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 Cover story: ‘Evil, be thou my good’
 Cover story: The snake coiled deep in our hearts
 EDITORIAL: Ignoring evidence of global warming a risky gamble
 EDITORIAL: Lay alternative to closing parishes
 Gregory Pierce column: Blessings found in coworkers and schedules
 Illuminations: Famed scholar has never been one for diplomacy
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 Olympic torchbearer spotlights labor abuses
 St. John’s starts afresh near ground zero
 Starting Point: The wealth of hearing, speaking and knowing love
 Television: Two weeks in the war
 Vatican, Brazilian group to reconcile
 Viewpoint: In praise of the civilizing obsession of cricket
 Boston cardinal offers apology to sex abuse victims
 Cover story: Fr. Brown on blacks and whites
 Cover story: Moving toward ‘racial sobriety’
 Cover story: Program unearths, heals racism
 Cover story: The color line: The third rail of American culture
 EDITORIAL: Military spending threatens nation’s priorities
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 Ministries: Church universality discovered in service
 Ministries: Globalization of a different sort
 Ministries: Hope that transforms
 Ministries: Order still serving marginalized after 80 years
 Ministries: Texas couple finds peace aiding refugees
 Ministries: U.S. bishops urge action to aid mission of African church
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 Opus Dei prestige on display at centenary event
 Pastoral stirs protest
 Perspective: Grand old folks borne along on faith
 Special Section: Ministries
 Starting Point: Learning wisdom through living it
 Theater: Transcendence found in a ‘Fools’ Mass’
 Viewpoint: On Mearth, our stars aren’t cut out for journalism
 At the Movies: Epic lives
 Books: Healing the wounds of injustice and war
 Cover story: Letters from prison
 Cover story: Philip Berrigan: An unrepentant radical who has spent years behind bars
 Cover story: When lives of conviction lead to prison
 EDITORIAL: Enron fall shows sorry state of politics
 EDITORIAL: Hennesseys remind us of U.S. complicity
 Essay: The hero is us
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 Maybe he isn’t real but he’s almost a saint
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 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Media reports on unity in war effort not reflected in reality
 Starting Point: A place to ponder, then get out, move on
 Telling the story of a brutal time
 Vatican, Brazil traditionalist group end schism
 Viewpoint: Ratzinger explains how condemnation was right then, wrong now
 Cover story: Together for prayer despite debate
 Cover story: Under the big prayer tent in Assisi
 EDITORIAL: It’s time for more than apologies
 Former priest convicted of abuse
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 Lenten series Liminial space: Days without answers in a narrow space
 Moments in Time: Words of power
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 Perspective: Celebrating an elder in King’s mode
 Special Section: Spring Books
 Spring Books: A house on the rock
 Spring Books: A vision to breathe life into parishes
 Spring Books: An odd collection of catholic classics
 Spring Books: Author unveils what makes us human: death
 Spring Books: Book takes on papal anti-Semitism
 Spring Books: Church is an agent for progress
 Spring Books: Controlling corporate power
 Spring Books: Mary shares her stories
 Spring Books: Traveling the world for a spiritual ideal
 Spring Books: Troubling tension brings drama to history of social ethics
 Starting Point: Aimless, yet creative flight
 The word made fresh New thinkers: Can mystics matter?
 U.S. under fire for treatment of detainees
 Viewpoint: Missile defense needed in a dangerous world
 ‘The territories are not Israel’
 Analysis: Brazil deal viewed with suspicion
 Clerical sexual abuse scandal widens in Boston archdiocese
 Cover story: At 89, still tackling injustice
 Cover story: Salvaging good, salvaging lives
 Demetria Martinez column: American flag belongs to dissenters, too
 EDITORIAL: Leading us to a war with no end
 EDITORIAL: Naming corporate theft for what it is
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 Lenten Series Liminal Space: Giving up control in life’s second half
 NCR cover page
 Starting Point: Home in Annie’s sacred space
 Support grows for soldiers refusing to serve in occupation
 Television: The one and only
 Theater: Life and light in midst of suffering
 Viewpoint: Out of the crib, onto the cross
 Viewpoint: Self-reliance takes Winnebago nation far in 10 years
 America on the Tiber: U.S. Catholics of all walks make imprints on Rome
 Books: God in the arena
 Cover story: One in sorrow
 Diana L. Hayes column: Black Catholic history: surviving, against odds, as a people of faith
 EDITORIAL: Overzealous secrecy threatens democracy
 Hungry in America
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 Jeannette Batz column: Clearing the clutter of a basement, a soul
 Lenten Series Liminal Space: We need transformation, not false transcendence
 Marchers spotlight growing scrutiny of Florida death penalty
 Meals create community for homeless women
 NCR cover page
 News Analysis: Social conservatives kept to the kiddie table
 Perspective: Reviving an after-death ritual
 Poverty Quiz
 Starting Point: Accept what God offers
 Tim Unsworth column: Where coaches are canonized -- and earn millions
 War budget crowds out domestic spending
 America on the Tiber: Americans shake up Roman academic scene
 Clinic’s services don’t stop at medicine
 Cover story: A history scarred by ethnic violence
 Cover story: BURUNDI DIARY
 EDITORIAL: Put the poor back on the national agenda
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 Lenten Series Liminal Space: We should ask why few transformations happen in church
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Pope ignores wisdom from lived reality
 Religious Life: Books: Celibacy is keystone of religious life
 Religious Life: Commentary: Plea for vocations is like praying for rain in a deluge
 Religious Life: From many, one voice for justice
 Religious Life: From Texas to the world
 Religious Life: Hope remains for the unheralded brothers of God
 Religious Life: Order ceding work to African church
 Robert F. Drinan column: Enron collapses under the sin of avarice
 Special section: Religious Life
 Starting Point: Blessings from unlikely people
 Stretched to the limit
 ‘We must be ceaselessly on guard’
 America on the Tiber: Round tables in Rome’s religious life
 Appreciation: Margaret Traxler lived her passion for justice
 At the Movies: War and Family
 Catholics grapple with scandal at parish forum
 Cover story: Reform’s ignored goal: marriage promotion
 Cover story: Struggling to get out of the welfare way of life
 Cover story: Welfare reform
 Cover story: Welfare reform - at a glance
 EDITORIAL: A just peace is more sensible than militarism
 EDITORIAL: Some children are being left behind
 Holy Land fund undercut by name confusion
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 Joan Chittister column: Remember when discussion of public policies was mark of a great democracy?
