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 Books: Blood spilled in name of God
 Church in Crisis: Bishop proposes registry of accused clergy
 Church in Crisis: Databases hold abusers’ names
 Church in Crisis: Psychologists dispute Ratzinger’s figures
 Church in Crisis: Sexuality sets stage for church’s next reformation, expert predicts
 Church leaders say Israelis are tightening vise
 Cover story: Rebuilding Afghanistan
 Cover story: Reconciliation crucial to reconstruction
 EDITORIAL: Two cheers for the faith-based initiative
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 Jeannette Batz column: Business trumps spirit; heart and soul is lost
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 Partnerships help Holy Land Christian minority survive
 Robert F. Drinan column: Bush’s unilateralism aggravates world’s problems
 Starting Point: Unchecked speed assaults the soul
 Three tarnished Reagan figures have hands in Bush foreign policy
 Viewpoint: In Iraq to witness against war
 Viewpoint: Peace message from Baghdad
 At the Movies: Film theatrics
 Church in Crisis: Flood of new abuse cases headed to California courts
 Church in Crisis: Priest says he also was victim of clerical abuse
 Cost cutting targets seminary
 Cover story: Back to the future: Post-Roe world would look a lot like today’s
 Cover story: Medical advances enliven stalemated abortion debate
 Cover story: Politics and the pro-life movement
 Cover story: Roe v. Wade resources
 Cover story: Talk fosters pro-life, pro-choice civility
 Cover story: Under Vatican ruling, abortion triggers automatic excommunication
 EDITORIAL: Bush tax cuts would again reward the rich
 EDITORIAL: Strategies to break abortion stalemate
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 Ministries: At Denver shelter, homeless people ‘go first class’
 Ministries: In the never-never land of church life
 Ministries: Mission goes south of The Wall to experience life at Tijuana’s dump
 Ministries: TV Mass brings the church to the people who built it
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 Neve Gordon column: Side-by-side, demanding an end to occupation
 Paths to Peace: Defying unconditional support for Israel, American Jews call for just peace
 Paths to Peace: Refusenik and Zionist, he raises a different voice from Israel
 Special Section: Ministries
 Starting Point: The answer is a good night’s sleep
 Church in Crisis: Board members snubbed in New York
 Church in Crisis: Times survey compiles thousands of abuse cases
 Cover story: Roots in faith, family and party guide Pelosi’s move to power
 Cover story: The gospel in a Catholic’s political life
 EDITORIAL: Facts upset conjecture
 EDITORIAL: Fresh hope for Brazil
 EDITORIAL: Ryan did the right thing -- justice
 European public opinion: closer to pope than to Bush
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 New York’s Egan snubs bishops’ lay review board
 Starting Point: Standing on the street corner
 Television: TV History
 Tim Unsworth column: Catholics move to the center of the bench
 Vatican criticism of war plans chills relations with U.S.
 Viewpoint: Humanity of ordinary people is strongest force in Middle East
 Viewpoint: The only way to ‘fix’ death penalty system is to end it
 Books: Book illuminates a life of illusion
 Colleges nurture faith, work connection
 Cover story: Church in Crisis -- A chronology of sex abuse in Southern California
 Cover story: Church in Crisis -- Spotlight of scandal moves westward
 EDITORIAL: Conservatives dissent, but with a spin
 EDITORIAL: World opinion resists U.S. rush to war
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 Joan Chittister column: Voice of Faithful goes after biggest issue of all: authority
 Lay review board outlines ambitious agenda
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 Paths to Peace -- News Analysis: Peace movement leaders encouraged by preemptive protest
 Paths to Peace -- POETRY
 Paths to Peace: Antiwar bedfellows
 Paths to Peace: As Vatican calls for peace, diplomat plans defense of ‘preventive war’
 Profiles of the board’s high-powered members
 Robert F. Drinan column: Pope John’s message gave hope to world
 Starting Point: 30 more hours a week, unplugged
 Viewpoint: Boston lay leader proposes a plan
 Cardinal predicts failure for Novak’s effort to sell Vatican on Iraq war
 Cardinal predicts Novak’s effort to sell Vatican on Iraq war will fail
 Church in Crisis: ‘Plenty of blame to go around’ in crisis
 Church in Crisis: Boston bishop draws fire for move to depose therapists
 Church in Crisis: New Hampshire Voice of the Faithful issues open letter to McCormack
 Church in Crisis: Protesters target Manchester’s Bishop McCormack
 Cover story: Depressed coffee prices yield suffering in poor countries
 Cover story: Good to the last drop: reconciliation in a cup
