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 Dismay greets Vatican curbs on Mexican institutes
 Editorial: Clinton wasted chance to make difference
 Inside NCR: What last question would you ask?
 Moved by challenge to create community
 Resurrection: Empty promises
 Robert F. Drinan Column: NATO: an idea whose time is past
 Seattle anti-bigotry coalition battles on
 Sic: The Big Sic Mother A. Fan Club and non-infallible chicken-joke answers
 Viewpoint: Ray trial might reveal shameful secrets
 Cover story: No-nonsense regime of Salvador's Sáenz
 Cover story: Sáenz blames the media for Salvador's problems
 Editorial: Few are aware who operates Cult Awareness Network
 Editorial: Low-intensity war against liberation theology
 Essay: As assisted suicide and euthanasia issues simmer, look at Holland
 Inside NCR: Parishes signs of big changes in church
 Kris Berggren Column: A choice to live in the 'now' of children
 Leibrecht, ending rumor, says it just isn't so
 Viewpoint: When N. Irish Protestants stone Catholics, it's not about religion
 Analysis: Portland's George goes back to Chicago
 Communities falter under heavy hands
 Cover story: Breaking silence: Priests with AIDs are eager to talk
 Demetria Martinez Column: Time to take a stand against deportation
 Editorial: Review process strangles catechetical efforts
 Editorial:Conflict rages over size of Israeli crumb
 Inside NCR: The joy of interacting, interacting ...
 Jeannette Batz Column: Bruises are an incentive for pondering our frailty
 Conciliator takes main stage in Chicago
 Cover story: Sister brings meals, kind words to homeless friends in the Bronx
 Editorial: Allow African-Americans to influence the church
 Editorial: Recognition for 27 valiant, capable and just women
 Homily: Tossing the mighty from their thrones
 Inside NCR: People in pews await a life-giving word
 Rowe's leaving is a way to 'stop colluding'
 Tim Unsworth Column: Time to let Catholic college athletics go
 Viewpoint: Lovely Jerusalem is haunted by injustice
 Cover story: Inequity in funding of public education raises justice issues
 Editorial: Are Catholics responsible for public schools?
 Estés picked over Prejean as Catholic press keynoter
 Homily: How to break out of our shells and swim in excitement of life
 Inside NCR: When going gets tough, make a donation
 Profile: A crusader who helped change S. Africa
 Sic: Amazing Big Sic Limerick Competition
 Tom Fox Column: Tiger Woods gives us grace-filled moment
 Viewpoint: Fordham seniors will dance on war ship; pacifists cry foul
 Cover story: Vatican agreement 'moderately' inclusive
 Editorial: Glaring inequities breed distrust, resentment
 Editorial: Group may bring us closer to being Christian
 Groups see a crisis, take risk, strategize for poor
 Guatemala's rebels study ways of peace
 Homily: Message to the Roman Catholic clergy
 Inside NCR: Last questions under the cross, with answers
 Jeannette Batz Column: Teachers appeal for fair deal in St. Louis
 New Catholic-evangelical mix surfaces
 Report raps INS detention of children
 Viewpoint: Suburbia's 'family values' add to urban soup lines
 Cover story: Cold War's end did not end threats to peace
 Cover story: 'Just war' applied anew to 'genocide,' civil war
 Cover story: Montessori program aims at peace in a world of violence
 Cover story: Plowshares in court keep the flame alive
 Cover story: Religious men combat violence, crime
 Editorial: In Guatemala, bishops crusade for justice to match peace accords
 Editorial: Is new voluntarism for real or for show?
 Inside NCR: Plaintive letter asks help for suffering Kenya
 Kris Berggren Column: Familiar Catholic ways still work their wonders
 Testament of Dom Christian De Cherge, OCSO Opened on Pentecost Sunday 1996
 Viewpoint: Abbot calls his murderer 'last minute friend'
 Cover story: Iraq's horror is worst activist has seen
 Editorial: Quaint Plowshares disturb business as usual
 Editorial: Women are different from men, and the Vatican knows it
 How NPR keeps inmate Abu-Jamal off the air
 Inside NCR: The war is over, so let's save the Iraqi children
 Orders find new life in lay associates
 Sic Column: Sic worries lest Ratzinger get infallibility, because three know-alls is a crowd
 Summer Books: Bookshelf
 Summer Books: Great book about 13 Catholic authors
 Summer Books: Humor, melancholy lurk in Irish writer's stories
 Summer Books: Now old, Ellen confronts family secret
 Summer Books: TV's comely Gerry covers the crucifixion
 Summer Books: Verbose angels upend life on earth as God regroups
 Summer Books: Want to travel this summer? Open a book and let imagination fly
 Viewpoint: Intrepid an ambiguous ballroom for students
 Books: The spiritual legacy of Joseph Bernardin
 Cover story: They say you can do yourself a favor forgiving others
 Cover story: Two new books suggest forgiveness is in the air
 Dueling Catholic conferences enliven Lincoln
 Editorial: Teenager stands tall in shadow of intolerance
 Inside NCR: Is bishop ubiquitous in your Catholic paper?
 Master of wolf metaphor comes in lamb's clothing
 Robert F. Drinan Column: Jimmy Carter most devout of presidents
 Student journalist hears from religious right after story on gay teen
 Tom C. Fox Column: No one to speak for dead Peru rebels
 Back to drawing board on Ex Corde Ecclesiae
 Books: Warning! Defense spending can be addictive
 Can eco-justice go mainstream?
 Court ponders broad religious freedom issues
 Editorial: Beware murky world of 'secondary truths'
 Editorial: Election provides welcome turnabout in Iran
 Gonzaga U. ousts Glynn; board action jolts Jesuits
 Honduran workers given voice on radio
 Inside NCR: Burying the dead a dubious undertaking
 Israeli and Palestinian mark Six-Day War
 11 allege a conspiracy in Dallas sex abuse trial
 Berggren Column: ‘Quality time’ is notion rooted in perfectionism
 Catholic Worker lessons stayed with me
 Catholics mull role in Ohio school policy
 Editorial: Ex Corde reversal another slap at U.S. bishops
 Editorial: Hong Kong Catholics cool as friends wait, watch and pray
 Group claims 20 witnesses against Laghi
 Indians threaten mass suicide to safeguard oil-rich land
 NCR board backs Rowe as a ‘valuable asset’
 Sic: Things get worse: Here comes Sicperson
 Theologians opt for diplomacy in dispute