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Issue Date:  April 18, 2008

Quotable & Notable

“Which also explains his choice for vice president, Hannah Montana.”

-- Late night TV host Jay Leno on Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey Jr.’s saying he endorsed Barack Obama because his four young daughters told him they wanted Barack for president

“Many white brothers and sisters miss the fact that there would be no black church if the white church wasn’t political and racist in refusing to worship with us.”

-- Baptist minister and Georgetown University sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson, author of April 4, 1968: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Death and How It Changed America

“We can now look ahead to the genuine prospect of success” in Iraq.

-- Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain at a gathering of the Veterans of Foreign Wars April 7

“We haven’t turned any corners, we haven’t seen any lights at the end of the tunnel.”

-- U.S. military commander in Iraq Gen. David Petraeus before Congress April 8

“How do we maintain our Catholic schools, how do we keep them strong but affordable?”

-- Youngstown, Ohio, TV station WYTV, quoting Youngstown Bishop George Murry ahead of Pope Benedict’s U.S. trip. Murry said he hopes the pope will address problems specific to Catholics in northeast Ohio.

National Catholic Reporter, April 18, 2008

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