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Issue Date:  October 29, 2004

Quotable & Notable

“The pope said he’d put in another five years and then hand it over to Conan O’Brien.”

-- Talk show host David Letterman reporting what John Paul II “said” on the occasion of his 26th anniversary as pope

“CBS poll puts Bush ahead by razor edge”
“Poll: Kerry Opens Slight Lead Over Bush”
“Reuters Poll: Bush Moves Into Dead Heat with Kerry”

-- Three consecutive headlines on the news.Google.com Web site

“God does not need the help of the government at any level to work his will in the world. … [T]he actions of some government bureaucrat are hardly going to interfere with [God’s] agenda. I think the very best single thing that government can ever do to religion is to simply leave it alone.”

-- The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State

“Public is split over whether Bush is a divider”

-- Headline on CNN

“Conscience is the e-mail your head gets from God.”

-- Evangelist Billy Graham, speaking at the first night of his Oct. 7-10 crusade in Kansas City, Mo.

National Catholic Reporter, October 29, 2004

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