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Issue Date:  January 11, 2008


Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

When Zaccheus told his wife,
  “Jesus is coming to dine,”
     What did she say?
Was she like Mary, wanting
     to be his disciple?
Or, like Martha, wondering
“What do I feed a Messiah?”

-- Gladys Pramuk
   Lexington, Ky.


A tiny girl
in a brown coat
stands in a driveway

There is no one
saying goodbye.
She is waving
   to the moon.

I look from her
shining eyes to the sky
and walk on with
   a lighter heart.

-- Judy Ray
   Tucson, Ariz.

The Man Born Blind

Fresh from the anointing
he cracked his eyes across
the pool of Siloam.

A kaleidoscope of color crashed
his temples like a silent thunder burst
cascading through his marrow
with an avalanche of joy.

The dappled daylight dancing
through the leafy cypress trees
revealed his stunning features
shining on the shaken surface
with traces of Eden awe
written in the creases of his cheeks.

So close to Yahweh’s pristine touch
no time to tarry paradise
he leaped and bolted back his path
skipping through the city streets
his fiery eyes ablaze like lightning
shocking vendors in the market
parting family, friend and foe
smashing theologians’ equilibrium
till he fell at the feet of his mystic
Healer, swimming in a sea of light
at home at last in new skin.

-- Jerome L. McElroy
   Notre Dame, Ind.

Note to poets: Short lines preferred. Poetry is published in a newspaper column only 35 characters wide, counting punctuation and spaces. Submit poems to Poetry, NCR, PO Box 411009, Kansas City MO 64141-1009, or e-mail at poetry@ncronline.org.

National Catholic Reporter, January 11, 2008

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