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Summer Books:

2008: May 2 (closing 04/04/08)
Advertise your best sellers -- to our nationwide readership of 120,000 -- in this annual summer feast of titles.

Summer Listings 2:

2008: May 16 (closing 03/28/08)
A follow-up to Summer Listings 1 -- this issue includes your latest information for our readers.

: June 13 (closing 05/16/08)
Offer our readers a meaningful getaway destination. Advertise your tours, vacation packages, cruises, pilgrimages and more to an audience that likes to travel.

Fall & Winter Listings:
2008: August 22 (closing 07/25/08)
Retreats, conventions, conferences, educational opportunities and numerous other categories ... a very popular and well-read special issue.

2008: September 19 (closing 08/01/08)
This is an opportunity to showcase your unique ministerial program or resource to an audience highly involved in ministry.

Fall Books:
2008: October 3 (closing 09/05/08)
Entice our readers with your books, CDs, DVDs, audio/video items -- just in time for holiday gift ideas!

Paths to Peace:
2008: October 17 (closing 09/12/08)
Issues of peace and justice are important concerns for NCR readers. Connect them to your peace and justice resources: educational materials, programs and causes.

Catholic Colleges & Universities:
2008: November 14 (closing 10/17/08)
Promote your institutions in this issue-seen by students and high school counselors nationwide.

Family Life:
2008:November 28 (closing 10/24/08)
Whatever aspect of family life your program, service or product serves, NCR readers are your target audience. Take advantage of this special issue.

2008: December 12 (closing 11/07/08)
Let advertising in NCR's Spirituality issue increase the number of participants in your spirituality programs and grow purchases of your spirituality products.

Special Classified Advertising Sections:

Holiday Gifts & Treasures:
2008: October 3, 17, 31 (closing 09/05/08)
2009: October 2, 16, 30 (closing 09/04/09)
Lent Resource Guide:
LENT 2009: December 12, 2008 (closing 11/21/08)
LENT 2010: December 11, 2009 (closing 11/20/09)




: January 23 (closing 12/26/08)

2009: February 6 (closing 01/09/09)
Each year, 50% of our readers purchase 10 or more books, CD's, DVD's , audio/video products or instructional tapes and/or are members of book clubs.

Religious Life I:
2009: February 20 (closing 01/23/09)
Are you a religious community offering vocation opportunities, retreats or ministry experiences? Do you have a retreat, educational program or service to offer members of religious communities? Then this special issue is for you.

Catholic Colleges & Universities:
2009: March 6 (closing 02/06/09)

Summer Listings 1:
2009: March 20 (closing 01/23/09)
Each year, hundreds of advertisers use this issue to announce their conferences, retreats, sabbaticals, educational opportunities and more. This is one of our most popular supplements.

Catholic Education:
2009: April 3 (closing 03/06/09)
Reach students interested in your college or university programs and parents deciding on Catholic schools for their children. Find buyers for your Catholic education resources.

2009: April 17 (closing 03/13/09)
NCR readers recycle, use earth-friendly products and support environmental organizations. Advertise in this special issue to reach your target audience.

Summer Books:
: May 1 (closing 4/03/09)

Summer Listings 2:
: May 15 (closing 03/27/09)

Wealth and Responsibility:
2009: June 12 (closing 05/15/09)
NCR's socially responsible readers are interested in your investment opportunities, humanitarian causes, volunteer programs and alternative vacations.

Paths to Peace
2009: August 7 (closing 07/10/09)

Fall & Winter Listings:

2009: August 21 (closing 07/24/09)


2009: September 4 (closing 08/07/09)

NEW! Religious Life 2:

2009: September 18 (closing 08/21/09)

Fall Books:

2009: October 2 (closing 09/04/09)

NEW! Senior Living:

2009: October 30 (closing 10/02/09)
This new special section will be particularly appealing to NCR's mature readers. Advertise your products, programs and services that enhance today's senior lifestyles.

Family Life:
2009:November 27 (closing 10/23/09)

2009: December 11 (closing 11/06/09)

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