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 A brief history of the Greek Catholic church
 Books: Beautiful stories buried in shallow facts
 California bishops’ report proposes prison reforms
 Cover story: Groups backing women priests
 Cover story: Nuns firm under fire
 Cover story: Protestors in Vienna call for women priests
 Cover story: Vatican pressures nuns: a chronology
 Dignitaries’ hotel offers ‘hotter’ attractions
 EDITORIAL: AIDS battle hits thicket of cultural differences
 EDITORIAL: An order that is impossible to obey
 Focus to the Journey
 Inside NCR
 NCR cover page
 North Americans pervade Ukraine trip
 Pax Christi national assembly canceled
 Politics of memory at massacre site
 Starting Point: Just as the sky goes on forever
 Tense visit to Ukraine
 Tim Unsworth column: From teaching tables to changing the world
 Viewpoint: Imprisoned general’s case a litmus test for Vicente Fox
 Viewpoint: The Spirit works on both sides of dispute
 Weakland told to change cathedral
 At the Movies: Off the Path
 Cardinal, pastors discuss general absolution
 Catholic groups join U.N. in push to end small arms trade
 Cover story: 80 monks, an architect and a shared taste for austerity
 Cover story: Building history one stone at a time
 Dominicans choose Argentinean as master
 EDITORIAL: Breaking treaties is a reckless tactic
 EDITORIAL: Hopeful discussion underway in Chicago
 Inside NCR
 Make globalization user-friendly is Catholic plea
 Many fast, pray as G-8 summit meets
 NCR cover page
 Oklahoma governor reconsiders death penalty
 Priest advocates married clergy
 Protestors demand Vatican acton on abuse of nuns
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Vatican favors Palestinian homeland
 Saying ‘no’ to the Vatican: Obedience is a complex matter
 Starting Point: The heart has moving parts
 Turtle races out at Cincinnati festivals
 Viewpoint: Building multicultural parishes requires more than sensitivity
 Viewpoint: Silencing no safeguard of truth
 Viewpoint: Stem cells stir controversy
 Abortion rift troubles Pax Christi
 African bishops reject condoms to counter AIDS
 Appointees spark controversy
 Black Catholic women seek renewal
 Books: Book about God is for grownups
 Books: Louisiana through a loving lens
 Cardinal George fires Gabe Huck, longtime liturgical publisher
 Cover story: Best medicine -- a healthy globe
 Cover story: Thomas Berry
 EDITORIAL: Appointments insult human rights cause
 Iconography rich as leaders meet
 Illuminations: Injured priest helps wounded South Africans heal
 Inside NCR
 Kris Berggren column: How about a cardinal who is mamabile?
 NCR cover page
 Pakistan upholds death sentence for blasphemy
 Perspective: Honoring a giant of the anti-apartheid fight
 Professor pitches hard-line sanctions policy toward Iraq
 Starting Point: The day it all fell in on me
 Viewpoint: Publisher gave long tether to Post writers
 Viewpoint: Why deterrence is better than missile shield
 A summer soap opera in Rome
 Books: Historian’s troubling look at peace
 Cover story: Funk -- the man behind the music
 Cover story: Good music pays for itself
 Cover story: Insiders debate how to praise
 Cover story: Struggling to catch the beat
 Documents show U.S. intended to degrade Iraq water supply
 EDITORIAL: Liturgy hijackers’ campaign continues
 EDITORIAL: Washington predicted Iraq’s suffering
 Inside NCR
 Looking through Vatican II’s prism
 NCR cover page
 Peaceful protestors seek new strategies after Genoa violence
 Peoria’s John Myers takes conservative message to Newark
 Starting Point: On the doorstep of our hearts
 Television: ‘Law & Order’
 Viewpoint: Abortion issue clouds stem-cell discussion
 Viewpoint: Media, G-8 leaders ignored peaceful protests in Genoa
 Analysis: Choice at synod: confront or avoid
 At the Movies: Four for fall
 Cover story: American dream lures Saipan workers
 EDITORIAL: Payback time in Washington -- for a few
 Fall Ministries 2001
 Fall Ministries: A passion for ministry
 Fall Ministries: Anger, a worthy ally, fuels commitment
 Fall Ministries: Books: Disenfranchised youth a parish problem
 Fall Ministries: Convert draws 3,000 to the faith
 Fall Ministries: Lay ministry: the oldest profession in Christendom
 Fall Ministries: Setting fair standards for parish wages
 Fall Ministries: Survivors support survivors on the Web
 Inside NCR
 Jeannette Batz column: Catholic world was full of magic too
 Latino laborers targeted
 Meeting with wife brings end to Milingo saga
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Excellent parishes, small communities work out future
 Starting Point: Gratitude in one hand, expectation in the other
 The word made fresh New thinkers: Theologian links mystics, rape
 Viewpoint: Pax Christi’s inclusivity worth defending
 Viewpoint: Peace banner displayed during gunfire
 Appreciation: Corbett offered sanctuary to refugees
 Appreciation: He banished ‘lazy Christianity’
 Cover story: He executed justice
 EDITORIAL: As nukes go, let’s leave Cold War in the past
 Gramick leaves order to join Loretto sisters
 Gregory Pierce column: Looking for more than more money
 IMF, World Bank are targest again
 Inside NCR
 NCR cover page
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Arns is a symbol of human rights in Latin America
 Religious groups appeal for end to violence in Nepal
 Robert F. Drinan column: Obsessed with military might
 Starting Point: All mixed up: the good, the bad and radical love
 Viewpoint: Rape used as control in U.S. prisons
 EDITORIAL: Let hope, wisdom not guns point the way
 Inside NCR
 NCR cover page
 NCR cover page
 Reflection: September 11, 2001
 Special Report -- Viewpoint: Terrorism rooted in social injustices
 Special Report: Activists still committed to choosing way of peace
 Special Report: Church respond with prayer, assistance
 Special Report: Context for the conflict
 Special Report: Europeans, too, feel vulnerable in wake of attack
 Special Report: Moments of grace during a day of terror
 Special Report: Peace activists stand against violence
 Special Report: Teens grapple with U.S. role in conflict
 Special Report: Time to reassess nation’s attitudes
 Special Report: When power is not enough
 ‘We have built up this anger,’ bishop says
 Catholic Colleges and Universities: A time of prayer and questions on campus
 Catholic Colleges and Universities: Catholic campuses draw on faith
 Catholic Colleges and Universities: Little clarity on mandatum as school begins
 Catholic Colleges and Universities: Loyola Chicago trains spiritually sensitive helpers
 Catholic Colleges and Universities: University of Dayton offers faith formation on the Web
 Cover story: Analysts of conflict offer view from the other side
 Cover story: Prayer after the calamity
 EDITORIAL: Isolation now seems out of place
 Grassroots ‘shadow synod’ among alternatives to bishops’ meeting
 Inside NCR
 Kris Berggren column: Concern for pet hid child’s anxiety
 NCR cover page
 Oil fuels Sudan war, bishops say
 Perspective: Asian friends send prayers, advice
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Question is how to end cycle of violence
 Special Section: Catholic Colleges and Universities
 Starting Point: ‘A hero because he told me not to be sad’
 Tension at California Afghan radio station
 Viewpoint: Jesus, Gandhi, King point the way