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   This Week’s Edition: April 28, 2006 

Vol. 42 No. 26   
Cover story -- Philadelphia
042806 cover story Shining light on a cover-up

By Michael Newall
A priest and a prosecutor detail how sex abuse flourished in the Philadelphia archdiocese..

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Bishop Donald W. Trautman Liturgy head criticizes new translation

By John L. Allen Jr.
Ahead of an important June vote of the American bishops, the chair of the bishops’ liturgy committee has strongly criticized a proposed new translation of the Order of Mass, arguing that the text too often sacrifices intelligibility for “rigid formalism.”

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Bishop Anthony Pilla Pilla to step down as Cleveland bishop

Bill Frogameni

Bishop Anthony Pilla, once head of the U.S. bishops and a vocal advocate for peace and economic justice, will step down as leader of the Cleveland diocese. The Vatican accepted his early resignation April 4 and appointed as his successor Bishop Gerald Lennon, who previously served as interim bishop in Boston between the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law and the installation of Cardinal Sean O’Malley.

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Boston hopes open books will restore Catholics' confidence

By Dennis Coday
Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley delivered on a promise he made last fall to open the archdiocese’s finances and operations to the public. April 19 the Boston archdiocese released a comprehensive financial report and almost 1,000 pages of supporting material.

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demonstration U.S. ambassador: No Vatican alarm over Iran

By John L. Allen Jr.
Despite its track record of opposition to “preemptive war,” the Vatican has not yet expressed alarm over reports of American plans for military action to block Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, according to the U.S. ambassador to the Holy See.

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Auth editorial cartoon editorial cartoon
NCR Editorials
Examine the clergy culture

The Catholic priest sex abuse scandal, much as it involved the individual acts of errant priests, was also a product of a culture, the hierarchical clergy culture, heavily shrouded in secrecy and wrapped in layers of protection from accountability of any sort.
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A forward step in Boston

We were rushing to deadline when the news broke that Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley had delivered what some experts described as the most detailed financial report ever issued by a Catholic diocese in the United States.
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Quotable & Notable

“Librarians and historians are having a fit.”

-- Lucy Dalglish of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press on attempts by the FBI to remove classified material that may be in the file of the late columnist Jack Anderson. His files are at the George Washington University library.

More quotes
Kris Berggren  Kris Berggren

The link between spirituality and resilience in children

Full story

Colman McCarthy  Colman McCarthy

Conservatives covet the classrooms

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The Venerable Pierre Toussaint Why would a black man stay in the Catholic church?

By Daryl Grigsby
For the last three years, I have been part of a group of African-American Catholic men who meet for a monthly breakfast. Our gatherings are punctuated with lively discussions on faith, politics and justice.

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Funeral of Pvt. Robert Costall The bitter necessity of force

By Isabel Gibson
Canadian debate highlights the paradox of 'peacekeeping' in Afghanistan.

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Tom Roberts
Inside NCR

Tom Roberts


A look into a hidden culture
Spend enough time in and around this church at just about any level and one consistent and striking reality that becomes apparent is how confoundingly complex an organism it is.

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Starting Point
Starting Point

By James Stephen Behrens
A little boy in India wants to be an astronomer. He gazes at the stars and dreams about them. His mother encourages him and hopes he will have a better life.

Full story

"The Inside Man" "Friends With Money"
It's all about the cash

Joseph Cunneen
'Inside Man' bank robbery is a clever ride; 'Friends with Money' doesn't dig deep.

Full review  

Companions on the road to holiness
My Life with the Saints MY LIFE WITH THE SAINTS
By James Martin
Loyola Press, 410 pages, $22.95

Reviewed by Bill Williams

Full review


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Last Words
‘I think he is an angel and wonder if he likes middle-aged women with crazy mothers, and whether Mama will think she is dancing as he carries her up into sky.’

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