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Issue Date:  October 15, 2004

Quotable & Notable

“Yes, terrorism haunts our times, but so do hunger and poverty, corrupt and brutal political systems, harsh discrimination and social inequalities, civil wars, environmental degradation and epidemic diseases.”

-- From an open letter to both the Bush and the Kerry campaigns, in which Mark Hanson, presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, rebukes both candidates for getting bogged down in negativity and ignoring the most crucial issues facing the global community.

“Sadly, we had no other choice but to use these little gadgets.”

-- Fr. Juan Jose Martinez explaining that four churches in Monterrey, Mexico, have installed cell phone blockers, gadgets the size of a hand-held radio, to bring peace back to Mass

“I just thank you, God, for waking up this morning clean and sober.”

-- A recovering addict’s prayer heard on National Public Radio

“We’re here to fight for a government that is open, rational, forward-looking and humane. And we’re going to rock the joint while doing so”

-- Bruce Springsteen explaining his “Vote for Change” tour with R.E.M. and John Fogerty

“Rivers run black and Chinese die of cancer”

-- Headline from a New York Times article examining environmental conditions in rural China following two decades of single-minded focus on economic growth

National Catholic Reporter, October 15, 2004

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