leader sees hope for end of death penalty
 Cover story: U.S. allies see death penalty as fascist relic
 Cover story: Witness to an execution
 Demetria Martinez column: Chavez’s charity
 EDITORIAL: New national goal: End poverty as we know it
 EDITORIAL: U.S. needs to cooperate on DU probe
 Inside NCR
 Last minute crush at the Holy Door
 Meetings between Burma military, opposition reported
 Ministries: A look at a mission diocese
 Ministries: A parish of one’s own in deaf community
 Ministries: Aiming to let their light shine
 Ministries: Deaf actor finds his place in the church
 Ministries: Deaf Catholics move into new ministries
 Ministries: Educating for deaf ministry and leadership
 Ministries: National leader sees signs of hope
 Ministries: Renewing Thea’s efforts
 Moments in Time: Christian aliens
 NCR cover page
 Philadelphia reporter settles lawsuit
 Rich Heffern column: Salads fresh from John and Judy’s backyard
 Special Section: Ministries
 Starting Point: Sharpened blade hidden in the garden
 Books: Evil, good closely woven on the border
 Cover story: Great parishes
 Cover story: What excellent parishes have in common
 EDITORIAL: California power nightmare is just the beginning
 Essay: A journey back
 Farm workers: No progress in 25 years
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 Iraq sanctions in protesters’ spotlight
 NCR cover page
 Peoria bans teachers from conference
 Perspective: One last look at some tales of 2000
 Starting Point: Sighting life’s sparkles
 Stem cell rift among Vatican experts
 Viewpoint: No room for our gift, no room for our faith?
 37 church leaders Pope John Paul II elevated to the College of Cardinals
 Appointments boost Latin American bloc
 Cover story: Finding God on the job
 EDITORIAL: Bush’s education moves encouraging
 EDITORIAL: U.S. border police makes no sense
 Essay: Confessions of a Catholic feminist
 Europe’s right gives nod to new family forms
 Immigrants risk losing lives they hope to improve
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 Jeannette Batz column: Dog and human share quest for a friend to greet at sunrise
 Joan Chittister column: A nation of laws or compassion?
 Media: Days of yesteryear
 NCR cover page
 Papal candidates with a Latin flavor
 Spring Books
 Spring Books: Assessing what took place for the gospel
 Spring Books: Author seeks the sacremental in film’s visceral art
 Spring Books: Barat found ways to move sisters out of cloisters
 Spring Books: Bookshelf
 Spring Books: Centuries of ‘Jew hatred’ brought to light: Priest: Flawed book tells story we must hear
 Spring Books: Centuries of ‘Jew hatred’ brought to light: Rabbi: Will painful tale find Catholic reception?
 Spring Books: Nouwen Archive reveals depth of his interest in people
 Spring Books: Sampling Bulgakov’s brilliance
 Spring Books: The adventure story of the universe
 Spring Books: Two led Afro-Creole fight for freedom
 Starting Point: Given a choice, accept the love
 Theology professor removed from post after ordination
 U.S. theologian honored
 Viewpoint: Global effort needed to save space for peace
 Books: Leaders in nonviolence
 Bush’s faith initiative draws reactions
 Cover story: He served as underground priest in nation’s dark night
 Cover story: Priest, professor -- now president?
 Cover story: Would the Vatican allow it?
 Dutch bishop calls for reform
 EDITORIAL: Dear Jennifer
 EDITORIAL: Faith-based plan needs watching
 Forum in Brazil calls for world based on new economic rules
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 Often jailed anti-nuclear activist dead at 74
 Only wheat will do, church insists
 Pope’s pick befuddles analysts
 Professor, university reach compromise
 Robert F. Drinan column: Discovering anew treasures of Newman
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: No church conspiracy against Mary Magdalene
 Starting Point: Present as love to all times and all places
 Viewpoint: Sign of the times in the old neighborhood
 Aristide takes office amid election fraud charges
 Books: Writer casts light on clerical closeting
 Catholic writers meet
 Conservative St. Ignatius Institute revamped
 Cover story: Starving for healthier theology
 Cover story: The Gen X theologian
 Cover story: The world made fresh
 Dissent simmers at St. Mary’s law school
 EDITORIAL: Our selfishness is sheer defiance of God
 Exception to birth control ban raises questions
 Implementing license to teach worries theologians
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 Kris Berggren column: At 8, Kari wants her tender earlobes pierced
 Ministry with gays and lesbians celebrates 15 years
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Quake aftermath pulls India together and apart
 Starting Point: God’s love like a screensaver
 Viewpoint: Change in culture is what’s needed, as Dorothy Day knew
 Viewpoint: Children exposed, exploited on U.S. farms
 Activists protest Colombian aid at Sikorsky factory
 At the Movies: Clear choice
 Cover story: Faith, Hope and Heroes
 EDITORIAL: Rely instead on the fidelity and holiness of the flock
 EDITORIAL: The shield that would be a threat
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 Lent: Lent -- not behaviors but series of questions
 NCR cover page
 Religious Life: Ascending to a place that celebrates silence
 Religious Life: Called to a deeper faith
 Religious Life: Finding his purpose
 Religious Life: Finding life in abundance
 Religious Life: Nuns live out an odd paradox
 Religious Life: Religious choose a life fraught with tension
 Religious Life: She likes the freedom but needs peers
 Religious Life: The religious calling: to hang out with the young
 Religious Life: Uncommon fulfillment and stability
 Special section: Religious Life
 Starting Point: Finding God on Saturday in the city
 Tim Unsworth column: A ruling that would sicken a Pharisee
 University president responds to critics
 Viewpoint: For women -- and men
 What’s your mandatum quotient?
