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 ‘Oceans of Peace’
 Bishops to advise society
 Books: Fairy tales’ deeper story of faith
 Bribery scandal brings President Fujimori down
 Cover story: Essay: Church leaders must bless, empower the new generation
 Cover story: Theologian: GenXers make uneasy peace with church
 Cover story: Visions for the future
 EDITORIAL: Heartening discussion of church future
 Host Sant’Egidio community in familiar mediator role
 Illuminations: Blacks built a church of their own in 1945
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 Joan Chittister column: Will we look the other way as nations drown in debt?
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Keeping my eyes on the money
 Ratzinger speaks out in new book, debate
 Starting Point: The little barn cat
 Viewpoint: Case imperils protection of disability rights
 Appreciation: He was God’s agent in Hollywood
 Books: Author finds Hispanic religiosity firmly rooted
 Cover story: Kenya
 EDITORIAL: Bush v. Gore is only part of the debate
 Food for Poor head resigns amid scandal
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 Jeannette Batz column: Bells and whistles that annoy and save
 Moments in Time: St. Guinefort
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 New Chinese saints raise old animosities
 Robert F. Drinan column: Law aids faith-based groups with land use problems
 Starting Point: The times are good with Pee Wee
 Television: HATE.COM
 U.S. troops to El Salvador
 Use surplus for affordable housing, group says
 Africa’s bishops tell West to offer help, halt exploitation
 Appreciation: Eileen Egan, pacifist, helped start Pax Christi
 Appreciation: Robert Lax loved the world
 Cover story: Kostunica, allies struggle to restore stability, economy
 Cover story: Yugoslavia
 Destinations: Books: Get hooked on American Catholic history
 Destinations: Lourdes, a place of hope and moral miracles
 Destinations: The unofficial Jubilee Year guide to Rome
 Destinations: Unique, living mission
 EDITORIAL: Mixed signals worsen liturgy divisions
 High anxiety
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 Issues at a glance
 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Poetic justice and ‘Marian indigestion’
 Rich Heffern column: Creating new ways of being political
 Rigali intervenes: feeding tube must stay
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Segregation, harassment mark Palestianian life
 Special Section: Destinations
 Starting Point: Church fills table with wayward offspring
 Trial of Salvadoran generals opens in Florida
 Viewpoint: Israeli Jews and Arabs publish a peace plan
 At the movies: Film inspiration
 Cover story: Subterranean mystery tour
 EDITORIAL: Religion that can make a political difference
 EDITORIAL: The Catholic content of President Kim’s Nobel Prize
 FBI investigates spending at Food for the Poor
 García: ‘These are matters of opinion’
 Indigenous demand revocation of 1493 papal bull
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 Kris Berggren column: ‘So are you done?’ a woman asks
 Light and salt in Korean society
 Liturgical Institute president resigns
 NCR cover page
 Salvadoran officers face trial
 Starting Point: Reflecting the life of Jesus among the abandoned
 Viewpoint: Bishops’ new worry: the enneagram
 Viewpoint: Priests still die of AIDS as church postpones needed dialogue
 Bishops write on criminal justice
 Cover story: Maciel accusers seek accountability
 Cover story: Tactics aside, the Legion is growing
 Cover story: Turmoil in Atlanta
 EDITORIAL: Legionaries’ tactics best left in a past era
 Generals’ trial evokes memory of killing years in El Salvador
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 Missionary strategy
 Moments in Time: Incentive to vote
 NCR cover page
 New Gerardi report termed inadequate
 Perspective: The writing on the newsroom wall
 Robert F. Drinan column: A special grace from overlooked beatification
 Special Section: Winter Books
 Starting Point: Dying, then rising again, always in the service of God
 Tim Unsworth column: Millennium reunion fo faded movement
 Trial draws attention to child sex tourism
 Viewpoint: Why I dare to not vote for war-minded candidates
 Winter Books: A perceptive look at Ratzinger’s life
 Winter Books: Bookshelf
 Winter Books: Faithful to conscience and tradition
 Winter Books: Jewish writers view Christianity
 Winter Books: Living the gospel in families
 Winter Books: Readers’ favorite books
 Winter Books: That rarest of birds
 Books: More book recommendations from NCR readers
 Chicago center to offer Catholic-Muslim Studies
 Cover story: Road least traveled
 Cover story: Study follows up on Catholic initiation
 EDITORIAL: Blame game allows children to die
