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Issue Date:  November 5, 2004

Quotable & Notable

“Bishops must maintain policy of zero tolerance”

-- Headline from an editorial of the San Antonio Express-News advising U.S. bishops who are reviewing the policy they adopted in 2002 barring from active ministry any priest who had molested a minor. The newspaper called the policy “the centerpiece of a plan to restore trust in church leadership.”

“We don’t boycott or humiliate a tribe in Africa because they don’t understand Christian values, so why do we do it to Hollywood?”

-- Phil Cooke, a television consultant and producer. He was quoted by NRB, the magazine of the National Religious Broadcasters, about how Christians should approach Hollywood as a mission field.

“Give me an Obama!”

-- How pub patrons order a beer in the Lake Victoria districts of Kenya, home to the father of Illinois Democratic Barack Obama. The local brew has been renamed “Senator.”

“The Iraq war is going to continue until it’s stopped, and it’s going to have to be citizens who stop it, whoever wins the election.”

-- Paul Rogat Loab, a Seattle social activist and author of a collection of essays, The Impossible Will Take a Little While

“Those are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others.”

-- Groucho Marx

National Catholic Reporter, November 5, 2004

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