 Lenten Series Liminal Space: Lent is a time to listen to our lives
 NCR cover page
 Papal contender has passion for poor
 Popular Chicago priest vows to resist transfer
 Protesters demand that church hear abuse victims
 Starting Point: Bearing the lightness of being
 Theater: Finding God through longing and darkness
 Two more scholars censured by Rome
 Viewpoint: Myth of Israel’s ‘generous offer’ damages truth, peace
 Actress, composer honored for tales of nuns that ring true
 America on the Tiber: Bringing get-it-done spirit to the curia
 Books: A wicked priest and a shattered marriage
 Cover story: FALL FROM GRACE
 Cuba: Cold War pawn and sanctions target still fascinates
 EDITORIAL: Anti-Islam slurs remind Catholics of the past
 EDITORIAL: Sex abuse scandal: Time for a full accounting
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 Kris Berggren column: Offer up a missed snack for world’s hungry
 Lent Series Liminal Space: Religious life has been ‘totally co-opted’
 NCR cover page
 Priest says he’s innocent, fights for his job
 Robert F. Drinan column: Time to demand full disclosure on U.S. war policy
 Starting Point: Finding things good and human
 Viewpoint: Mystery of ‘church’ can happen anywhere
 Appreciation: Intimate life with God is our destiny, Fr. Diekmann told us
 Books: Books illuminate U.S. values in law, life
 Cover story: St. Anthony Parish
 Easter Liminal Space: The tomb as liminal space: Some contemporary versions
 EDITORIAL: Challenging administration’s secrecy
 EDITORIAL: Vatican may retrench, but church changing anyway
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 Jeannette Batz column: New and old ways into universal truths
 Liturgical document ‘a disabling blow,’ Anglican says
 Moments in Time: ‘Medieval’ -- or just human?
 NCR cover page
 Polish prelate accused of sexual abuse
 Special Report: Analysis: Failed lives, lost faith and aching hearts
 Special Report: Parishioners, priests search for solutions
 Special Report: Pressure over abuse cases mounts
 Special Report: Sex abuse scandal hits Los Angeles
 Starting Point: Aspire to rage like Jesus
 Study reveals women’s decision-making roles in church
 Viewpoint: Teacher quality critical to education reform
 America on the Tiber: Political factors increase embassy’s stature
 At the Movies: Looking back
 Catholic Education: From stories, hints of transcendence
 Catholic Education: Schools restore God’s garden
 Catholic Education: Sealed with the gift of the Spirit
 Catholic Education: Step in a process of faith initiation
 Catholic Education: To mend rift U.S. church needs to embrace gifts of Latinos
 Diana L. Hayes column: Faith of enslaved Africans found truth at Christianity’s core
 EDITORIAL: Scandal’s cure lies in tackling deeper issues
 Essay: The crucified people: A Holy Week meditation
 Future of nonviolent protest said to hinge on appeal to high court
 Greek Orthodox to convene summit of monotheistic faiths
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 Leader of liturgical commission resigns
 NCR cover page
 Rome’s no doesn’t stop Mass at New Ways conference
 Speakers laud momentum against executions
 Special section: Catholic Education
 Starting Point: Martincito’s trust in God
 Viewpoint: Message from a little girl’s collage
 Viewpoint: With his fighting spirit, Joe performed miracles
 Destruction on the streets of Bethlehem
 Easter: Alleluia
 EDITORIAL: An urgent plea: Help stop stoning of Nigerian woman
 EDITORIAL: Beyond war, daring to think of foreign aid
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 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Where the People of God feel safe
 Sex Abuse Crisis: Documents provoke criticism of cardinal
 Sex Abuse Crisis: National crisis draws attention to local abuse cases
 Sex Abuse Crisis: Nebraska prelate rebukes Catholics for critical letters to newspaper
 Sex Abuse Crisis: Pressure mounts for Law’s resignation
 Sex Abuse Crisis: Vatican defends church’s handling of sexual abuse accusations
 Starting Point: Ready for spring
 Tim Unsworth column: Stuck in rectory with a curmudgeon and a bishop’s ghost
 Viewpoint: Scandal tests faith, but we still believe
 Viewpoint: Time for U.S. to examine friendship with Israel