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Cardinal Hickey's letter to Bishop Maida

October 10, 1989

The Most Reverend Adam J. Maida

Bishop of Green Bay

1910 S. Webster

P.O. Box 66

Green Bay, Wisconsin 54305

Dear Bishop Maida,

I enclose a copy of a recent article in the New York Times reporting on a gathering of homosexual religious and clergy. You will notice that Sister Jeannine Gramick participated in the program. Comments, as quoted by the New York Times, are not in and of themselves objectionable. It is objectionable, however, that Sister Jeannine continues to participate in seminars such as this one in spite of her ambiguity with regard to the Church’s teaching on the wrongness of homosexual activity.

As you know, Archbishop Laghi sent Sister Jeannine’s superior a clear directive in 1984 asking that Sister Jeannine refrain from participating in such workshops and seminars; that directive has been largely ignored.

I bring this matter to your attention in view of your special role in this long and difficult case. I am grateful for your kindness in giving it your consideration.

With the assurance of my prayers and with kind personal regards, I am

Sincerely in Christ,

James Cardinal Hickey

Archbishop of Washington