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The inauguration of Pope Benedict XVI begins a new era for the global church in a 3rd millennium world.

What are the issues that will drive this new pontificate?

  • What will it mean for the average Catholic?
  • for women?
  • for church ministers?
  • for the poor?
  • for war torn countries?
  • for the environment?
  • for victims of abuse?
  • for the young and the elderly?

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“It is time to engage again with the world as it is, not as a church in contention with it, but as a church with the faith to believe that the things we fear now about science and government and globalism, about lay participation and collegiality and women, can become the stuff of a new kind of Christian sanctity at a new moment in history.

“To have a transition going on in the church that does not also touch the world around it, is to have only public spectacle, not social transformation."

Sister Joan Chittister,
NCR columnist

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