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 Cover story: Vatican II: 40 years later
 EDITORIAL: Speak out as U.S. steamrolls into war
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 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Shaping a church in the postmodern age
 Some in shock over deep L.A. cuts
 Starting Point: Autumn’s golden, poignant days
 Vatican II: 40 years later: A Council Primer
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Across the Age Spectrum - A GenXer looks forward, looks back
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Across the Age Spectrum - A moment on the way to somewhere else
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Across the Age Spectrum - Council was a radical conversion process
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Across the Age Spectrum - Taking the idea of ‘people of God’ to heart
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Bishops too had to re-learn ‘being church’
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Could the architects be deconstructing?
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Council advanced rediscovery of Christian family
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Crafting a vision of a bishops’ conference, then unmaking it
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Daybreak on a new kind of church
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Essay - The council we are still living
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Grateful for Vatican II, even when we ‘get it wrong’
 Vatican II: 40 years later: He answered papal summons to journalism
 Vatican II: 40 years later: In religious life, a chance to choose again
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Jump-starting the conversation between Jews and Catholics
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Other reactions to Vatican II
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Story of council in books, tapes
 Vatican II: 40 years later: The Second Vatican Council: A Timeline
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Voices - Council a vital boost to Hispanic identity
 Vatican II: 40 years later: Voices - Doorway to conversion and theology
 Viewpoint: Wounded from family fight over a cathedral
 Winter Books
 Winter Books: Author seeks to restore balance lost for millennia
 Winter Books: Biologist looks at religion’s evolutionary value
 Winter Books: God’s presence manifest in the light of death
 Winter Books: Life of Sept. 11 hero was driven by love
 Winter Books: NCR readers recommend...
 Winter Books: Ordinary life that is prelude to a richer, deeper eternity
 Winter Books: Say it in secret: Our Father, Jesus’ subversive prayer
 Winter Books: Stumbling into divinity at the movies
 100 ethicists oppose attack on Iraq
 At the Movies: Fall Favorites: Community and devotion
 Books: More recommendations from NCR readers
 Books: The story of Abraham’s three families
 Church in Crisis: College launches project to respond to crisis
 Church in Crisis: Jesuit president: ‘The Spirit hasn’t deserted the church today’
 Church in Crisis: Reaction mixed to cardinal’s Internet posting of names of abusers
 Cover story: Will fundamentalist Christians and Jews ignite apocalypse?
 Discontent and disaffection grow as L.A. archdiocese dismantles ministries
 Draft document on diaconate leaves tiny opening for considering women
 EDITORIAL: Bush military doctrine betrays U.S. ideals
 EDITORIAL: Resolution misfits the times
 Faith-based chief faces ideological minefield
 In jail, his crimes far behind him, Pablo waits
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 Joan Chittister column: War threats and make-believe
 Letter from an L.A. priest
 NCR cover page
 Neve Gordon column: Public sphere shrinks under assault from the enemy within
 New Vatican appointments: Slight shift to center
 Peace lobbyists push Democrats; Daschle speaks out
 Robert F. Drinan column: U.S. ends 18-year abandonment of UNESCO
 Starting Point: In the end, all walls must fall
 Students set adrift by campus ministry cuts
 The Family Reunification Act
 Viewpoint: Bush actions put U.N. credibility on the line
 300,000 pilgrims turn out for canonization of Opus Dei founder
 Baltimore officials defend release of abusers’ names
 Bingo tycoon subsidizes extremism in Israel
 Books: Seeking truth, trust after torture
 Books: Triple dialogue of Asian church may re-evangelize the West
 Cover story: Recovering mission history -- through Third World eyes
 Hebron days
 Hebron: a West Bank magnet for trouble
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 Jeannette Batz column: God so loved the world -- so perhaps we can, too
 L.A. priests, Mahony seem poles apart at meeting
 NCR cover page
 Notre Dame gay alumni, Phil Donahue honor Fr. Mychal Judge
 Official ministry among gays, lesbians needed ‘now more than ever’
 Perspective: 50 years a peripatetic journalist
 Starting Point: The wisdom in children’s stories
 Unexpected détente in Italy
 Viewpoint: Consensus from dialogue, not silence
 Viewpoint: United States today needs patriotism, not nationalism
 Books: Book shows vigor of Asian Catholic vision
 Canon law society probes issues of justice, due process at annual convention
 Catholic Colleges & Universities
 Catholic Colleges & Universities: Corporate scandal as a teaching moment
