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 Editorial: Lay leadership deserves protection
 Editorial: Robert Kennedy recalled, in his own words
 Inside NCR: Philly P.R. on the ball; U.S. P.O. on the blink
 Joan Chittister Column: Racism the core of Western outrage over Indian, Pakistani nuclear tests
 Ouster of lay administrator in Seattle prompts dismay, fear of policy shift
 U.S. bishops vote to push social teaching
 Appreciation: Bernard Häring: a moral theologian whose soul matched his scholarship
 Cover story: After massacre, wider trouble looms in Mexico
 Editorial: Keep the faith, but keep it in perspective
 Editorial: Only spotlight can stop military abuses in Chiapas
 INS detentions: No crime needed
 Inside NCR: Awards and appeals in prose and poetry
 Viewpoint: Sorrows are plentiful, answers scarce in Acteal
 Analysis: Others see little change caused by dissent decree
 Books: For liturgy, reform means looking back but moving forward
 Books: Mysticism and friendship helped Teilhard endure
 Commentary: Humanae Vitae: still controversial at 30
 Cover story: Power, secrecy feed conspiracy theories in Vatican City
 Editorial: A walk toward healing the rage over slavery
 Educators want social teachings on campus
 First stop on the lay missionary journey
 Inside NCR: Sometimes, we decide, we’ll keep quiet
 Joan Chittister column: With the latest mandate on dissent, should we laugh it off or get mad?
 Journal’s ads set it apart -- far apart
 Kris Berggren Column: ‘We baptized him with our tears’: A family is forced to say goodbye
 Paul VI vindicated, Denver bishop says
 Pop Music: A brooding Merchant sings of the seasons in a woman’s life
 Publisher destroys book on Vatican’s order
 She had a story to tell, but few listened
 Starting Point: ‘Aunt Rose’ prompts a look back at things familiar yet unknown
 Thomas C. Fox Column: Measure of human rights is in actions, not words
 Viewpoint: For Native Americans, teaching is resistance
 Women say bishops lose under new rule
 Yearlong journey retraces slave route
 Analysis: Church backs poor in drought; Brazil’s leaders slow to respond
 Analysis: New letter may muzzle bishops
 At the Movies: ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ and a splendidly depressing Russian movie
 Black Catholics: life in a ‘chilly church’
 Books: A journey into the heart of curial darkness
 Catholic hospitals negotiate to offer sterilization care
 Cover story: African-born seminarians on the increase in United States
 Cover story: He’s a bridge-builder with a booming voice and a large laugh
 Editorial: Campaign reform’s cry calls right to our souls
 Editorial: Declarations, threats won’t win hearts
 Filipinos sing, share festive foods, teach old ways to young
 Illuminations: Hesburgh at 81: mellower, more liberal
 Inside NCR: Best vacation parishes; new doings @ NCR
 Jeannette Batz column: Don’t overlook the unlikely angels
 Murder and rape propel Indonesia toward chaos
 Opinion: Closing begs question: Whose church is it?
 Pastors for Peace delivers supplies to Cuba
 Rosemary Radford Ruether Column: America must confront its nuclear guilt
 Starting Point: Her deepest learning came in the dark times
 Tim Unsworth column: Chill that surrounded the Crowleys finally melting in Patty's scrapbook
 Voucher fans take heed: In politics, cash = control
 Appreciation: Brown had few equals even in an age of giants
 Bishop’s death probe broadens, entangles military, fellow priest
 Bishop: unity, quest both vital
 Bishops withdraw imprimatur from Psalter
 Books: Ryan’s case for loyal dissent shows deep love for church
 Cover story: From chaos to crisis in lush Indonesia
 De Mello new Vatican target
 Editorial: Parish integrity, witness too good to lose
 Editorial: Reforms needed in Indonesia, East Timor
 Inside NCR: NCR redesign on the way, priest returns
 Joan Chittister Column: Catholic radio and the choices we make
 Native cultures face corporate, New Age abuse
 Opinion: Fix Social Security, yes -- but do it right
 Opinion: Japanese workers fare well despite ‘crisis’
 Pastor of liberal parish blames transfer on Rome
 Sic Column: Joe, the eyebrow thing, God, Starr, Sophia, Sophia and Sic
 the truth is out there...: Worried reform is dead? Not this weekend, Baby!