 EDITORIAL: Death penalty moratorium is good first step
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 Jeannette Batz column: Seeking patterns, hope in illness’ variables
 NCR cover page
 Nun, priest disciplined after she assists in baptism
 Palestinian-Americans take to streets
 Speakers find glimmers of light in Dominus Iesus
 Special Report: Under sanctions, simple diseases turn deadly
 Starting Point: Mystery of color, light
 Television: ‘In the Beginning’
 Viewpoint: In Israel, twisted logic skews understanding
 Black Catholics having their say
 Books: Son of Bavaria
 Canadian churches face property seizures in suits
 Cover story: Fugitive bishop wants pressure on Islamic Front
 Cover story: No time for prudence
 Cover story: Press charged with ignoring Africa’s pain
 Despite changes at Army school, opposition grows
 EDITORIAL: Truth slips out about U.S. involvement
 Families of dead women want new trial
 Illuminations: Simple relationships are key
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 NCR cover page
 Perspective: Witnesses recall joy, pains of Vatican II
 Starting Point: Pondering the sublime dignity of all humans
 Theater: Heroic, operatic story of four women
 Theologian calls for recognition of holiness in women
 At the Movies: Opening eyes: Films take on racism, family
 Books: Recalling bittersweet memories of life as a religious
 Books: World changers
 Cover story: Adopting Mordechai
 Cover story: Solitary confinement: an American invention
 Democratic bumper stickers raise ire of priest in Arlington
 Dissidents call for accounting at two Phoenix Hispanic churches
 EDITORIAL: History of slaveholding, racism calls for amends
 EDITORIAL: Let’s seize opportunity for disarmament
 Healing a historical shame
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 NCR cover page
 Prisoners, immigrants, the mandatum
 Protests and sit-in besiege meeting of U.S. bishops
 Robert F. Drinan column: ‘War’ on drugs hysteria, addiction to prisons bring untold harm
 Sister, her order clash over Spiritus Christi role
 Starting Point: What is sacred calls us to the unknown
 Viewpoint: Heartbreaking ruling on conjoined twins
 Viewpoint: Ratzinger’s Iesus omits love, the poor
 At Jubilee for military, pope hails force for peace
 Books: Looking beyond technology to see the hand of God
 Cover story: Long-term lockdowns
 Cover story: Use of electro-shock devices increases
 Disputed elections of a rather nasty sort
 EDITORIAL: Harshness toward prisoners breeds trouble
 EDITORIAL: World holds its polluted breath
 Inside NCR
 Kris Berggren column: My dancer son nears middle school years
 McCarrick named to Washington see
 Movies: Road Trips!
 NCR cover page
 Priest’s letter condemns military
 Protesting at the fort
 Rosemary Radford Ruether column: Bombing in the name of ‘redemption’
 Special Section: Spirituality
 Spirituality: Creation arises from the chaos of our messy lives
 Spirituality: Frayed and tattered -- and holy
 Spirituality: Giving thanks despite our reservations
 Spirituality: Spirituality of gratefulness begins with existential ‘Wow!’ at God’s giving
 Spirituality: Stars on the blackest night
 Spirituality: Transformed by Christ
 Starting Point: Power of God greater than all evil
 Viewpoint: 500-year addiction to colonizing world requires long recovery
 Auditors report on charity
 Austrian liturgy specialist censured by Ratzinger
 Books: Death squads flourish where government represents interests of only a minority
 Cover story: Up close and caring
 EDITORIAL: Cry for death penalty moratorium meets resistance
 EDITORIAL: Tender shoots of justice appearing in Mexico
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 Jeannette Batz column: It’s hard to understand the nature of nature
 Media: Neither candidate offered voters a dream
 NCR cover page
 New president, new dawn for Mexico’s indigenous people
 Priest’s death underscores Jamaica’s runaway murder rate, violence
 Starting Point: Motes of misery made merry by God’s dancing sunbeams
 Tim Unsworth column: Archbishop’s portable throne heaver than sin
 At the Movies: Unpredictable: Two movies rise above formula
 Christmas: A Christmas Letter
 Christmas: A Dancer’s Christmas
 Christmas: Icon painter uses Eastern art to depict Native American spirituality
 Christmas: POETRY
 Christmas: VerEecke’s first ballet lesson: ‘For me it was an epiphany’
 EDITORIAL: A welcome R and R from political battle
 EDITORIAL: Millions of the world’s children are desperate
 In this clerical company town, a spot for ‘just plain Catholic’
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 NCR cover page
 Nun moves in ‘to be a witness’
 Pittsburgh bows out of major education meeting
 Starting Point: ‘O come, Emmanuel, save us, for you are our God’
 Viewpoint: NATO destruction apparant in Belgrade