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Letter from Cardinal Ratzinger to Fr. Michael Curran

Congregatio pro doctrina fidei
December 18, 2000

Dear Father Curran:

Thank you for coming to the Congregation this past December 14 to discuss the progress of the doctrinal examination of the book Paper Power by Father Paul Collins, MSC, and for providing a copy of his interview published in the spring 1999 issue of Compass.

You will recall that at that meeting it was decided to ask some of this Dicastery’s theological experts for their opinions as to whether or not the above-mentioned interview satisfies the Congregation’s request that Father Collins write an article that would declare his adherence to the Magisterium of the Church on the primacy of the Pope, the indentification of the Catholic Church with the Church of Christ, and the teaching contained in Ordinatio Sacredotalis.

To help in judging the Author’s mind on these issues, it was also decided to send to the experts an article printed in the July 16 1999 issue of the National Catholic Reporter - published after the Compass interview - because comments that he reportedly made relative to the aforementioned request may put his alleged adherence to magisterial teaching in question.

Closer examination of the article indicates that it reported on the statement Father Collins made to the press after being informed of this Dicastery’s request. In order to be able to read his comments in whole and in context, and thereby make a fair assessment of his position, the Congregation would be grateful if you were to provide, as soon as possible, the text of Father Collins’ press statement.

Awaiting the kindness of your reply, and with prayerful best wishes as we celebrate the birth of the world’s Savior, I remain

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

National Catholic Reporter, Posted March 9, 2001