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 Books: Nouwen lives again in tribute volume
 Cover story: Federal legislation impedes work of death penalty lawyers
 Cover story: Innocence Protection Act
 Cover story: RARE BREED -- Death penalty lawyers defend rights of politically invisible
 Despite tensions, ecumenical conviviality takes precedence
 EDITORIAL: Nonviolence is a practical strategy
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 Jeannette Batz column: Talking to myself: a way out of gray world inside my head
 Mixed messages on force abound during papal trip
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Afraid to imagine what could go right
 Pope’s frailty apparent in visit to central Asia
 Reporter’s notebook
 Special Report: At a glance
 Special Report: Attacks find no justification in Islam, Muslim leader say
 Special Report: Expert tracks radical Islamic movements
 Special Report: Seeking consolation for grieving hearts
 Special Report: Speakers explore ‘gift of forgiveness’
 Special Report: The ethics of war
 Starting Point: Called to do more than just show up
 Tim Unsworth column: A man who was ‘filled with God’
 Viewpoint: Transfer support to those trying to eliminate violence, hot or cold
 At the Movies: Costs of love
 Collegiality vs. centralization dominates synod
 Complex reality at street level
 Cover story: Criticism of U.S. leaders muted now
 Cover story: Flying the colors
 EDITORIAL: British leader challenges world community
 EDITORIAL: U.S. learning to reflect, ask questions
 Gregory Pierce column: No one wants business as usual
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 Landowners, peasants in fight for land
 NCR cover page
 NCR cover page
 Starting Point: Flavored by cherry red candy
 Talk of war and peace in the air
 Viewpoint: Forgiveness makes future possible
 Viewpoint: Tradition a saving grace for parish associate
 ‘New territory’ for prelate and people
 ‘Shadow synod’ calls for dismissal over remarks about war
 Anglican questions purpose, effect of bombing
 Bishop selection process blasted
 Cover story: THE DUTCH WAY: Tolerance fuels social experiment
 EDITORIAL: Bombs: a one-size-fits-all response
 Essay: If U.S. responds with justice, terrorists win
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 Jeannette Batz column: Welcoming strangers to ready-made church
 Media: Major media move us from rage to reason
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 New post-Cold War paradigm emerging in wake of attacks
 Pacifists prepare for possibility of draft
 Perspective: A weekend for better seeing what wasn’t there
 Starting Point: ‘Poor me’ scream lets the pain out
 The politics of oil
 Viewpoint: Constantine’s cross is still a pact with the Devil
 Abuse of nuns relagated to synod sideline
 At the Movies: Inner workings
 Cover story: Crusaders went from victory to disaster
 Cover story: Memories of Crusades live on in today’s war
 Cover story: Pressures that led to an empire-wide movement
 Demetria Martinez column: Coming to grips with the fact of passing on
 EDITORIAL: Many Arabs can’t see ‘how good we are’
 EDITORIAL: Synods offer a peek at future reforms, reformers
 Illuminations: From ruthless corporate life to peace as a Jesuit
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 NCR cover page
 New American ambassador says U.S. has Vatican support
 Pen-and-ink prophet
 Robert F. Drinan column: Anti-terrorism law is filled with dangers
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: To spiritualities of violence
 Special Section: Winter Books
 Starting Point: A farm and its dreams for sale
 Synod ingredients include dose of spice
 Viewpoint: About our business while bombs rain down
 Winter Books: Both struggles and earthly pleasures on display here
 Winter Books: Faith with a liberating edge
 Winter Books: Gardening design books
 Winter Books: Gardens bloom with Guadalupe roses
 Winter Books: God’s dazzling garden
 Winter Books: Letters kept these women rooted
 Winter Books: Slim book links young Hispanic theologians to Raner’s thought
 Winter Books: The healing power of illness and death
 Winter Books: The powerful influence of ‘the Guadalupe event’ endures
 Winter Books: Words from the hot and muddy Mexican jungle
 At synod, church leaders disagree on war
 Books: Tribute captures Day’s vision of solidarity
 Cover story: Experts say bombing is risky strategy
 EDITORIAL: Heralding Ricci, pope sets heartening tone
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 Jeannette Batz column: World steeped in fear, but Jesus says, ‘Be not afraid’
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 Perspective: History tour ends at Ground Zero
 Special Report: Dubrovnik after war: Recovery and remembrance
 Starting Point: The perils of Afghanistanism
 The word made fresh New thinkers: Catholic pioneers in the suburban landscape
 Viewpoint: A letter to my grandson, Felix
 Africa, liturgy on bishops’ agenda
 Author of Dead Man Walking says war, capital punishment linked
 Books: Nature triumphs in novel buzzing with life
 Cover story: Excerpt from proposed pastoral
 Cover story: Untold story
 EDITORIAL: Tax cuts leave shredded safety net
 Former U.N. official travels, speaks out for fairness to Iraq
 Gregory Pierce column: Building the kingdom in daily work
 Illuminations: Raised a Muslim, she’s now Sr. Katherine
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 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Vietnam War contains lessons for today
 Secret proposals go from synod to pope
