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Issue Date:  December 21, 2007



“Country Quilt”
like us not quite
perfect, its errant
bracts of cream
and green nestle
near in gladness.
Earth and science
come together
at the crib of one
newborn Child.

-- Kathleen Gunton
   Orange, Calif.


when Christ came to town
he skated on our pond

snowballs we packed with stones
melted in our hands

-- John Knoepfle
   Springfield, Ill.


First I walk the long strides
Till I reach my cadence.
Pace and breath harmonize
Like a monk’s evening chant.

Then my soul widely sighs,
And my memory wakens
To the dreams of angels,
Shepherds and the Magi,

And the warm light they found
That night in the exile
When home was giv’n to those
Who’ve nothing left to lose.

-- Michael Dallaire
   Vancouver, British Columbia

Epiphany Daily

Four set out for Bethlehem
One Wiseman missed it all,
Missed meeting
     Mary and the Child
Missed Joseph by the stall.

But the Shepherds said,
     “Don’t worry.
If each and every day
You treat everyone
     like Jesus,
You’ll meet him on the way.”

-- Sr. Mary Catherine Vukmanic, OSU
   Louisville, Ky.

Note to poets: Short lines preferred. Poetry is published in a newspaper column only 35 characters wide, counting punctuation and spaces. Submit poems to Poetry, NCR, PO Box 411009, Kansas City MO 64141-1009, or e-mail at poetry@ncronline.org.

National Catholic Reporter, December 21, 2007

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