 EDITORIAL: Bottom line: Defense gets a billion a day
 EDITORIAL: The deficiencies of an old superpower
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 Opinions clash on just war
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Global capitalism a new challenge to theologians
 Scandal costs account for over half of archdiocese’s $13.4 million deficit
 Special Section: Spring Books
 Spring Books: Author’s travels reveal contradictory image
 Spring Books: Democracy finds its roots in debt and war
 Spring Books: God’s design for generous love
 Spring Books: History of human dimensions
 Spring Books: Place, word and light
 Spring Books: Rehnquist leads new ‘judicial activism’
 Spring Books: The sisters who built America
 Starting Point: All the hours of my life
 Viewpoint: Don’t call it war -- it’s mass horror
 American Catholic leaders protest Novak visit to Vatican
 At the Movies: In a maelstrom
 Books: Book is a start toward rich dialogue on religions
 Cover story: Fiscal mess, drive to war put social services on the block
 EDITORIAL: A model for Catholic debate
 EDITORIAL: Peacemaker’s words from the crucible
 Gay Catholics denied Communion found guilty
 German translations latest to face Vatican crackdown
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 Media: On to Iraq
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 Pope’s answer to Rumsfeld pulls no punches in opposing war
 Priest who warned bishops receives justice award
 Starting Point: Beauty shines in darkness
 Threat of war: A familiar and unsettling song of war
 Threat of war: American Catholic leaders protest Novak visit to Vatican
 Threat of war: Pope’s ‘answer to Rumsfeld’ pulls no punches in opposing war
 Viewpoint: The Catholic church confronts its future
 Viewpoint: U.S. is stingy in caring for its children
 Books: From barrios to supernovas, author finds the divine
 Books: The medieval seven are as fashionable as ever
 Boston College to consider gay/straight student alliance
 Church in Crisis: Grand jury reports Long Island diocese protected 58 abusive priests
 Cover story: ‘New Age’ Glossary
 Cover story: Dialogue and disapproval: Some see mixed messages in document
 Cover story: Vatican looks at ‘New Age,’ issues ‘appeal to discernment’
 Cover story: Vatican official has kind word for Harry Potter’s magical world
 Diana L. Hayes column: Strong, faith-filled black women enrich U.S. Catholic church
 EDITORIAL: Greeley aims at the wrong target
 In Rome, Novak makes case for war
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 News analysis: Church social action ministry faces credibility crisis
 No political home for U.S. Catholics
 Novak in Rome to make case for war; Papal emissary in Iraq to make case for peace
 Religious Life: A way to nourish a contemplative seed in a Protestant heart
 Religious Life: Benedictine values assist judge in her work
 Religious Life: Carmelites rooted in ancient hermit tradition
 Religious Life: Desert Monks
 Religious Life: First U.S. ecumenical community for women
 Religious Life: Lives of commitment behind the quaint image
 Religious Life: Methodist woman founds monastery
 Religious Life: Nuns of mythology, reality and legacy
 Religious Life: She brings hospice to Latino community
 Religious Life: Sisters widen circle of service
 Religious Life: Wilderness grows scarce for lovers of solitude
 Social action workers tackle international fissures, domestic stress
 Special section: Religious Life
 Starting Point: In the shade at Grandma’s
 Theater: 16 years of grace on Broadway
 Viewpoint: Batul’s unique perspective on two nations
 Academic community protests crackdown on Palestinian universities
 Books: Young and faithful to recent orthodoxy
 Cover story: A walk along L.A.’s Claretian Way
 Cover story: Parish of La Placita is ‘a Pentecost’ community
 Cover story: School offers last chance to troubled youth from South Central’s mean streets
 Cover story: St. Anthony Claret: the man and his order
 Dom Paulo: a voice for human rights
 EDITORIAL: One Saturday, when world said no to war
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 Jeannette Batz column: The ghost in the machine fades away
 NCR cover page
 Neve Gordon column: War on Iraq will intensify Palestinian suffering
 Perspective: He lived an embattled dream
 Reflection: A Covenant of Peace
 Reflection: Now Is the Day of Salvation
 Robert F. Drinan column: From Poland’s horrors to repentance
 Starting Point: The path to dependence
 The Status of Forces Agreement
 Threat of War -- Paths to Peace: Stepping back from the precipice
 Threat of War: Diplomatic blitz for peace
 Threat of War: Some Sources on War and Foreign Policy
 Two N.C. Republicans draw fire for ‘outrageous’ ethnic comments
 U.S. angers Koreans as reunification stalls
 What does North Korea want?