 Cover story: From classroom to Capitol
 Cozzens to leave presidency of Ohio seminary
 EDITORIAL: Students learn lobbying and a lot more
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 Lent: Transfiguration story: to take holiness, insights into the groaning cities
 Media: Stopping the press
 Moments in Time: Refugee problems
 Movies: Morality Play
 NCR cover page
 Parading papal candidates
 Perspective: New cardinals mean new options for the Holy Spirit
 Solidarity maintains hope in quake-ravaged Salvadoran village
 Starting Point: The choice to love is the cloister without walls
 Texas bishops, academics discuss mandatum
 Viewpoint: Israeli coalition is dangerous
 Viewpoint: Opposition from the coach
 Books: Exposing war’s attacks on women
 Books: Shallow book lacks ‘fresh truth’
 Cover story: Women finding ways
 EDITORIAL: New Iraq policy means rethinking on Isreal
 EDITORIAL: Theologian’s work merits encouragement, not censure
 From welfare to dignity
 Georgetown’s choice prompts questions
 Inside NCR
 Lent: Life is the best spiritual director
 NCR cover page
 New cardinal symbolizes direction of global Catholicism
 Program’s founders know what works
 Robert F. Drinan column: McGovern book feeds hope for end to hunger
 Starting Point: The beauty of our song plays as we love and hope
 Theologian Dupuis says he’s free at last
 Viewpoint: Crime and Punishment: Cautious bishops miss the mark in pastoral on crime
 Viewpoint: Like knocking on a stone’s front door
 Viewpoint: More responses
 Analysis: Pope honors 233 killed in Spanish Civil War
 Books: Ireland
 Cover story: Reports of abuse
 EDITORIAL: Georgetown appointment is a sign of health
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 Lent: Not the results that count, but the becoming
 NCR cover page
 Paul Collins resigns priesthood amid Vatican probe
 Perspective: Quiet thoughts about a Friend
 Rich Heffern column: Spinners weave wisdom ways
 Starting Point: Writing in the margins of our lives
 Viewpoint: Celebrity profs dabble while the ill-educated starve
 Viewpoint: The divine milieu not just the church
 Zapatista march draws attention
 Books: Sleepless nights in the cloister
 Cover story: Latest Monaghan university opens in Nicaragua
 EDITORIAL: Bad week for kids, but pendulum may be swinging
 EDITORIAL: Brave steps to correct the course
 Expert says Catholic schools are safer
 Inside NCR
 Jeannette Batz column: No price tag, just no time
 Lent: Go ahead! Throw the first stone!
 NCR cover page
 Parish gathers list of martyrs
 Peru’s new cardinal known for standing with the powerful
 Starting Point: Sharing an evening in Beijing
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 Vatican Radio officials charged
 Viewpoint: Investing in children is never a waste of time
 At the Movies: Looks back: Films examine honor, restraint and memory
 Bishops’ committee recommends fiscal accountability measures
 Catholic Education: ‘The invent Vatican new’
 Catholic Education: Catholic vs. public schools: myth and reality
 Catholic Education: Engaging, keeping new Catholic generations
 Catholic Education: Faithful, but writing their own agenda
 Catholic Education: Jesuit high schools aim for heaven, with fewer Jesuits
 Catholic Education: Nun exposes students to Mexico’s reality
 Cover story: Articulating a longing for God
 Cover story: Theologian keeps death close when she talks to freshmen
 Demetria Martinez column: Downloading the mysteries
 EDITORIAL: Speak up now for campaign finance reform
 EDITORIAL: Vatican’s magnanimity should be more inclusive
 Essay: Viva Chávez
 Film festival attendees mesmerized by the real deal
 Inside NCR
 Lent: The road to Jerusalem is clear
 Moments in Time: Make mine fish
 NCR cover page
 Pope in talks with Lefevbre group
 Special section: Catholic Education
 Starting Point: Standing on uncertain ground creates yearning for God
 Television: TV drama looks at city priest
 Vatican laments ‘weakness’ in German church
 Vatican says it knows nuns are abused
 Viewpoint: Sri Lankan Jesuit writes of prayer, service