 A ‘solid majority’ of American Catholics supports conscience,lay role in decisions
 After 18 holes, Maria gets justice if I win
 An ‘advocate for teens’ heads up national group for youth ministers
 At 50, CFM is still alive and risking
 Bishop’s materials useful to families
 Bishops do not call the shots
 Couples help couples; movement grows again
 Courage, devotion, and ‘what a voice’ among memories
 De Mello censure reflects Vatican misgivings about Eastern thinking
 Editorial: Nader’s offer to Gates worth heeding
 Editorial: Nuns’ resistance to unions belies legacy
 Fast spurred by Iraq embargo wins meeting with U.N. official
 Gospel of liberation more urgent than ever
 Hope lies at the end of this train’s line
 If they can do without, they’ll have it all
 Inside NCR: Tributes unpaid at life’s sudden end
 Jeannette Batz Column: Sometimes just playing bingo makes the point
 Judge sends Ontario schools into tailspin
 Lemay’s family-friendly parish goes slowly
 One mother’s mentors helped her pull through
 Peddling video of Latin Mass offers lesson in church politics
 Priest seeks help in ‘big battle’ with gays
 Shared values clash in hospital-labor war
 Starting Point: Catch a falling coin -- and pass it on
 Tim Unsworth column: Associates represent a booster shot for traditional forms of religious life
 Today’s family sets sail on stormy social waters, but the church can help
 Upswing in youth ministry texts includes both oddities and pearls
 Cover story: Opus Dei the centrists at schools meeting
 Cover story: Steubenville a conservative crossroads
 Defying trend, Cardinal Bevilacqua buys seminary outside his diocese
 Driving punk rhythms conceal a gentle grace
 Editorial: Gay bashing a poor service to church
 Editorial: Weak leaders no match for tough times
 Inside NCR: Vote for best book ... NCR comings and goings
 New independent schools strike a ‘less is more’ stance -- except on Catholic doctrine
 On PBS, faith and reason get awfully cozy
 Study says parents won’t push vocations
 Suffering in Sudan has gone on too long
 Tom Roberts Column: Gazing into the true face of the church
 Vatican II in living color, filled with promises
 Whether the market is bull or bear, volunteers are few, cupboards bare
 A comedy that works, a satire that wobbles, a mystery that probes
 Another Catholic hospital goes for-profit
 Cover story: ‘Baseball is religion without the mischief’
 Cover story: Baseball is linked to history, religion, professor asserts
 Editorial: Baseball, for a moment, was more than sport
 Editorial: Haitian immigrants deserve far better
 If schools want to teach values, they have to talk about media
 Inside NCR: Welcome mat ready for your rap on fave book
 Kris Berggren Column: Dinner dispute yields clues to God’s will
 Opinion: A portrait of an unsung hero
 Starting Point: Hannah and tepee are on the move
 Books: Putting dignity, sanity back into weddings
 Cover story: Conservative Austrian intellectual played key role in lectionary group
 Cover story: On the lectionary, 11 men made the deal
 Editorial: Sex, lies, videotape and lots of hypocrisy
 Editorial: Translation ambushed in a curial cubbyhole
 Inside NCR: A new look, a neglected expert, books -- and a resurrection, too
 Ministries: A future for Catholic evangelization
 Ministries: Even in Los Angeles, this drive’s worth it
 Ministries: Even when the program ends, that energy for evangelizing just keeps going and going
 Ministries: Meeting God in the migrant stranger
 Ministries: Singles ministry more than match-making
 Ministries: The church gets hip
 Opinion: Those theologians just aren’t keeping up
 Opinion: We can love the sinner, but morality demands we go on hating the sin
 Seeking a faith that lies beyond religion
 Tara Dix Column: Call me an idealist, but I want to serve forever
 U.K. priests challenge Vatican’s ‘attitude of fear’