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 ‘Vox Clara’ commission to monitor English translation
 America on the Tiber: Institutions are islands of America in Rome
 Archdiocese bar ordination activist
 Bloodbath from which none escapes
 Books: 73 who left convent speak out
 Books: Allen’s Conclave views politics behind the pomp
 Brazil cardinal recalls battles with curia
 Church in Crisis: Homily: Praying for courage to name the pain
 Church in Crisis: More allegations arise in Boston
 Church in Crisis: No consensus on what to do next as sex scandals multiply
 Church in Crisis: Viewpoint: Tragedy may unlock brakes on reform
 Cover story: Migrants: the word of God that walks
 EDITORIAL: Between migrants and future lie new dangers
 EDITORIAL: Bishops face difficult journey toward a moment of truth
 INS targeting immigrant rights groups, Minnesota Hispanic activists say
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 Israeli raids cause bitterness and bloodshed
 NCR cover page
 Polish church faces questions about role under communism
 Robert F. Drinan column: Fault theology, strange jurisprudence
 Sanctuary leaders renew defense of asylum seekers
 Starting Point: Cruelty and comfort in stray cats’ lives
 Viewpoint: A beautiful mind betrayed
 Viewpoint: Symbols no secret to young Catholics
 After 190 years, Loretto sisters still stake out new frontiers
 Church in Crisis: Forgiveness marks Holy Thursday service
 Church in Crisis: On Good Friday, protesters pray for victims of sex abuse
 Cover story: Americans in every aspect of Mideast conflict
 Cover story: International activists: a non-violent force
 Cover story: When does a ‘special relationship’ become a blank check to Israel?
 Destinations: In a yellow house on sparkling Dublin Bay, I stay until I belong
 Destinations: In solidarity with our neighbors
 Destinations: Not all candles and holy water for Irish
 Destinations: Showcase of death
 Destinations: Traveling with a sense of passion and wonder
 EDITORIAL: Needed: coherent, even-handed Mideast policy
 Far-flung networks serve the margins
 Frailty increasingly curtails pope’s activities
 Gregory Pierce column: Finding God’s presence in jobs of drudgery
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 Jeannette Batz column: The lure of a gun’s shallow power
 Music: Sisters set prayers of human heart into song
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 Perspective: Celibacy’s history of power and money
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Though poles apart, peaceful coexistence and dialogue possible
 Special section: Destinations
 Starting Point: Words, like touch, sustain and heal
 Templeton Prize winner defends Christianity’s credibility in a scientific age
 Viewpoint: Zambia Mass both lively and sensual
 A cathedral grows up in the city
 At the Movies: Games of love
 Church in Crisis: ‘Defensive ministry’ necessary, priest says
 Church in Crisis: Church office to monitor child protection
 Church in Crisis: Documents provoke fresh anger
 Cover story: From terror ordeal, husband and wife commit to peace
 Demetria Martinez column: Bush’s war brings uncertain times for peacemakers
 EDITORIAL: Suggestions for living through the crisis
 EDITORIAL: U.S. scandal sends warning worldwide
 Financing from the living and the dead
 He makes some mad, but he gets hired
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 Moments in Time: Lively lay activism
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 Settlements fuel war’s fire in Middle East
 Starting Point: Jesus, humble as driftwood
 Stopped in Ramallah, they talk with a soldier
 Viewpoint: Another time bomb: symbol v. literalism
 Conditions deteriorate under Bethlehem siege
 Congregation blasts liturgical translation
 Cover story: Belleville diocese plans ‘lay synod’
 Cover story: Don’t expect change at meeting, some say
 Cover story: Listening to survivors sets direction of diocese’s ministry
 Cover story: New groups push for change
 Diana L. Hayes column: From church’s suffering, healing can begin
 EDITORIAL: Courage needed for complex, painful cure
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 NCR cover page
 Special section: Paths to Peace
