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Issue Date:  November 16, 2007


Eminent Domain

Once again, does and a buck
from the nearby woods
have jumped over our
fence, raided our garden,
nibbled on our fresh greens.

Small payment for living
beside them, leasing
their turf. In the Court
of Appeals, theirs
is the right of domain

-- Fr. Walter Bado, SJ
   Lexington, Ky.

Shekinah 33 A.D.

Without a warning howl
she burst upon them:
     praying men,
     silent women,
     playing children,
crashed into the old room
shaking its wood and stone.

She came with
pollen from the desert,
salt from the sea,
pulling their hair,
stirring their blood.

Like wine,
she loosened their tongues
to babble meaning
to the deaf.

People heard.
A fetus of hope
within the womb of destiny.

-- Tom Keene
   San Antonio

Nighttime in Autumn

There has been
     such yellow light,
Ash trees spilling over
With autumn air --
It hurts to see,
     the rowdy wind
Will strip them clean
Like the flick of a switch
Leaving us in the dark,
     Still hungry.

-- Sr.Eileen Haugh, OSF
   Eyota, Minn.


Note to poets: Short lines preferred. Poetry is published in a newspaper column only 35 characters wide, counting punctuation and spaces. Submit poems to Poetry, NCR, PO Box 411009, Kansas City MO 64141-1009, or e-mail at poetry@ncronline.org.

National Catholic Reporter, November 16, 2007

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