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Issue of December 28, 2007

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   This Week’s Edition: December 28, 2007 

Vol. 44 No. 9   

There will not be an issue next week.
The next NCR will be dated Jan. 11, 2008.

Cover story -- Odyssey years
Odyssey Catholics

By Greg Ruehlmann
Young and restless, tenuously connected to their faith.

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Studies put Millennials under the microscope

By Greg Ruehlmann
Spanning the late teens to late 20s in age, the Millennials, America’s newest adult cohort, are inspiring a staggering amount of discussion and research. Sociologists, cultural commentators and maybe especially parents are eager to find out who they are, what they believe, and what on earth they are doing with their lives.

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Many Millennials claim parish membership; few attend

By Greg Ruehlmann
Given the Millennial generation’s aversion to “benchmark” commitments of adulthood -- committing to an employer, a city or a spouse -- it seems likely that they would avoid parish life as well. Yet a solid majority of Millennials -- 70 percent -- identify themselves as parish members.

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Vatican champion of reform finds hope in liturgy

By John L. Allen Jr.
For most people, Archbishop Piero Marini is a face without a name. He’s routinely stopped at airports, restaurants and on the street, usually running into some variant of the same question: “I know I’ve seen you before. Who are you?”

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Vatican tells missionaries that good works aren't enough

By Religion News Service
Catholic missionaries should aim to win souls and not restrict themselves to humanitarian good works, the Vatican said Dec. 14 in a new 19-page document, which was personally approved by Pope Benedict XVI.

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2007 was a quiet harbinger of change on religious scene

By Kevin Eckstrom
History books are full of dates that mark seminal events: 1517, when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door and launched the Protestant Reformation; or 1973, when the Supreme Court legalized abortion.

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World -- Analysis
Jesuits plan for life post-Kolvenbach

By Raymond A. Schroth
There’s a story in the 1892 Jesuit review Woodstock Letters where an older Jesuit tells a younger man who is about to start teaching that the order’s schools nationwide the previous year were weak because they had to hire laymen. Now that the faculty are all Jesuits, he says, the secular schools will be coming to the order for advice.

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In search of exposure

By Michael Humphrey
Those at the bottom of the presidential pack, overlooked and undercovered, get their say here, briefly.

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NCR Editorial
Liturgy reform: No going back

When the definitive history of the Second Vatican Council is finally written, beyond all squabbles over the council’s actual intent, one undisputed fact will stand -- that taking up the draft for the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy as the first focus of debate had a decisive impact on the tone and direction the council took in all its subsequent deliberations. Though the discussion was liturgy, the real subject was ecclesiology -- the church’s understanding of itself.

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An odyssey toward meaning

We humans appear to be hard-wired from our time in the Garden of Eden with a desire to impart labels. Perhaps having run out of flora and fauna to tag, we’ve turned to naming generations. From the Boomers to the Xers to the Nexters to the Millennials, we seem, at least in the United States, intent on creating categories for each new wave of humanity that arrives.

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Quotable & Notable

“I can’t modulate God’s will, sweetie.”

-- Joanne Herring (played by Julia Roberts) telling Congressman Charlie Wilson (played by Tom Hanks) that she cannot tone down her religious fervor as they plot to arm Afghan mujahedeen against the Soviets in the film “Charlie Wilson’s War”

More quotes

Colman McCarthy

Peace broker pitches a Tent of Nations

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'Spirit release' is a different kind of therapy

By Stafford Betty
Secular healers report promising results.

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Not a second Vietnam

David McReynolds

A different U.S. defeat looms in Iraq.

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All Things Catholic
John L. Allen Jr.

Ecumenists confuse winter with spring
The problem with ecumenists -- who are almost universally good-hearted and dedicated souls -- is that they don't know how to manage expectations. It's a lesson anyone who has ever organized a public event should have learned: if you expect 100 people, put out chairs for 75, so the result feels like a triumph rather than a disappointment.

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Students' spiritual interests increase on campus

Religion News Service

Though college students’ attendance at worship services declines, their interest in spiritual matters grows during their time on campus, a new UCLA study shows.

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Inside NCR

Rita Larivee


Going back is not an option
Connections sometimes appear in unlikely places; or in this case, between two unlikely stories. The first story is this week’s cover feature: “The odyssey years.”

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A writer's enlightening stunt

By Retta Blaney
Obeying biblical tenets for a year creates a more reverent agnostic.

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The 10 best films of 2007

By Joseph Cunneen and Kevin Doherty
Inevitably, some strong end-of-the-year movies will open after we write this column. But here’s the best of what we saw in 2007 in the order in which we saw them.

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Gems of the Catholic canon
By Donald Brophy
BlueBridge, 222 pages, $16

Reviewed by Rachelle Linner

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Last Words
'You have to do some picking and choosing. There's nothing wrong with the cafeteria approach. I've had some delicious meals in cafeterias.'

-- A.J. Jacobs

A memorable quote from this week's issue.

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