 Special Section: Paths to Peace: Action challenges war addiction
 Special Section: Paths to Peace: Becoming a true peace church
 Special Section: Paths to Peace: Blueprint for society of nonviolence, human dignity
 Special Section: Paths to Peace: Bringing pacifism to schools
 Special Section: Paths to Peace: Building a future of hope
 Special Section: Paths to Peace: Finding inner peace through window of hope
 Special Section: Paths to Peace: From the family to the world
 Special Section: Paths to Peace: How Serbian students brought dictator down without a shot fired
 Special Section: Paths to Peace: Kenyan women lead peace effort
 Special Section: Paths to Peace: Peace literature, from Ackerman to Zinn
 Special Section: Paths to Peace: Peace on film
 Special Section: Paths to Peace: Peacemakers buck war’s strong headwinds
 Special Section: Paths to Peace: Protecting life ‘from womb to tomb’
 Starting Point: Holding each other and healing
 Tim Unsworth column: Storefront faith thrives as churches close down
 Vatican may simplify annulment rules
 Viewpoint: Christian interests are tied up with Israel’s
 Analysis: Poor of Venezuela bring down coup, but divisions remain
 Appreciation: Another luminary lost: F.X. Murphy dies at 87
 Books: Jesuits caught in crosscurrents of modern church
 Church in Crisis: Cardinals promise tough policy on abuse
 Church in Crisis: Documents in Milwaukee abuse case unsealed
 Church in Crisis: Rome trip brings Law little relief
 EDITORIAL: Secret meeting misses the larger picture
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 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Lessons in earthly management
 Starting Point: Sitting with God for a stretch
 Television: EQUAL HEARING
 Thousands rally to break silence on war
 Viewpoint: Excluding lay preachers stifles the spirit
 31 bishops sign petition for new council
 Appreciation: The legacy of a workers’ champion
 Christians in the crossfire
 Cover story: Analysis: Clerical sexual abuse: exploring deeper issues
 Cover story: Chaotic Vatican summit produces flawed document
 Cover story: Fueling Boston’s fires of outrage
 Cover story: Ratzinger endorses day of penance for abuse
 EDITORIAL: George Higgins: assured a place in church history
 EDITORIAL: Solutions that make matters worse
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 NCR cover page
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Destruction of hope goal of Israeli rampage
 Starting Point: Fashion some fly-away beauty
 Theater: Play’s tale of morality and mass hysteria still relevant today
 Viewpoint: On Exodus journey, God brings us together
 Cover story: Curia official blasts U.S. media coverage
 Cover story: Excerpts from 1985 document
 Cover story: What they knew in 1985
 EDITORIAL: Ashcroft’s remaking of America
 EDITORIAL: Toward a healthy church, step by step
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 Into the war zone with a trusty white flag
 Israeli group monitors rights violations
 NCR cover page
 Robert F. Drinan column: Opposition to court leaves U.S. behind, on wrong side of history
 Starting Point: Power, magic of words evoke mystery
 Summer Books
 Summer Books: As work encroaches, reclaim refuge of home
 Summer Books: Book tells tale of ’60s reform in suburbia
 Summer Books: Culling the best of spiritual reading
 Summer Books: Essays lend clarity to enormous reality of life after Sept. 11
 Summer Books: God’s concern for the powerless a given
 Summer Books: Memoir illuminates bond between exiles
 Summer Books: Miracle stories reveal values of a religion
 Summer Books: On the open road, all sorts of monks search for God
 Summer Books: Optics for exploring soul’s topography
 Summer Books: The one experience none of us has had yet
 Viewpoint: Fear factor operative in bishops’ policies on gay priests
 Viewpoint: Painful times for gay religious demand risk
 Viewpoint: Under duress, we kept the peace, called for end to notorious school
 At the Movies: Out of business
 Bethlehem standoff exposed weaknesses in Vatican diplomacy
 Church in Crisis: Cardinal admits silence about priest abuser
 Church in Crisis: Commentary: As Peter said: ‘Repent, be baptized’
