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 ‘Low intensity’ war erupts in Mexico massacre - Jan. 9, 1998
 Editorial: Four steps needed to affirm the new ministers - Jan. 9, 1998
 Inside NCR: Exciting theology and a ‘best of century’ poll - Jan. 9, 1998
 Lay ministry emerges as a new vocation - Jan. 9, 1998
 Medieval manuscripts upend assumptions - Jan. 9, 1998
 Thomas C. Fox Column: Tides of history sweep church toward reform - Jan. 9, 1998
 Unfettered by the past, young church is blooming in the vast Arizona desert - Jan. 9, 1998
 Editorial: Beware comeback of religious right in ’98 - Jan. 16, 1998
 Editorial: King's legacy best seen through the gospel's lens - Jan. 16, 1998
 Ex-abortion providers: conversion tales - Jan. 16, 1998
 For gay Catholics, conscience is the key - Jan. 16, 1998
 Inside NCR: With knights, cash is a proxy for character - Jan. 16, 1998
 Strange reversal - Jan. 16, 1998
 12 to sue priest, Peoria diocese; ultra-right group tied to case - Jan. 23, 1998
 Chiapans regroup at scene of massacre - Jan. 23, 1998
 EDITORIAL: Catholic health care poised between mission and money - Jan. 23, 1998
 EDITORIAL: New antiabortion strategy should ‘lead in steps’ - Jan. 23, 1998
 Inside NCR: A quintessentially Christian story - Jan. 23, 1998
 Ministries: Project struggled to link Eucharist to justice - Jan. 23, 1998
 Sic Column: Sic hints at possible run for papacy - Jan. 23, 1998
 Chronology of Balasuriya’s troubles:
 Condemned priest is restored to church
 'Death care giants' team up with church
 Editorial: Beyond fear and formulas, just imagine
 Inside NCR: Art imitating life
 Kris Berggren column: Coping with a 7-year-old’s righteousness
 Mahony appeals to Rome about Angelica
 Books: A slimmer Aquinas still looms large
 Books: Five volumes to give women’s wisdom a voice
 Books: In time of ‘eucharistic famine,’ women’s groups break bread
 Editorial: Attack on Crowley part of a bitter harvest
 Editorial: Balasuriya case shows folly of Rome’s harsh tactics
 For the pope and Castro, a win-win visit
 Inside NCR: Clinton presidency more and less than bimbogate
 Wellness boosters seek mind-body unity
 Woman cuts into liturgy, asks to be priest
 Editorial: U.S. must face its role in Guatemala’s tragic past
 German bishops to obey papal behest -- later
 Guatemala Catholics find the path to a new future confronts sins of the past
 Inside NCR: From Iraq to Guatemala, the perils of intruding
 Pain healed, EWTN approved, Angelica says
 Thomas C. Fox Column: Mahony’s pastoral concern shows in liturgy letter
 Catholic moralists warn against U.S. war plans
 Climbing the Eight Mountains of Religious Life
 Collins’ views on papacy face heresy investigation
 Editorial: Slam dunk brings Balasuriya in from the cold
 Editorial: Tucker death exposes system without mercy
 Glimpses of the gospel in the prayers of a clown
 Greed isn’t good, especially packaged as news
 Inside NCR: New faithful faces feature; and an artist who plucked poor faces from far places
 Echoes of Galileo in ordination controversy
 Editorial: National interest doesn’t explain our primitive urge to humble Saddam Hussein
 Inside NCR: Your 20 greatest Catholics (et al) of the century
 Sic: Sic picks a cat, and Old MacDonald’s pig
 War gods roar again, appear unstoppable
 Editorial: New frontiers loom in Catholic identity debate
 Inside NCR: NCR’s advertising staff at church’s cutting edge
 Kris Berggren Column: Search for a new home creates clash of ideals
 Progressive bishops' L.A. talks echo Mahony's pastoral vision
 Students strive at college on reservation
 Vatican OKs hospital sale over Rigali objections
 Black and Catholic
 Editorial: A church without room for all is empty
 Inside NCR: McCaffrey not average, and neither was Patrick
 Jeannette Batz Column: To send the very best, try more than Hallmark
 March 13, 1998
 Melissa and friends geared up to do what it takes to save Earth
 Demetria Martinez Column: Amid economic mirage, homeless speak truth
 Editorial: A hero emerges out of the horrors of My Lai
 Editorial: After legal settlement, still waiting for honest accounting
 Inside NCR: A 700-word humor piece is worth 1,000 words
 Three in Kos case settle for $7.5 million
 With religion, TV misses the big picture
 Best education policy is respecting teachers
 Editorial: Greedy investors rape, responsible investors reap
 Editorial: Our screwed-up system cures only to kill
 Ibos re-create home villages at L.A. Mass
 Inside NCR: Synod for Asia could be historic event
 Japan’s bishops offer alternate plan for synod
 Justice issues are common ground for Catholic, public school alliance