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We get by with a little help from our friends.  Actually, a lot of help.  We cannot do all that we need to do without your assistance.  That's why we established the Friends of NCR fund-raising program.  The additional
resources allow us to provide news and coverage of issues that may otherwise go unattended. 
     For years we have stretched every dollar to bring you excellence in journalism.  Going forward requires your help.  The truth is, operational costs exceed revenues received through subscription and advertising dollars alone.  Our fund-raising efforts make up the difference.  Our goal, covering the nation and the global church, has never been humble.  We promise to be America's best Catholic newsweekly.
     And while everyone operates within limits, we cannot deny the need and responsibility to bring you the important issues of the day.  Washington policies cannot go unmonitored.  Advancements in scientific research are not without social and moral consequence.  And shifts within Catholic theology must remain open to dialogue.
     We are confident as we proceed.  We are driven by an urgent desire to maintain an open, honest and independent Catholic voice.  Freedom of the press and the role it plays in building a better world and a better church must never be taken for granted.
     So please journey with us and consider making a donation. 

                    Thomas C. Fox

P.S. Remember, you make the difference! 

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The Annual Appeal
Each year, during early autumn, we host our annual fund-raising appeal.  This year, over 2500 of our readers participated by making a contribution to:

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Plan for your future and help assure that the NCR vision is kept alive. 
Appreciated stock held more than one year makes an excellent gift.  Such donations receive a charitable tax deduction.

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Designate a dollar amount or a percentage of your estate to the National Catholic Reporter.  Such designations can reduce estate taxes.

In exchange for a gift of cash, stock or securities, the National Catholic Reporter will pay you and your survivor a guaranteed income.  Meanwhile, you receive an income tax deduction.  Upon one's death, the gift remainder goes to the National Catholic Reporter.

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