 Catholic Colleges & Universities: Early risers challenged to confront wrongdoing in business
 Catholic Colleges & Universities: Ethics education grows in importance for MBA candidates
 Catholic Colleges & Universities: Georgetown board chairman says independence threatened
 Catholic Colleges & Universities: Jesuit brings moral theology up front and personal
 Catholic Colleges & Universities: Jewels of Southern Catholicism
 Catholic Colleges & Universities: Preserving mission and ministry at college
 Catholic Colleges & Universities: Questions of roborats, cybertheft and fatal bugs
 Catholic Colleges & Universities: Sisters’ college marks 50 years
 Catholic Colleges & Universities: Teaching ethics after Enron
 Cover story: Iraq Peace Team gives voice to the besieged
 Cover story: Preemption, aggression and Catholic teaching
 Cover story: Sometimes it helps to get outraged
 Cover story: The church and just war criteria
 EDITORIAL: Blessings for struggling priests
 EDITORIAL: U.S. hubris leading nation to war
 Guatemalan court overturns convictions in bishop’s killing
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 Kris Berggren column: October magic mirrors but doesn’t reflect October madness
 Mahony faxes positive spin
 Music: After 60 years, gospel group still seeks higher ground
 NCR cover page
 One bishop’s high cost of living
 Perennial hopeful sees Nobel pass by again
 Priests voice range of concerns in effort to organize in New York
 Robert F. Drinan column: Reflections on Nobel Laureate Jimmy Carter
 Starting Point: A time for the dead to slip back
 Theater: Listening to the exonerated
 Appreciation: Peacemaker priest ‘made the kingdom of God believable’
 At the Movies: Beyond control
 Books: An opportunity for purification
 Books: The evils that women endure and inflict
 Church in Crisis - Analysis: 19th-century lessons in lay governance
 Church in Crisis - Analysis: Poll of priests indicates signs of future church
 Church in Crisis: Commission to review norms
 Church in Crisis: Text of letter calling for joint commission on abuse norms
 Church in Crisis: Victim, experts tell of abuse by nuns
 Church in Crisis: Women religious address abuse within their ranks
 Cover story: At Kansas L’Arche community love is the not-so-secret ingredient
 Cover story: L’Arche founder reveals face of Christ
 EDITORIAL: Vatican response to norms raises more questions
 ELECTION 2002: Local races shaped by bread and butter issues
 India’s diversity, poverty set Jesuit course
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 Perspective: Dissent is also a Catholic tradition
 Starting Point: It doesn’t pay to argue with rage
 Viewpoint: Church needs study of human sexuality
 Analysis: Papal deeds speak louder
 Bishop acknowledges he knew priest advocated sex with boys
 Books: Fiery author calls for return to truth of gospels
 Books: Placing Christianity in a pluralistic world
 Church in Crisis: Survivors connect to heal, raise voices
 Cover story: Hollywood veterans keep the faith with fellow industry Catholics
 Cover story: Mass and awards with show business sense
 Dominicans nuns face federal charges
 EDITORIAL: Execution, even in this case, is wrong
 Five top aides quit Mahony administration
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 Jeannette Batz column: Art is no escape from suffering and war
 Movies: Film asks provocative questions about U.S. culture of violence
 Movies: Slain teen’s dad directs grief into action
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Prayers and cabin fever in the crosshairs
 Protesters’ message: ‘No War in Iraq’
 Starting Point: The Sacred Closet
 Vatican-U.S. commission announces completed revision of sex abuse norms
 Viewpoint: Gnawing fears spring from U.S. narcissism
 Viewpoint: Remembering a man of conviction
 Viewpoint: The holiness of democracy
 Breaking News
 Church in Crisis: Revisions leave unanswered questions
 Cover story: Conference focuses on diversity, justice
 Cover story: To reform church, embrace democracy
 Day of the Dead
 EDITORIAL: System betrayed as we dodge the big issues
 EDITORIAL: Yemen attack shows U.S. following Israel’s reckless lead
 Family Life - Books: Mother, son co-write creation tale
 Family Life: A call from God, a way to God
 Family Life: Being home when God comes
 Family Life: Families seek the spirit
 Family Life: Mass transforms the pattern of our daily lives
 Family Life: Riches for all at family retreat
 Family Life: Seeing people in need
 For states, faith-based funding no big deal
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 Kris Berggren column: Paul Wellstone was a true mensch and Christ-like soul
 NCR cover page
 Paths to Peace - Nonviolent action: Regime change without bloodshed
 Special Section: Family Life
 Starting Point: Exodus to the light
 Theater: Balancing art, reality in 1964 Ireland
 Vatican hampers liturgical inculturation, bishops say
 Viewpoint: Footnotes that determine history
 Analysis: Bishops forcefully deliver ambiguous message
 Battling cancer, Philip Berrigan puts his fate in God’s hands
 Bishops say revised policy strengthens child protections
 Bishops urge restraint on Iraq; question whether war could be just
 Books: Ellsberg charts change from insider to activist
 Cover story: AFRICA fears wave of starvation
 Cover story: Drought, politics and war lead to famine
 Demetria Martinez column: Choirs of angles join the geometry of clan
