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Issue Date:  October 15, 2004

NCR last reported the names of the people executed in the United States in early June. Since then, 22 more people have been put to death. Since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, 932 people have been executed.

John Blackwelder, 49, was executed in Florida May 26; James Neil Tucker, 47, was executed in South Carolina May 28; William Zuern, 45, was executed in Ohio June 8; Robert Bryan, 63, was executed in Oklahoma June 8; Steven Oken, 42, was executed in Maryland June 17; David Ray Harris, 43, was executed in Texas June 30; Robert Karl Hicks, 47, was executed in Georgia July 1; Stephen Vrabel, 47, was executed in Ohio July 14; Eddie Albert Crawford, 57, was executed in Georgia July 19; Scott Mink, 40, was executed in Ohio July 20; Mark Bailey, 34, was executed in Virginia July 22.

James Hubbard, 74, was executed in Alabama Aug. 5; Terry Jess Dennis, 56, was executed in Nevada Aug. 12; James Hudson, 57, was executed in Virginia Aug. 18; Jasen Shane Busby, 28, was executed in Texas Aug. 25; Windel Ray Workman, 46, was executed in Oklahoma Aug. 26; James Allridge, 41, was executed in Texas Aug. 26; James Reid, 58, was executed in Virginia Sept. 9; Andrew Flores, 32, was executed in Texas Sept. 21; David Kevin Hocker, 33, was executed in Alabama Sept. 30; Edward Green, 30, was executed in Texas Oct. 5. Peter Miniel, 42, was executed in Texas Oct. 6.

We ask prayers for the victims of the crimes that may have been committed by those listed here, for those executed and for those participating in the execution done in our names.

Learn more about the death penalty and organizations working to abolish it at the Death Penalty Information Center on the Web at

National Catholic Reporter, October 15, 2004

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