 Secret synod proposals go to pope
 Starting Point: Hearts broken, filled with love
 Tim Unsworth column: Like most Catholics, Patricia is not angry, just indifferent to bishops
 U.S. war on terrorism expected to escalate U.S. arms trade
 Viewpoint: Unearned privilege and unearned pain
 ‘Spiritual leaders should speak out’
 Cover story: Colombia’s Drug War
 Cover story: Elites dig in, population grows, violence continues in Colombia
 EDITORIAL: Nothing patriotic about raiding Treasury
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 NCR cover page
 Nicaraguans reject Sandinista leader’s bid to retake power
 Paper cuts in major dioceses have some editors worried
 Perspective: A nod of gratitude to Call to Action at 25
 Ruling on inter-communion sends signals
 Starting Point: Profiling the children of God
 Viewpoint: Gay, lesbian Catholics should go public and show up at church
 Viewpoint: Pacifism remains a worthy alternative
 Viewpoint: Slim, selfish, it’s just not me
 At the Movies: Love and Dreams
 Bishops approve preaching norms for lay Catholics
 Cover story: Entrusting God’s Word to the entire church
 Don’t bomb during Ramadan, Muslim leaders say
 EDITORIAL: Share Ramadan’s mighty prayer
 First African-American chosen to head bishops
 Gathering honors ‘labor movement’s parish priest’
 Gumbleton: Scrap ‘just war’ for nonviolence
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 Jeannette Batz column: Then the squirrel darted into traffic
 Mass for peace turns into stage for various causes
 NCR cover page
 Official warns of imminent refugee crisis
 Perspective: Lone voices speaking rare common sense
 Rallies for, against war divide Rome
 Sept. 11 concerns invade bishops’ meeting
 Starting Point: Gifts that go beyond passing fame
 Vatican condemns abortion, birth control for refugees
 Viewpoint: Praying for our enemies’ eternal peace
 Activists deplore bishops’ approval of military force
 Advent reflection: When all has collapsed, mystery can enter
 Books: Milestones in the human rights struggle
 Breakaway parish ordains woman priest
 Cardinal compares Sept. 11 horror to Auschwitz
 Cover story: Small step, big fuss
 Despite call to postpone, protesters march on School of Americas
 EDITORIAL: ‘Open, just procedure’ needed in Maciel case
 EDITORIAL: Interests of poor countries heard at WTO meeting
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 Kris Berggren column: Honeybees and heifers on the Christmas gift list
 NCR cover page
 Pope calls for peace gathering, fast
 Sex-related case blocked in Vatican
 Special Section: Spirituality
 Spirituality: A fresh look at an ancient image
 Spirituality: Books: A wise church uses metaphor to help people find God within
 Spirituality: Books: Buddhists shed light on Benedict’s Rule
 Spirituality: Poetry opens a window to prayer, healing
 Spirituality: Spiritual gifts for a world in need of God
 Spirituality: The real miracle: to walk on earth
 Television: News rituals
 Vatican moves to address sex abuse problem
 Viewpoint: War is not blessed by God
 Advent reflection: Vision of peace shimmers in Advent scripture
 Books: A faith you can’t get out of your bones
 Cover story: In refugee camps, peace is an ‘if’
 Doctrinal congregation given authority over sex abuse cases
 EDITORIAL: A ‘defense’ that civilization can do without
 Immigrant plight spurs bishops to ask for meeting with Ashcroft
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 Moments in Time: Conflicted over war
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: It’s the next stage of a journey
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: ‘Ecumenical deals’ that leave women out
 Sacramentary may be casualty of liturgical wars
 Special Report: Building relationships with Muslims
 Special Report: Islam on the defensive
 Viewpoint: Absolutism a losing strategy
 Viewpoint: We need new way of teaching history
 Advent reflection: Extend God’s peace in this poignant season of hope
 As war rages, talk of peace
 Bank’s links to arms trade provoke boycott
 Christmas Cover story: Creating a stained glass window
 Christmas Cover story: Joy reverberating for 2,000 years
 Christmas: Serving in a new, intriguing place
 Church grows when pastor helps people find God’s love
 EDITORIAL: Mr. Bush, we’re ready for new marching orders
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 Institute explores justice as part of peace process
 Jeannette Batz column: Working hard to be festive, all by myself
 Kris Berggren column: Unwrap your hidden inner Christmas
 Media supplies simple solutions, writer says
 NCR cover page
 Pacifist petition circulates among Massachusetts Catholics
 Peace activist brings aid as bombs fall
 Professor: U.S. bombs kill 62 Afghan civilians a day
 Vatican prepares two new documents on family
 Viewpoint: A marzipan strawberry and a tin alligator
 Controversial figures set for canonization
 Cover story: Church and marriage through the ages
 Cover story: Models of holiness and married life
 Cover story: Theology of marriage evolving
 EDITORIAL: Breaking out of the futile, deadly dance
 EDITORIAL: U.S. ignores true threats to peace
 Essay: Parables of jarring reality
 Hope for peace found at grassroots level
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 NCR cover page
 Starting Point: Look up and see the light of day
 Tim Unsworth column: Pat’s clear, direct letters could bend a bishop’s miter
 Viewpoint: Where measuring your own land is against the law
 War and justice don’t mix, Catholic leaders say