 Church in Crisis: Commentary: Young Catholics question, but faith unshaken by crisis
 Church in Crisis: Scandal diminishes church clout
 Commentary: On a fast track to disaster for the world’s poor
 Cover story: Bishops call for just farm policies
 Cover story: Food facts
 Cover story: Food for a nation of gulpers
 Cover story: Reading list
 Cover story: THE ETHICS of EATING
 EDITORIAL: Alarms sound over latest blow to ecumenism
 EDITORIAL: Once again, deck being stacked against the poor
 Inside NCR
 Kris Berggren column: Make room for wild and domesticated priesthood
 Liturgist says ecumenical dialogue is ‘dead’
 NCR cover page
 Starting Point: Things not meant to be moved
 Viewpoint: Hate turns shameless in war on terrorism
 Viewpoint: In ’70s, ’80s, bishops saw abuse of minors as sin
 Books: Collection crystallizes marital wisdom
 Cover story: Church in Crisis: Chicago laity denounce bishops’ betrayal of trust
 Cover story: Church in Crisis: Italian church rocked by its own scandals
 Cover story: Church in Crisis: Priests, current and former, join voices in New York
 Cover story: Church in Crisis: Response: Reason for hope
 Cover story: Church in Crisis: Slowly toward hope
 Cover story: Church in Crisis: Vatican prelates oppose move to report priests
 Cover story: Church in Crisis: Viewpoint: To save the church, make its problems our own
 Diana L. Hayes column: Not the time to hide behind legal advice
 EDITORIAL: Searching for wisdom, new directions
 EDITORIAL: To call for a new council just click
 Food Fight: Family Farms: Farmers: Get big or get out
 Food Fight: Family Farms: Genetic tinkering sparks battles
 Food Fight: Family Farms: Two food system approaches
 In Azerbaijan, pope issues cry for peace
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 Like old days: U.S. role in Venezuela coup under scrutiny
 NCR cover page
 Starting Point: The grace of being a gift
 Training for the nitty-gritty
 Viewpoint: False teaching about creation sinks all-male club
 Church in Crisis: Bishops struggle to fashion sex abuse policy
 Church in Crisis: Boston reform group meets with bishop
 Church in Crisis: Sex offense: one part of his story
 Cover story: Parish Nurse: Edna Arroyo, Chicago
 Cover story: Parish Nurse: Kathleen Blanchfield, Orland Park, Ill.
 Cover story: Parish Nurse: Linda Bockhold, Manhattan, N.Y.
 Cover story: Parish Nurse: Margaret Hoarty, Omaha
 Cover story: Parish Nurse: Sr. Jean Canora, Pleasant Valley, N.Y.
 Cover story: Parish nursing - at a glance
 Cover story: Parish nursing: Care for the sick, healing for the community
 EDITORIAL: Bush adds new chapter to the nuclear nightmare
 Food Fight: Local Ways: Healthy farms mimic natural ecosystem
 Food Fight: Local Ways: How to buy from your local small family farms
 Food Fight: Local Ways: Putting local food on the table
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 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Loss of healthy affection is the hidden tragedy
 Pope pushes unity in Bulgaria
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Abuse a consequence of history wrong turn
 Starting Point: A message from heaven
 Viewpoint: A shadow over the papal trip
 Analysis: Theologians ponder signs of the times
 Books: Portrait of Christ in the lives of today’s saints
 Church in Crisis: Commentary: Reflections from the eye of the hurricane
 Church in Crisis: Parishioners make their voices heard
 Cover story: Paths to Peace: Even critics acknowledge his pervasive influence
 Cover story: Paths to Peace: Excerpts from Hauerwas
 Cover story: Paths to Peace: Theologian’s feisty faith challenges status quo
 EDITORIAL: ‘Seismic shift’ leads to the local parish
 Far from a turning point on hunger, summit flops
 Inside NCR
 Jeannette Batz column: With smell and touch, the dog knows what’s real
 Joan Chittister column: Small, long-smothered voices shake the walls
 Moments in Time: The guilt of bishops
 NCR captures top Catholic press awards
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Doctors of spin for pastors of the flock
 Peru grapples with violent past
 Peru: Testimony from the bones
 Starting Point: Perserving earth’s heirlooms
 Television: Rooting out the media ‘bias’