 Behind the News: For lawyer, case is about due process in peril
 Church in Crisis: L.A. district attorney seeks access to all abuse files
 Church in Crisis: Maryland Senate considers bills to aid child sex abuse victims
 Church in Crisis: Pope secretly approves changes to permit quicker trials, dismissal of priests
 Church in Crisis: Records reveal bishops’s role in Boston scandal
 Church in Crisis: Victims vow to keep cases in news
 Cover story: An extraordinary, difficult childhood
 Cover story: Finding family at the Catholic Worker
 EDITORIAL: In Philippines, Bush’s crusade continues
 Head of churches’ council seeks to avert war
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 Kris Berggren column: ‘Hipwreck’ brings abundance of grace
 Lent 2003 -- Reflection: The Faces of the Poor
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 Perspective: Plea for papal trip to Baghdad
 Starting Point: A kitten and a flurry of fallouts
 Vatican keeps up drumbeat against war in Iraq
 Viewpoint: Abortion: Maxims for moral analysis
 Analysis: Anglicans enthrone ‘a saint’
 Black Catholics raise joyful noise in the Bronx
 Books: In suburbs, cities and rural areas, author puts a face on hunger
 Church in Crisis: New bishop faces old problem
 Church in Crisis: Priests say bishop issues gag order
 Church in Crisis: Scandal’s fallout still settling in Palm Beach
 Cover story: Activists battle Bush assault on California green laws
 Cover story: Report details weakened environmental protections
 Cover story: Sequoias face loosened logging regulations
 EDITORIAL: Who do we say we are?
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 Lent 2003 - Reflection: God, Our Rock, Our Strength
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 Robert F. Drinan column: Exhibit is powerful reminder of slave trade horror
 Starting Point: Bringing far-off mysteries close
 Threat of War -- Behind the News: Behind the protest: a lifelong organizer
 Threat of War: Mission to White House sends message to Islam
 Threat of War: Papal envoy, president dialogue and disagree
 Viewpoint: U.S. force necessary to liberate Iraq
 20-year search for priest may be over
 Analysis: Unanswered questions abound as faith-based plan advances
 At the Movies: Battlegrounds
 Books: Chronicle of Christianity’s beauties, catastrophes
 Catholic Education: ‘Defeating hate’ with a play about a killing
 Catholic Education: After up and downs, vouchers take hold
 Catholic Education: Choice alters Florida education landscape
 Catholic Education: Sacred Heart schools unite for Uganda’s future
 Catholic Education: School choice tackles educational deficiencies
 Catholic Education: School inspires girls to aim high
 Church in Crisis: Archdiocese under fire over files access
 Church in Crisis: Making distinctions: A bishop defends his actions
 Cover story: Conscription returns to public discussion
 Cover story: Early documentation is key to conscientious objector status
 Cover story: Uncle Sam hustles to keep the ranks filled
 EDITORIAL: Freedom fries with your jingoism
 EDITORIAL: What you read could be used against you
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 Lent 2003 -- Reflection: Our Crimes Have Multiplied
 Moments in Time: The champion of refugees
 NCR cover page
 Rosemary Ruether column: Church needs a deeper accountability
 Special section: Catholic Education
 Starting Point: Still dancing, after all these years
 Theater: Ritual, faith and a case of kidnapping
 Threat of War: Vatican: War threatens U.N.’s status
 Viewpoint: Fred goes gently into that good night
 Viewpoint: Stunted teaching on sex has role in church’s crisis
 At War -- Commentary: Bush leads ‘peaceful people’ to war
 At War -- Commentary: How America lost Europe’s good will
 At War -- Essay: Finding life amid death
 At War: Alternate news sources on war in Iraq
 At War: Critics say immigration tactics threaten security
 At War: Editorials from around the world
 Compared to war, feeding world’s hungry has modest price tag
 Cover story: Draft board a place for pacifists, Catholic says
 Cover story: Feeding the military machine
 Cover story: Junior ROTC -- At a Glance
 Cover story: Law opens recruiting access
 EDITORIAL: So much squandered in so little time
 EDITORIAL: The peace enterprise goes global
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 Jeannette Batz column: Conflict made clear in wars virtual and real
 Lent 2003 -- Reflection: Life, Dignity and Hope
 NCR cover page
 Viewpoint: U.S. religiosity in a self-imposed straightjacket