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Issue of November 16, 2007

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   This Week’s Edition: November 16, 2007 

Vol. 44 No. 4   
Cover story -- Bioethics -- Analysis
Sometimes bishops say yes

By John L. Allen Jr.
In the court of public opinion, Roman Catholicism usually looms as the great “Doctor No” of bioethical debate. From abortion to birth control, from homosexuality to embryonic stem-cell research, the wearily familiar pattern is for officialdom to strike a restrictive position, leading critics to clamor for greater tolerance.

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Cover story -- Bioethics
The nightmare scenario of organ donation

By John L. Allen Jr.
While the claim that organ donation almost always involves killing a living person may strike most Catholic ethicists and physicians as exaggerated, few dispute the potential for abuse. The recent case of Ruben Navarro offers a chilling nightmare scenario.

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Anti-torture activists claim victory

By Emad Mekay
Anti-torture activists in Egypt scored a rare win Nov. 5 when an Egyptian judge handed down three-year prison sentences in a high-profile case to two police officers filmed last year abusing and sodomizing a man with a broomstick.

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The thinking bomb

By Jalal Ghazi
Suicide operations evolve into a tactical method for insurgents.

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Korean priests advocate a more democratic church

By UCA News
The Catholic church should embrace democracy in order to be relevant to modern society, a Korean priest said at a recent symposium on pastoral work.

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Blackwater neighbors join protest against security firm

By Patrick O'Neill
For 10 years Teresa Stanley has lived in the shadow of Blackwater USA, the private contracting firm that has brought in about $1 billion in contracts to protect U.S. officials in Iraq.

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JustFaith program can change lives

By NCR Staff
JustFaith is an intensive adult formation program in Catholic social teaching. Centered on parish-based small groups, JustFaith leads participants through a 30-week study, using books, lectures, videos and prayer.

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Call to Action sets about unfinished work on racism

By Dennis Coday
The Catholic reform movement Call to Action is getting back to its roots -- tackling racism, one of the issues that brought it to life in Detroit 30 years ago. The theme of this year’s national conference was “From Racism to Reconciliation: Church Beyond Power and Privilege.”

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Jesuit faces federal sex abuse charges

By NCR Staff
Jesuit Fr. Donald J. McGuire is facing federal charges of traveling to another country with a minor for the purpose of committing sex acts, according to court documents filed in Chicago Nov. 1.

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Family Life
Kids and consumerism

By Kris Berggren
Hard to find sanctuary from $17 billion in marketing to kids

By Teresa Malcolm
Teaching children to think critically about media

By Teresa Malcolm
N.J. church launches training on postpartum depression

By Patricia Lefevere
Faith and family aided mother's healing

By Patricia Lefevere
NCR Editorial
The lore and lure of marketing

The holidays are approaching. Registers are ringing. Big deal.

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Editorial Cartoon
editorial cartoon

Quotable & Notable

“We did 30 minutes comparing naturally grown tomatoes to unnaturally grown tomatoes.”

-- Jim Lehrer of Public Broadcasting’s “The News Hour” saying that he is against “spicing up” news with entertainment and partisan commentary. “You want to be entertained? Go to the circus,” he said.

More quotes

Neve Gordon

Eisenhower's lesson for Bush

Full story
Richard P. McBrien

Sign says, 'No Trespassing' at the border, 'Help wanted' at the workplace

Full story
Bill McKibben

By Thomas C. Fox
In our runaway economy, “more” no longer means “better,” says Bill McKibben, an American environmentalist who frequently writes about global warming. Beginning in the summer of 2006, he organized the largest demonstrations against global warming in American history..

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Bill McKibben and the whippoorwills

By Rich Heffern
In spring the dark hush is soon interrupted by the call of a single faraway whippoorwill. Another joins in, then another. These elusive birds hide by day but come out at night to hawk for moths and advertise for mates.

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The world is about to change

By Bill McKibben
For 15 years now, some small percentage of the world’s scientists, diplomats and activists has inhabited one of those strange dreams where the dreamer desperately needs to warn someone about something bad and imminent; but somehow, no matter how hard he shouts, the other person in the dream -- standing smiling, perhaps, with his back to an oncoming train -- can’t hear him.

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Bipartisan alliance lobbies for Farm Bill reform

By Thomas C. Fox
An unusual alliance of progressive and conservative groups lobbied vigorously last week in a last ditch effort to radically change the 2007 Farm Bill, attempting to end a system of farm subsidies widely criticized for favoring agribusiness while harming small farmers here and overseas.

Full story
Investigation finds faulty child protection

By NCR Staff
The Associated Press published a series of articles last month detailing the results of a seven-month investigation into sexual misconduct among educators across the United States.

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$10.9 million verdict won't stop Phelps' anti-gay crusade

By Religion News Service
It’s going to take more than a $10.9 million jury award to stop Pastor Fred Phelps and his Kansas church from picketing military funerals with anti-gay signs.

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Family Life
Some young Jews seek out alternative bar mitzvahs

By Joanna Corman
Connecting in cyber-parishes

By Kathy Gilsinan
Safety issues raise concerns, as does potential for polarized communities

By Kathy Gilsinan
Inside NCR

Rita Larivee


Our greatest responsibility
This week’s issue of NCR contains a special section devoted to family life. Particular emphasis is upon the problematic issues facing children in a consumer-driven society. Our children have become targets of marketers and are now part of the corporate world’s supply-and-demand business agenda for increasing profits. When we speak of child abuse, it goes beyond sexual abuse, although children are targets of that too, as reported in this week’s story on the emerging awareness of sex abuse in the public school systems in this country. Using children in a manner that objectifies them for personal or corporate satisfaction is a form of violence.

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'The Price of Sugar' tells a bitter story

By Laura Lloyd
Even in the 21st century, the story of sugar isn’t all sweet.

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People killing people they knew

By Retta Blaney
J.T. Rogers' riveting play 'The Overwhelming' looks at the days preceding the Rwandan genocide.

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Taking a fresh look at Joseph
By Jerome M. Segal
Riverhead Books, 320 pages, $24.95

Reviewed by Daniel Smith-Christopher

Full story


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Last Words
'We've got to screw in new light bulbs and then screw in new congresspersons.'

-- Environmentalist Bill McKibben

A memorable quote from this week's issue.

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