 EDITORIAL: Bishops themselves inspired dreaded ‘agenda’
 EDITORIAL: Thanksgiving Day with Jesus and Matthew
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 Joan Chittister column: Religious women launch global peace initiative
 Moments in Time: Laying down the law for Christ
 Music: Militant rapper makes waves
 NCR cover page
 Peace group lauds activists
 Protesters at bishops’ meeting refused Communion, arrested
 Starting Point: When words get in the way
 Tim Unsworth column: Annulment process needs a quick end
 U.S., Mexican bishops join voices on migration
 Viewpoint: Palestinian Christians face ethnic cleansing
 ‘Total Information Awareness’ imperils civil rights, critics say
 Advent: A time to wake up
 At the Movies: Pain and Healing
 Breaking News
 Cover story: Questioning how we behave and why people hate us
 Cover story: Seeing through the lie that is war
 EDITORIAL: Now more that ever, bishops need laity
 EDITORIAL: On a path of little security
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 Jail stay, bail a new twist for SOA protesters
 Liturgy debates end in whimper, not bang
 NCR cover page
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Threat of mass expulsion adds to Palestinian woes
 Secret Vatican norms on abuse show conflicts with U.S. policy
 Thai AIDS activists score victory over pharmaceutical giant
 Viewpoint: L.A. cathedral’s new sacred space and rituals can offer healing
 Advent: Encounters with the hush (Week 3)
 Advent: The waiting room is our room (Week 2)
 Books: Lessons for all on priesthood’s future
 Breaking News
 California priests plan day of public penance for sex abuse scandal
 Church in Crisis: Abbey has turned corner in abuse scandal, victims’ attorney says
 Church in Crisis: Archdiocese settles suit claiming retaliation
 Church in Crisis: Norms concern order leaders
 Church in Crisis: Records further damage Boston church’s credibility
 Church in Crisis: Scandal at the Abbey
 Church in Crisis: Statute of limitations to be lifted Jan. 1
 Cover story: Beyond Baghdad
 EDITORIAL: ‘Compassionate conservativism’ just words
 Inside NCR
 Jeannette Batz column: In their camper, Anita and Paul hit the road
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: A wondrous dance of sex and spirit
 Religious order leaders in Rome to seek exception from sex abuse norms
 Robert F. Drinan column: The dreadful U.S. prison scene
 Spirituality: ‘Shedding the shackles of restraint’
 Spirituality: Conveying the inexpressible
 Spirituality: Goodness leaves us a heritage of joy and stillness
 Spirituality: Heaven, self-respect and the Golden Rule
 Spirituality: Lured by the Spirit to an ethical life
 Spirituality: Prayer beads an ancient devotion
 Spirituality: Recommended listening
 Spirituality: Rosaries focus on sacred creation
 Spirituality: Seeking God’s presence at the desert house of prayer
 Spirituality: Spirit in sound: new sacred music
 Spirituality: Why be good?
 Television: Two Sagas
 Under pressure from bishops, publisher pulls liturgy books
 Vatican insists on greater control over language agency
 Advent: Presence is present enough
 Analysis: Peace movement speedily mobilizes
 Appreciation: A prophet, a teacher, a realistic dreamer
 Appreciation: Hundreds gather to mourn death of famed war resister
 Appreciation: The life of an inside agitator
 At the Movies: Worldly-wise
 Christmas 2002
 Christmas 2002 - Moments in Time: Our most ancient celebration
 Christmas 2002: An invitation from Bethlehem
 Christmas 2002: Author-artist makes the divine mystery accessible
 Christmas 2002: Bethlehem in the crosshairs
 Christmas 2002: In year of discord: ‘how good it is to be here’
 Christmas 2002: Promise becomes alive
 Church in Crisis: Calls for Cardinal Law’s resignation grow louder
 Church in Crisis: Former priest is canon law expert for abuse suits
 Church in Crisis: Lawyer struggles with his church’s seamy side
 Church in Crisis: Lay leaders urge financial transparency
 Church in Crisis: Theories surround Law’s visit
 Inmates run project to help needy children
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 Kris Berggren column: We have no business preparing for a war in Iraq
 NCR cover page
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Feminism must rediscover pacifist roots
 Analysis: Some thank Lott for showing racism still alive
 Bean by Bean -- Supporting Indigenous Rights
 Boston reaction to Law’s resignation
 Cardinal Law resigns; amid mounting pressure
 Church in Crisis: Ambition, defense of institutional church drove cardinal’s career
 Church in Crisis: Boston looks ahead after Law resignation
 Church in Crisis: Father is ‘lion at the gate’ pressing case against priest
 Church in Crisis: Law still holds key Vatican positions
 Church in Crisis: Monks suffer with abusers in the family
 Coffee is a rallying point for Fair Trade movement
 Cover story: Star of wonder
 Diana L. Hayes column: Retribution, neglect deprive children of hope
 EDITORIAL: Affordable housing falls short of need
 EDITORIAL: Without reform, Boston’s relief will be fleeting
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 NCR cover page
 Reflection: Asian women theologians make voices heard
 Starting Point: A holy and healthy despair
 Viewpoint: After life of resistance, he died sane
 Viewpoint: Sin of environmental gluttony committed at the gas pump